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  2. Then you think incorrectly. Harte
  3. here's a link It shows the device (XRF analyzer) used and the results that displayed on a screen.
  4. Illyrius The part in the quote box, taken from your link: there were no preautions against cheating or cueing, nor any allowance made in analyzing the results for those factors. The only finding was that chance doesn't explain the results; cheating and cueing explain the results nicely.
  5. Wegener's was an idea, not a theory. His idea was quite different from what we today know to be the truth. So he was wrong to boot. And, he was never considered a pseudoscientist by anyone. Harte
  6. Perhaps not it seems. Rupert Sheldrake claims that people can tell when somebody is staring at them. Unfortunately the sequences used in Sheldrake’s research are not properly randomized. When random sequences are used people can detect staring at no better than chance rates.
  7. I've read several articles about Trump's notepad and not a single one took a negative tone whatsoever. How could they? He is in a horrible situation, taking in prepared notes to keep the conversation focused was the right thing to do.
  8. Bath is fantastic anyway it was a Celtic site before the Romans built a bath house over the natural hot spring, the whole town is worth a visit.
  9. Rashore pops in here every once in a while...
  10. I think you must be uneducated in these matters. Space is most definitely bent by gravity. As I stated, there is simply no question about it. Sort of like there's no question that the Sun is bright. It's a given. All you have to do is look. Harte
  11. This is where we're at, its the post factual age. You don't like what they're reporting so it's not "fair and honest", or to reach closer to the monosyllabic crowd its "fake news" . Think about it this way, if Obama gave somewhere around 7 misleading statements a day don't you think the media should have covered that? That's what has happened under Trump. The dude is a negative headline generating machine, that's not the media's fault, only his.
  12. Saw this again recently ... ~ [00.02:05] ~ The most pun ridden 120 seconds in Movie going history ...
  13. Reality TV. That's all I need to say. It's one of the reason I quit watching TV.
  14. Really. It's as obvious as the nose on your face. They can't or won't cover and report the news in a fair and honest manner. It was bad in the past, but it's much worse now.
  15. Ok While we discus existential things I should probably tell you something.. Denmark does not exist! Think about it. You have probably grown up thinking Denmark was real. You probably believe you are Danish and live in Denmark... Pfffft you dont.. Have you ever been there? No? Know anyone who has? No you havent! But where is the logical evidence that Denmark exists? Maps? Referring to maps is a fallacy, called "Call to authority." How do I know that cartographers arent all in on it? And more likely, they are just all copying each other anyway. So maps can't be trusted. What about people who claim to have seen it or visited it? I don't want to say they are all liars, but they might be naive. What they thought was Denmark could just as easily have been Sweden. I mean, its remarkably similar, by all accounts. But then there is the Danes or people who think they are danes. Some of them no doubt are just naive and have been lied to. But a lot of them, notably the leaders and teachers, must be deliberately lying. After all, there is no proof! There's photos and videos and things, but these are all hoaxes. How do I explain then the worldwide phenomenon of people claiming to have first hand experience of Denmark? Im sure there is an answer to that question.
  16. There are several scandals/crimes going on here,which are you asking about: FISA related Presenting false evidence to secure FISA surveillance against an innocent American citizen. Perjury for the above crime. Illegal distribution of classified FISA surveillance information to uncleared persons. It's a federal offence (sic) to receive assistance from a foreign government to win an election. (This is yours) Like all conspiracies the above are not a single person's "evil plot", several people worked together to do thee above, that is why they have RICO laws. Also there us a hive mindset among the left that a person like Strzok, doesn't need to be directed, he knows the path he should take. Understanding how this happened will be very interesting but watching you try and justify it all as this moves along will be even more interesting, and sad as well, for many reasons. Then we move on to Uranium One which is really heating up now. The main charge will be public corruption in tat one but many others will fall for various felonies, hopefully. Next we have the emails scandal. Several guilty parties there I believe all conspiring to cover up the crime and to make sure crooked Hillary attained the throne so they could all get away with the above. There are more crimes being investigated and maybe I will list later so you can keep dancing an always remember you'll have Manafort ofthe Ukraine to cheer about. LOL.
  17. Not really, they have biases but , as in the case of Tapper or as in the case of Smith on fox not everything that comes from them is coming from a place of political bias.
  18. I hope its nothing too trashy or dirty ... ~
  19. Hey xen, As Always, Doing your Due.. Countering .. Wouldn't expect anything less.. .... Keep it up ... I know you will ..xx AND SO WILL I .!!!!!! .. have a nice day. .. Mo..xx
  20. I think you should check your information there Will. See if you maintain this point after reading this link.
  21. Well the war for independence was a bit of a deep cut but ill stand by my point. Perhaps the dude living in a cave in Afghanistan would have been a better example of a small force causing major damage.
  22. Holographic? No I haven't. I think what Einstein showed with his eclipse experiments is that light photons were affected by the gravity of the sun, not space. Photons are material. Space is not. Although no one appears to agree with me in the slightest (nothing new) I don't think space is physical. I mean, what is space when there's nothing in it? Only matter is responsive to gravity, space by itself, is not. Anyway, thanks for responding.
  23. Some American regions have violent crime rates that are on par with Norway's. We're like a few countries within a country.
  24. Good eyes Toast!
  25. Hi, I would like to have a reading too, My initial is G, and I am located on the East Coast of The USA. My question is regarding finances and wondering if I will be able to pay my debts and earn some money in the coming weeks and months! Thank you!
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