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  2. I not only supplied the time but also provided you with a nifty screenshot of you can start the video at . So you too can observer the UFO going to this so called fake light speed realm.
  3. all this fuss over nothing: it's more than likely IMO that what we're seeing in this footage is a few minutes of a standard/ uninteresting piece of test footage & someone's added convincing audio to it in order to make all weird & wonderful!
  4. And you were wrong. Good going. You are striking out each time. Keep up the perfect record of failures.
  5. Yes you have said this like 10 times now.
  6. I'm discussing the subject of UFO and their capabilities.
  7. You don't seem to understand what the Navy is saying. They are saying this is real footage and not some cgi crap. The Navy is not saying there is anything alien about or in the videos.
  8. It is debatable on how to mitigate it, but I do my best to minimize my footprint. If only everyone did their part.
  9. Apparently you know nothing about science. You can tell the speed of particles in the Sun without having to "feel it move"
  10. You are thinking of earth speed. Out in space there is no air around you to give you a feeling of movement. When the space people do it in our Atmosphere they must have a anti gravity device if such a law exists.
  11. Let's see. You'd observe that you are moving fairly slow. The ISS is way faster than that.
  12. Scholar4Truth


    I have a feeling it is the same person under a different username.. I deduce this from the fact that their account was just created today, and second the original poster of that thread has not been back since that thread.
  13. Piney

    Let's talk history

    1 inch a year in a dry loft "sticked and stacked". I quarter sawed plenty of maple and cherry for carvers using the 90 with the Alaska Mill.
  14. I take that as a compliment, coming from you, joc, still reeling as I am, from some of your inanities.
  15. joc

    Who will the Democratic nominee be?

    If your point is only 'we can't afford it'....taken. But that too is totally irrelevant...I am talking about the need for increased military spending whether we can afford it or not...because our Liberty depends on the military. Can you put a price on Liberty? And you got whip kicked btw for being unduly sarcastic. It really isn't necessary.
  16. You don't factor in relativity. It describes events at extreme speeds. And yes you can tell if you are moving at light speed relative to another frame of reference.
  17. Here is the screenshot showing the time. 3:40
  18. You don't understand relativity at all do you? Your idea here is simply wrong. You also have a bizarre definition of hyperspace. Hyperspace is a space of more than 3 dimensions. You seem to be using a definition suggesting it's a made up place where strange things can happen.
  19. Scholar4Truth

    Cat's Ghost Successfully Photographed

    It looks like double exposures. That or some sort of flash glare.
  20. Gwynbleidd

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    Darn right. This makes those ones at Vox who wrote that article I posted a while back, where they were attempting to justify Epstein's money donated to MIT, look like a bunch of child sex trafficking enthusiasts (at first glance) - after all, they were arguing it shouldn't matter where the money comes from if it goes to scientific research. Blood money is all-a-okay if it's going to scientific research. Good grief - sometimes I feel like people argue for the sake of arguing and their moral compasses have gone completely askew.
  21. The only thing in the Navy videos are distant planes and what appears to be a slow moving weather balloon. There are no aliens or alien craft. The Navy has already stated that. Please keep up. And of course you are completely wrong about the alien landing claim. It is the sort of thing that would confirm alien visitors, but those with nothing of value to say always pretend there would be scoffers.
  22. joc

    Hunger does cloud your judgement

    So does having to pee really badly.
  23. Light speed is when an UFO departs at the blink of an eye. To us it just disappears.
  24. Again you demonstrate that you have no idea what light speed is. Thanks for confirming that issue, but we already knew that.
  25. Man you are so woke. Keep in mind that 1977 Space War had two ships. One looked like the Asteroids ship, and the other the starship Enterprise. They both had hyperspace capabilities. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_Wars
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