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  2. 'Alien Embryo' is just a designation based on your number of posts. Your username appears above that.
  3. Is "footy" slang for soccer in Australia? Football, I mean. To my unlearned American ear, it sounds like a reference to a foot fetish.
  4. I have the book and am on Chapter LXXXV. I'd probably be farther but I keep fainting from excitement over the profound wisdom this tome dispenses. And for some reason I jeep getting up for ham sandwiches.
  5. Maybe smooth sculpted guys just get a lot more girls than hairy stinky ones. Probably those sweat lodges just made your ancestors irresistible, sensitive, spiritual hunks. Bigfoot died out of natural causes, lived in his parents root cellar, never went on dates.
  7. No, it's Muslim, Buddhist, Christian or even Atheistic depending on where and when one's live. Bigotry has always been part of human nature. However, the actions of a few individuals shouldn't be blamed on an entire religious or faith system. That'd be faulty generalization.
  8. Adam said in his testimony he didn't use ropes or do much tying. Not his job for quite a while. He's been doing this for 28 years. He tells all the licenses he holds and describes how all the securing on the tug is done. Your Captain sounds like he knows what he's talking about.
  9. This is interesting, did they also discover that conservative woman tend to have more testosterone?
  10. Ah, you know I'm only joking. I know perfectly well that you're a proud, mighty, and perhaps beautiful Dane. That's exactly what I intend to do. I think my wanring post makes that clear.
  11. So... this Australian women's football you speak of?
  12. I live a quarter mile from a ferry and know the Captain so went up there and showed him the knots and he looked at me and said this was stupid. They use half hitches for their ferry, which is a small one, can hold like six cars for a crossing. Overnight they use a double and secure it otherwise with a cable. He said the large ferries and tug boats rarely use ropes at all anymore. Captains, even on his tug, almost never touch the ropes at all. He stays at the wheel and his one mate handles that. On a big one he really never would. Tests are multiple choice and even though states vary he just said it is the sort of thing you remember the canned answers and move on, it is not a big thing to them nor much at all on a test, which is more concerned with other safety type issues and nautical things. He thought maybe sailing boats needed it more and wondered if they or someone had sail boats and so used them a lot there to do all this excessive knotting on her. Just FYI. If someone is convinced Adam is lying and did it, of course, then none of this matters. He is one cap is all, and so is Adam and they vary I am sure. But, they do the job more than I do.
  13. Only reason its ever worth looking at the footy on tv
  14. No tree sap for you!
  15. Those are some shorty-shorts, all right. Any skimpier and they'll be Speedos.
  16. Don't give Trump any ideas. "We'll stick on a big tax, a yuge tax! It will be amazing, the most beautiful tax ever."
  17. Even Trump wouldn't do that!
  18. Yeah, put a tariff on that and see how it goes!
  19. They do its just not well known. Lol
  20. There's a reason we're still friends with you frozen pinko commies, and it's that sweet, sweet ambrosia.
  21. Really? They dress like me? I doubt they look as good. (It was hard typing that last part without snickering.)
  22. Do they have a women's league yet? No! Buncha sexist pigs.
  23. You're an honorary Aussie
  24. Oh, no, I know we're the savages. No point in denying it. I like kids soccer but not so much the professional version, where the players tend to be such drama queens. Someone at the opposite end of the stadium and 20 rows up above the field will sneeze, and some player will grab his leg and tumble to the ground, screaming.
  25. Have you all not seen Aussie rules Football? Tight shorts and sleeveless tops
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