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  2. That name is based on a fun status update. Something a few members came up with. If you want to have this fantasy of real shape shifter like the OP that's your choice. Not that you can prove they exist.
  3. ?? I've thought about it, but I don't get it. Why is it that these events must have happened at the same time? Mars's loss of atmosphere has been fairly solidly dated to billions of years ago, not a few thousand years ago. And if Saturn's rings are as young as you say (a link would be handy), 40000 years is still an order of magnitude older than the carving.
  4. Scrunchkruckets

    My friend and me, looking through her redbox of memories. 

    Faded I'm sure, but love seems to stick in her veins you know.

    Yes, there's love if you want it don't sound like no sonnet, my Lord.

  5. I have no idea what studies have been done. But, generally speaking, it makes sense that reading from 'paper' is different from reading on screen. If you have something on paper in front of you...that is what you have. I.e., you don't have anything else distracting your focus, like...pop the like. Also, you can read it over and over...and it never mysteriously 'goes away' so that you have to find it again in order to keep reading. And, we live in a push button society. Tech is all about push button. Consequently, our attention scan has been modified to exactly that...Scan! Paper draws one in to a more comprehensive read...The Screen begs for more of a ...scan and move on...type of read.
  6. For one proudly displaying the name Schrödinger, you seem ignorant of his eschatology.
  7. LightAngel

    This is one of the best songs ever created in this world....







  8. A life time of living with god has given me a very different perspective A human can construct a god form in any way they desire, from totally loving and good, to totally evil and destructive I judge god from how it behaves, how it treats me, speaks to me, and deals with me. I built my understanding of god from observation, analysis, deduction, and experience over time. You are totally wrong in your conclusion. Studies across the world show that even before the y can speak, and even if they are the children of atheists, human children construct belief in the existence of magical agents. As the y grow older, the y pick up more adult understandings for these agents according to the culture and or beliefs of those around them. But initial belief in "gods" comes totally from a child's mind trying to reconcile what it can observe of its world, with its lack of knowledge and understanding about how the world works
  9. Hopefully the republicans will use the nuclear option if it goes on much longer. I really don't know what they are waiting for.
  10. seeder

    been on the phone to the gas company, keep putting me on hold and then all you hear is that awful tinny music...the kinda stuff they probably play in asylums...HATE IT so damn much....Im currently on hold AGAIN....and hearing that awful stuff again....gggrrrrr

