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  2. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    That is a good case in point Hacktorp. The report says that apparently the Obama administration was aware of attempted election hacking by Russia and did nothing about it. To the people that dislike the idea of Russian interference , that makes him look pretty bad. To people that now want better relations with Russia, he may look like a pioneer. He knew about Russian interference. Maybe he called Putin up on the hotline. Putin says "We didn't do it." Just exactly like President Trump did later, Obama goes back to his intelligence people and says, "Hey, Putin says he didn't do it. I believe him,. You guys are wrong. Russia is not our enemy, we want better relations with them." Obama and Trump, both heroes for wanting better relations with Russia. Not saying I believe that, but you can see how easy this stuff is to spin.
  3. That's the problem, the lack of simplicity. You'd rather have something that's overly complicated than simply saying. Change your thoughts to change your perception, change your actions to change your life. The universe does nothing. All you're encouraging is a negative feedback loop. All I'm telling people is to focus on what they want to change, create a plan, and DO IT!
  4. Machines made from DNA show signs of LIFE

    Europa....a water world....we could try starting life there....life on earth came from the sea
  5. Making The Law of Attraction Actually Work

    I really cannot believe you dismiss what I have been telling you while still writing that. Read what I wrote - I wish does not get you what you want. The reason being is the universe mirrors back to you what you are thinking, not the opposite. Try wishing the opposite or what you dont want instead.
  6. The remote, rugged cliff faces of Kalalau Valley on Kaua’i, Hawaii, are largely inaccessible to humans. For decades, researchers from the Kaua’i-based National Tropical Botanical Garden (NTBG) accessed these cliffs by hiking along treacherous ridgelines and rappelling down vertical cliff faces, scouring each nook and cranny for rare native plants. But now they have a new tool to help them: drones. In late January, a drone flight made a startling discovery: Hibiscadelphus woodii, a relative of hibiscus last seen in 2009 and believed to be extinct, was still growing on the cliffside. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/environment/2019/04/extinct-hibiscus-flower-rediscovered-hawaii-via-drones/
  7. Making The Law of Attraction Actually Work

    The Law of Attraction is four forces and explained in Ezekiel in the Bible. Each of the four forces has four dimensions to it. The first force is identity and its four dimensions are - I am, I am not, I wish I was, I wish I was not. As I just explained further up the universe mirrors back to you what you think. So if you wish you were rich it sends you situations which continue to make you wish you were rich. It doesnt mirror back the opposite which is were most people go wrong. So using I wish then a person needs to wish they were poor instead. Then the universe mirrors back situations which continue to make them wish they were poor. Overeating falls under I am because its an action you undertake that is true. I am is always true and the universe sends you situations that confirm it to you as truth. To beat overeating true wishing you were miserable in life. That is, if misery is what is driving your overeating. Everything is inverted.
  8. Artificial plant

    Hey hey there Belle thanks for the post and I have to concur with others on prank without more information. How about pictures from that fine new camera you recently picked up or even from your mobile too? would be nice. Well its still to early to give to much paranormal thought/view to this plus and you might get back here mentioning it was kids- okAY! WAITING WITH BATED BREATH AND ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT, no no, no tapping that report button I'm just practicing////trying my pitiful attempts at humour, again. Please hurry back with the answer inquiring minds need to know.
  9. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Based on the comments of you and Hacktorp, I will stand pat. Yes indeed, NYT does highlight some negative things about Obama in the Mueller report. Some would also say a great deal of negative has been revealed about the Trump White House. Nevertheless , you don't think that is a truth to consider and it doesn't look like those on the left are going to give up their opinions either. For some, the report said that the only thing that saved the President from committing obstruction were his staff and aids who did not carry out his orders. Hacktorp, they believe they do see the truth just as much as you do. People want to get on with business, but I think you are kidding yourself if you think the Democrats had an epiphany that Trump is really a good guy after all. As for a second term, Roof, I think you are probably right. If they go after impeachment, a lot of people will sour on the Dem side. After Trump though, what Republican could do anything but stand in his shadow?
  10. A 59 yr old man in Nebraska was being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance when they hit a pothole. The man's heart rate had climbed to 200 bpm but it seems the jolt shocked his heart rate back to normal. A doctor says it's rare, but can happen. https://6abc.com/health/mans-rapid-heartbeat-slows-when-ambulance-hits-pothole/5261767/
  11. The problem with the Law of Attraction as it is sold (without making real world effort) is that it's a form of wish-fulfillment. Basically just a fantasy because you would already be satisfying an emotional need. Going in the opposite direction is just reinforcing that belief or perspective.
  12. Machines made from DNA show signs of LIFE

