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  2. At the very least she helped contribute some idea's that turned out to be some pretty cool movies. RIP Lorraine Warren. I hope God met you as a friend.
  3. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Alan Dershowitz explains why Mueler got obstruction completely wrong:
  4. But seriously, I thought if we cloned mammoths and were to release them in the wild, the northern tundra of Canada might be an ideal location.
  5. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    I think what it showed is how bad the DNC was at protecting their email. If Dems had secure email, the hacks wouldn't have happened and "collusion" would never have required a Mueller Report. The FBI would have investigated the people it was already investigating, and the people charged likely would have been charged anyway.
  6. Vlad the Mighty

    Half of these are photoshopped

  7. Climate Change is a Hoax

    Enough with the bickering about each other in this topic- folks need to take a step back and cool their heels if they can't discuss the topic in a civil and courteous manner. Please, everyone, review the site rules, found here: https://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/forum/guidelines/ Thread closed for moderator review.
  8. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    This doesn't count for much, considering your record of never understanding an analogy that's presented to you by anyone, ever. It's just another one that you couldn't process, even, apparently, after it has been broken down for you. The action of firing Mueller may have been legal, but doing so to end an in investigation is obstruction of justice. Again, see Watergate - on their own, the actions of the criminals would not have been illegal if they were not trying to interfere in the process of an investigation. If they weren't committing obstruction it would have been fine. In your opinion. Quite a strange opinion as well since we know that Trump was trying to end or control the investigation, not simply trying to fire Mueller. Yes, because Trump told us the reason. All this is forgetting the Trump Tower meeting and, more importantly, the letter that Trump created to shield his son. The Trump Tower meeting was 100% a crime, as stated by the Mueller report. The only reason that Jr was not charged was because Mueller thought it would be difficult to prove that Jr knew it was a crime, and apparently intent would be required for a conviction. But Trump didn't know this when he wrote that letter, so when he did so he was actively trying to cover up a crime. And unlike Jr, Trump would no doubt have had the counsel of his lawyers to tell him that Jr had indeed likely committed a crime, so he can't even claim stupidity like his son. More obstruction. Seriously, Merc, the case for obstruction is overwhelming. There are just so many clear examples of it having taken place.
  9. Is Handwashing As Important As They Say?

    until 18th century many of patients in hospitals died from infections when doctors touched them and infected them with bacteria from other patients, they did not wash hands, they had no concept of micro organisms. so it is safe to say it is important.
  10. Chase Bank Closing "Alt-Right" Accounts

    Citigroup has felt the backlash from just the same type of business model. https://www.oann.com/report-citigroup-admits-to-losing-business-due-to-gun-control-policies/ I seriously doubt that the losses were "negligible" if they were they probably wouldn't have even been mentioned.
  11. Parenting begins as a child who watches their own parents, even-though the parents may not realized their actions are conditioning their child. If one does not have a Role-Model who has Morals/Integrity and the desire to Support those they help bring into the world then all is lost. In this modern age the desire to NOT work out marital issues and take the easy road of DIVORCE or Spouse exchange ( As if taking an Item back to Wal-Mart) to meet a specific desire are all so common. Perhaps Technology/Modernization is a curse upon family life. The outlook is not leaning toward the positive.
  12. They were raised on the motto "It takes a village"
  13. Climate Change is a Hoax

    lost_shaman I'm glad you pointed out the tree information. I think Doug might even agree with that but who knows? We're 86 pages into this thread and I would point out that the AGW faction is no further ahead than they were at the beginning. They have learned nothing and accomplished nothing. They are tilting windmills. As Neil would say, "They're just p***ing in the wind." They don't understand human nature and I would posit that that is what led them to become scientists in the first place. And I don't mean to be derogatory in any way but scientists, in general, can't relate with or to people. They can't communicate. It's like Doug's failure with his two planks. Sorry to keep picking on you Doug but I told you so. (And my post about getting paid for 5 years for teaching how to plant a tree is a question taxpayers get to honestly ask. Others in here may think it an attack but everyday people roll their eyes when they hear this sort of story.) The other thing going against the AGW crowd is that the people they're trying to convince have their own personal problems to solve. Do you really believe you are going to panic them into paying for the wild and impractical ideas you are shilling? I keep bringing this up but it seems to fly over the heads of my detractors. AGW, even if it were true, is down the road and it doesn't help that you true believers keep postponing the tipping point. Another thing I will repeat is people the world over they are locked into this type of consumer society. All media is geared to the idea that they must consume or the society will wither. Even the most ardent environmentalist is locked into the system. I'll wager they aren't going to change even if the flood waters are lapping at their feet. The other day I had to laugh when I saw an Earth Day ad proclaiming seven companies that sold sustainable clothing. They weren't selling the idea of wearing clothes your clothes until they wore out either. Do you get my drift? That's the level that people think about saving the Earth. What really surprised me in your responses about Graham Hancock is how narrow minded and petty you scientists are. He was reading a great historical text, "The Lament of Hermes.". It is an interesting observation written over 2000 years ago and very applicable to this age. And the snide remark about my allegorical mention of Atlantis just makes me sad for the state of education in this land. I would retort that Plato believed it enough to write it down. Have you heard of him? Someone said "this thread is not about increasing CO2 levels but "Climate Change is a Hoax." I would counter that CO2 is the only argument you true believers have brought to the table. It's unfortunate that you have trapped yourself in this logic. CO2 levels have risen and fallen all through the ages. So it has risen since 1950. What's the number? From 250 to 400 ppm? Man caused or natural variation? You cannot absolutely prove the former and highly qualified scientists point this out in many of the video I and others have posted. I still say that because of the sensationalism and hype around this issue a rational man would have to suspect that AGW is a money and power grab by the people who really run this land. They are losing control and they need an issue to get it back. You guys are the tools they are using. What a tragedy, wasting your time when you could be working to solve some of the real problems this planet faces. Finally I would like to leave you with this little cartoon that sums up what the plebs are thinking. Enjoy!
  14. "Terrorists" kill 200+ in Sri Lanka

    The attack in Sri Lanka, carried out by a radical Islamic militant group, is horrific. This was an attack on Christians and other innocent civilians. Everyone has the right to religious freedom! -Donald J. Trump April 22, 2019 FACEBOOK https://m.facebook.com/pg/DonaldTrump/posts/
  15. Donald Trump 'set for June state visit to UK'

    why? what is the purpose? it seems more like UK is closer to an opponent than an ally. i'd skip the visit. send the queen trumps, wedding video if she wants to see him and his wife.
  16. New aircraft rises 'like a balloon'

    Yes. Have to agree there.
  17. GoldenWolf

    I think for democracy to properly work, it needs more than two parties. Black and white thinkers breeds abound with a two party system.
  18. unfortunately i'm pretty sure it wont be the last, and i'm also 100% sure they will raise their copy, what else can such parents raise.
  19. The Screws are tightening on Iran

    Learn a little of our America... Trump, Clinton,,, none of them are the ultimate say so in all decisions ME policy. "other people" are.
  20. Trial runs for fascism are in full flow

    actually THIS IS what dry run fascism looks like
  21. and that is exactly what rise of fascism looks like, brought to you by local liberals as regressive dubocrapts
  22. Angels

    While you are awake or asleep? Can you describe what you see, when you see 'them' and what you talk about?
  23. A bit like Jurrasic Park, but with interesting animals instead of dinosaurs. I don't mean it Carneferox.
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