  11. Are you serious?
  12. Well, it's Monday morning and I'll still going to work and will be paid for today. However, it is unclear how long emergency funding will last. Next week could be different.
  13. Tis true, but i am not disputing a such, what comes before that, is i am disputing the man made idea which man is trying to tell us is there is one.
  14. jmccr8 Of course, I see, and I should have understood what you meant at first reading. And to me, it makes sense. I have a question, and chalk this up to my lack of quick understanding of things. You said about forgiving, because you didn’t want anger in your heart. Of course, the desire of not having anger in your heart is totally understandable, and I agree, it’s has me thinking of the possibility of not forgiving and not having anger in your heart. And this question could be put out to everyone here, do you think it’s possible to not forgive and have peace and calm and no anger in your heart? For me, of the varying ‘parties’ that I have not forgiven, I feel that I can not excuse them and feel I hold them responsible for their actions, but have come to the point that I don’t them responsible for me. That means, I tend to my healing and my of life I see fit. I have peace, because I help myself. I don’t see them as innocent, ( in which I feel is the result of forgiving someone ) and should still label them that way, for the benefit of honesty. I feel, I can be not angry at them, and yet not forgive them. So, that’s how I feel of not forgiving and yet, not have anger in my heart. Does this makes sense? I think you brought up something, jmccr8, that is awesome to discuss.
  15. I've read and studied the bible many times with many different groups As i said, it is what you bring to the reading which determines how you perceive and judge the god described in the OT 1. He created a perfect world for the first humans, with no death, no pain, no suffering. 2. He outlined the very simple rules needed to be able to live in that paradise and what would happen if the rules were broken (like explaining what would hapen if you wlaked off a tall cliff) 3. Every time he could have totally destroyed the world (which in the story was his to do with as he pleased) in order to get rid of sin he relented and gave humans another chance (and every time we let him down) The OT was written by hebrew tribes, and in their creation account, god created a special covenant or relationship with them. He provided for, and protected them, in return for them worshipping and obeying him. He stuck to his side of the deal even when the nation or individuals did not When he was forced to prove that job worshipped him, not because of all the benefits god bestowed on job, but because job was a righteous man, he gave back all that he had taken away, two fold. You judge gods laws for people 4000 years ago by modern standards The death penalty still exists in some western countries and was only abolished in others within my life time Historically peole approved of the death penalty and other "harsh" punishments for civil crimes so it is not surprising they wrote them into god's laws as well. Adultery was a criminal offence when i was born and still is in idaho (indeed in 2015 you could still be gaoled for adultery in 16 American states) Prostitution remains a civil criminal offence in many places) We've got a bit more lax with Sabbath breakers and obnoxious children for better or worse In other words, in our modern world (but often only in the very modern world, and not all of it,) we have relaxed prohibitions on some forms of behaviour and reduced penalties for others, yet still see them as civil crimes In the OT god was in a special relationship with the jews. In the OT narrative he owed nothing to other humans at that time (remember the OT was written by and for the Hebrew peoples) We don't approve of genocide, but when you are small group, surrounded by enemies, and differentiated by your religious belief from them, sometimes the only way to survive is to eliminate all the male members of your enemies and make slaves of the women and children Remember, the OT is an "historical" account of how the jews saw their history and their relationship with a living and powerful god. It is no worse, and perhaps more civilised, than the behaviours of the ancient greeks, the romans, (think what they did to carthage) the meso americans, the vikings, huns, goths, and visi goths or the mongols.
  16. Hi, The direction to go in my view is Self love. That would involve all that you are. The good, the bad, and the ugly included. Your best guide while meditating is your higher self. The perfect direction for you to go is Known Best by You, represented by that aspect of self most define as the higher self. john
  17. The only way to think of God as loving and caring is to separate him (responsibility) from the bad things that permeate this existence in the following ways: Shift blame to humans. Make it a test. (For the greater good etc.) Make the truth 'spiritual'.(i.e. unreal and non-existent in a material sense, and thus pointless for objective debate). These points can be used individually or together, and can make any believer sleep at night; Trust me I've used them all. What got me in the end is a simple question: Where did I get any of these explanations? My answer is: I have no religious concept that was not given me without (or purely from) human interference. If God cannot reveal himself to me without human interference then God becomes man-made and doesn't objectively exist. As simple as that. And if I choose to worship him, I will be indirectly worshiping whichever human had a role in my perception. Yes, I just said that! If a religious person reads this and feels offended, just ask yourself what forms your understanding of God?....a book?....a preacher? you were raised?....your society?......a feeling?.....the convictions of my parents?.....the milieu in my country? Unlike the Matrix it seems we can, and need to be told what God is in order to form a concept of him/her/it/them. Its the only way we can know him/her/it/them. (the whole thread is full of believers telling us who and how God is and unbelievers disputing it)
  18. Sad but it it could happen for a lot of species and the specialized one are the most fragile to change in their environment.
  19. I agree, but I'm not a lawyer (not sure about the legal aspects of doing that kind of thing). This is all just so confusing and conflicting...I hope something happens soon to clarify what's going on.
  20. The truth is out there. Once you've been out in the field and encountered the shifters face to face, one cannot make light of the video evidence, even if some of it is misconstrued [deliberately].
  21. Nothing to disagree with here. Belief and faith come in many forms They aren't essential at all but the y are a powerful healing and coping mechanism for many. There are other psychological coping strategies which can be taught explicitly, or learned implicitly via life's experiences, but faith and belief are so simple and effective that they are almost universal among humans, with less than 10% of modern humans saying they have NO form of spiritual faith or belief
  22. While we can be gods, I am not sure if, by definition, we can be aliens, on earth. We could, of course, be aliens when we visited someone else's planet.
  23. Damn, this is a tough one...56 is way too young to be making the journey to the undiscovered country. God Speed Colt Storm.
  24. No, you are able to construct the emotional response you want, to anything, once you learn what emotions are, and how and why we construct them. if i see art i don't have to see it through the eyes of its creator i can see it through my own experiences I can construct a variety of diffeernt responses to a single piece of music or art. To assume your environment controls your responses, rather than you constructing them, can be very limiting and even dangerous You can allow a "spontaneous ' reaction in a non threatening environment, although, personally, i am not certain there really anything truly spontaneous. If you are fully aware and self conscious, then you will know and understand why and how you are responding and it will be a conscious act. The human mind can process so much data, so quickly, that it can make a conscious and intelligent decision, just as quickly as it can respond to an emotional stimuli Flight or fight responses are more primitive animal responses, and inferior to an intelligent and logical response which strategises the most constructive outcomes, and provides actions to achieve them. Our mind gives us a huge survival edge over all other animals, who can only fight or flee
  25. Today
  26. Republicans are willing to pass a non controversial bill right now, with the votes to do it. Its Dems that are directly sabotaging that effort. Bottom-line Dems believe illegals are more important then you. There is no other way to swing this. They are the ones stopping this bill for reasons that have nothing to do with the budget. If you think that grammar is bad, you should have seen me when I first got here 11 years ago. I hadn't had to write anything in years before that. Took a while to knock off the rust.
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