    I'd go with Venus. Similar to earth except higher pressure. But I'm not a scientist. And yeah, Mars wouldn't be worth the effort.
  13. R.I.P. Dr. Roger Leir

    How many people do you know that deal with ufology know anything at all about astronomy there's no money in it...More money in lies and fraud.
  14. MARIO ESPINOZA HAS dedicated years of his life to saving a fish he has yet to see for himself in Costa Rica’s waters. It’s not for lack of trying. Every single month, the University of Costa Rica marine scientist and his team drive to the edges of one of the largest mangroves in the world, where they load onto a former fisherman’s boat and work tirelessly over three days casting nets and longlines into the murky waters of the estuary. Under the shadow of 80-foot tall mangrove trees, with crocodiles and howler monkeys for company, they seek evidence of a ghost: the largetooth sawfish. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/2019/04/searching-for-last-remaining-sawfish/
  15. Yeah I have and it almost lead to suicide. What someone needs to actually do is acknowledge what they don't want and create a plan to get what they want. You don't dwell on obesity, because you'll do nothing but start feeling sorry for yourself, you acknowledge how you feel and figure out how to get away from it in a realistic way. Why am I even bothering discussing this with you.
  16. Unknown Energy Within My Body?

    Prove it and change the world
  17. Terraforming using life is feasible. They thought out plans for Mars and Venus. But Mars still has the weak magnetic field issue.
  18. Making The Law of Attraction Actually Work

    You haven't tested that to make such an assertion. Dont make pre-assumptions, try things instead.
  19. Which creates a feedback loop of negativity.
  20. Machines made from DNA show signs of LIFE

    I think I could get behind something like that if the organism was a waste disposal or would somehow terriform planetary atmospheres.
  21. Making The Law of Attraction Actually Work

    What I am saying is the universe never gives you what you want or like or value. So you have to take an inverted approach instead. It works 100% but do not expect overnight results. People expect an immediate affect but it can take days and weeks. To speed things up go to new places, do new things, bring the unknown into your life. The more chaos you bring into your life the more chaos there is for new stuff to come out of.
  22. Machines made from DNA show signs of LIFE

    I mean even the professor involved has been quoted as saying "we have not made something that is alive".
  23. When it comes to making moral decisions, we often think of the golden rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Yet, why we make such decisions has been widely debated. Are we motivated by feelings of guilt, where we don't want to feel bad for letting the other person down? Or by fairness, where we want to avoid unequal outcomes? Some people may rely on principles of both guilt and fairness and may switch their moral rule depending on the circumstances, according to a Radboud University -- Dartmouth College study on moral decision-making and cooperation. The findings challenge prior research in economics, psychology and neuroscience, which is often based on the premise that people are motivated by one moral principle, which remains constant over time. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/04/190418164342.htm
  24. Yeah, that doesn't help anyone. It also look just like victim blaming if not down right hatefulness. I'm offering practicality. If somebody wants to change their lives, they need to know exactly what they want, need a plan, and the will to follow through. It's not about hating others for superficial or jealous reason, that's childish. Wishing you were rich is not the same as doing something to reach such a goal. No, all you're encouraging people to do is live in a egotistical dreamland. It's wishful thinking plan and simple. The universe doesn't care what anyone thinks. We create our lives through our beliefs and what we do. Constantly having to deal with our choices and the choices of others.
  25. Answer a Question With A Question (Part 4)

    The tits, ? oh yeah, quit likely. Someone is banned for making me look that up [High Speed blah train] and isn't ah ? that named wrong ? because a 22 cal. bullet is pretty fast; FOR!!!!****echo ECHO* example-- so my keen HS22 hindsight is still pretty fast eh?!?!?!? Now there's even triple meanings to that as in 20/20 am I right!? or am I right? hehehee just playin with ya sorry for riddles laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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