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  2. Sound Energy, Frequencies to Enlighten By. Sounds produced throughout time have all shared a common thread of importance of a powerful device. Frequencies have and still are used to connect to the ultimate power. The Prestige Mystique Experience and OBE Out of Body Experience State / Psychic Experiences and Empowerment along with all the others have been passed on throughout the ages in one form or another. 528 Hz is the Frequency of the Devine Force of Life and Everything Else we’ve always asked about. The use of singing, chanting, humming, drums, bongos, tuning forks, even the type of music through surgery are used widely today for clarity, physical, psychic healing and harmonics to also boost recovery. Our human condition would suffer dramatically without music and sound. The list of benefits are endless. A study conducted with Parkinson’s disease patients evidenced that sound therapy played a more vital role than physical therapy on many levels. For the uninitiated, journeying through the multitude of information on this topic of harmonic sound healing and enlightenment can be pretty daunting, but taking this subject a small step at a time just may make our new learning a tad easier. Under every rock there lies another opportunity. Most effectively is the method of learning by doing. Sound properly harnessed with the right frequencies could possibly be our machination of all empowerment and enlightenment right through to healing, even transforming / repairing and transporting particles. These correct sound frequencies can transform certain cells in our body for the pure state of being. Accelerate the brain’s capabilities of learning to levels never experienced before. Improve hearing, sight and even short and long term memory retrieval. We all vibrate on a universal level, this level can and should be synchronised to the highest being of spirituality, taking us to the greatest possible harmony we can and should achieve. With humble thanks to the ancients, modern science still has a long way to go uncovering our full potential. Sound energy and enlightenment is a whole new discipline in itself with many of us discovering the phenomenon that beckons change. Esoterically and scientifically, sound is a sure device to change our consciousness with limits only our imaginations can put up. Sound Science can also help us understand who we are, the ‘Existentialistic Question’. 528Hz is the frequency the earth vibrates at. This is the magic number of energy, our universal healer we all potentially have in common. It is the frequency of cooperation and love. This frequency is the key to pristine DNA makeup, repair and even DNA enhancement. We are only beginning to grasp the importance of sounds such as words can surely effect our consciousness, negatively or positively, all hinging on our objectives and forms of application. It has been commonly known that for the longest time Eastern Practitioners have developed and practiced extremely refined sound techniques, such as mantras that can centre our focus and inner attention toward the very molecular cells that can be tuned, adjusted and even enhanced upon to preferably work for our bodies and spirits. These mantras that can be performed effect the tops of our mouths thus effecting a multitude of meridian locations. These meridian locations are awoken whilst we perform mantras, and even in our everyday speak. The very sounds we make do effect our lives for tiny effects so far more powerful and profoundly that can only drastically stretch our own imaginations and old limits we put upon ourselves. The universal mantra sounds that can be made are inter-connected to our own biological systems and therefore these sounds have direct control of our energy, healing and empowerment’s ‘limitless’ potential. This verbal sound-aid is already in use unconsciously in our lives in so many forms that we only need to stop and observe our once taken for granted existences. The very power that different areas in music play in our lives from romance, tenderness, aggression, sadness and despair is no secret, so why is it so that we are not far more conscious of our personal inputs? Our DNA structure is not fixed but constantly taking on expressions through our environment we place on it. The powerful influencers we share and react to are the vibrations we share and react to and are only waiting to be moulded into our own personal life scenarios. The Shape of Words are the Shapers of our Thoughts, and are Thenceforth Purely the Outside Package of the True Vibrational Intentions. Our thoughts are feelings and our words are sounds, hence the metaphysical vibrational real use and the power of the spoken word. The music we hear and appreciate actually belongs to us as individuals. Created by the musicians, composers, singers, songwriters, this vibrational sound, once leaving the creator, belongs in the metaphysical existence of the recipient – US. We were doing this before we were born. In the womb we either negatively or positively reacted and grew to these new vibrations we were born to shape and grow from. Alzheimer’s and Dementia victims are showing promise in response to vibrational therapies that were never fathomed before. These metaphysical points lead us to the natural assumptions of just what could be our true potential, situating these age old systems in the already ultimately healthy human specimen, ‘to live great’. From healing of skin and bone to the mending of broken hearts, our whole states of being are and always will react to the potential positive beautiful power of the frequency. The specific frequency of a cat’s purr in itself has its own mystical healing properties, along with the sound of the rain on a tin roof and the wind on a meditative night. Theories of frequencies uncovered bring about beliefs that a lower frequency was spuriously introduced to portions of the population to control and enhance fear, apathy and generally a lower state of being. The controlling nature of certain governments and regimes to keep their obedient and subservient population only existing day to day in their ‘lowered state’ for the controller’s End-Game. The lower frequency of this vibration, moving away from the natural state and into the unnatural, unhealthy level of being. This low and unnatural level of being promotes negatives such as wrong mental attitudes and degeneration of our cells. Some factors that are the causes of lower vibrating levels are television, films that promote anxiety and stress, being around negative people, unhealthy food and liquids, city and factory pollution, unhealthy lifestyles etc. Any lower frequencies that interfere with our natural level of healthy vibration should be observed and replaced with the higher levels that bring us back to the level that was intended. These higher levels promote rejuvenation, clarity of mind and successful living. This higher frequency is medicine and true living. From the electrons spinning around the nucleus of the atom, the movement of the planets in the solar system, the galaxies of the universe, everything is movement, everything is vibration. We are a manifestation of crystallisation, we are a digital form of a bioholographic assembly that vibrates to give us our devine reality. Our roles along this path are to recognise and be one with the correct frequencies. Our responsiveness is key. Being vibrationally in tune comes awareness and being aware comes quietening of the mind. We quite the mind – We Achieve Limitless. Lucid Science
  3. I feel your pain. We in the States had a turn out of 61%. I think it comes down to apathy, people have given up. Plus we are being manipulated by a corrupt media run by weathy men who have no ethics.. So much for having a free press. I wonder, is there any place on the planet where they have a good government? Welcome to UM.
  4. Are these Emotions that I am Experiencing my Own, or Someone Else’s? If we are True Empaths, we sense (Feelings) energies of other people even when they are not around us. These other Energies can be felt, experienced or even seen from any location anywhere in the world. Any distance away from us and we are able to pick up on these emotions (Energies) as if they were right in front of us. If we find ourselves in this Mystic category it is of utmost importance to stop and ask ourselves: – “Are these emotions that I am experiencing my own, or someone else’s?” This can be a great exercise in analysing our own feelings and energies on a daily basis, and can inevitably raise our own connectedness to the Energies that IS – Lucid Science. Lucid Science
  5. Dear colleagues here, time to bring you guys to the OP [below in Annex], so that you will be re-oriented correctly, instead of vagabonding everywhere, except keeping focused to the OP. Now, a lot of you who replied to me kept drumming that I am not doing any argument, but you are not thinking as to see an argument when one is looking straight into your eyeballs. The thread is on “God from the Investigation of Existence.” Now, a decent argument must first state the proposition to be advanced by the proponent, i.e. yours truly, Oslove. Next, the definitions of the important terms in the proposition, in our case: God, existence. That is why I say that you guys are always into evading, because no one here has contributed any additions to or subtractions from my concept of existence, and my concept of God. Here, I will bring forth from the OP my definitions of the two terms: Here is my concept of what is existence: Existence is what we experience with our senses in particular our consciousness, for example we experience the nose in our face, babies, roses, the sun in the sky at daytime and the moon in the sky at night, they all are instances of existence: and it is by our senses and in particular our consciousness that we come to know what is existence. Here is my concept of God: God in concept is first and foremost the creator cause of everything with a beginning. So, prove that you are NOT essentially into evasions from the thread, produce your definitions of existence and God. Annex
  6. In my mind's eye I really picture you looking like this
  7. There's a little more to it than just pushing back against the Press. President Donald Trump pressed senior aides last June to devise and carry out a campaign to discredit senior FBI officials after learning that those specific employees were likely to be witnesses against him as part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, according to two people directly familiar with the matter. Source: Foreign Policy
  8. Its not my intention to upstage you or make fun of. Ridicule. Im not like that. I am truly interested in your perspective on above links and can respect your opinion.From someone so devout in there beliefs Im sure youve thought of this CH if you stand outside the box..your box..and look at these facts and apply critical thought its clear this is evolution and not any sort of intelligent design. Yet you still believe thats what it is. What is your explanation I kindly ask again ?. You must have one if you believe in a god. Whats up with flaws and mistakes in nature ? Why was god so clumsy..I really want to know. Truth is you dont have an answer that will support your beliefs. So dig down deep and realize maybe its because god doesnt exist. And you know what?..thats ok.Life remains pretty damn incredible. The fact we are here. Self aware life forms in this cosmic expanse I will go on to say its two things people with faith will never answer. Suffering and this last example. You all go on and on about everything else but will not ever address these two issues I can address cant. Why do you think that is
  9. The Lucid Clairsentient’s First Hand Experiences for the Highly Intuitive in All of Us. These abilities we all have at different levels (and timeframes) to intuitively be open to messages that are pure feelings of the mystic kind. The physical and the emotional intuitive gifts we all have from time to time. Another name in the broad spectrum for this is Clairsentient Psychic. Whether these abilities show from time to time in ways such as to: feel a person’s real intentions before they act or speak. Knowing deep down that someone is about to ring with some good news, or feeling down for a while only to be told of a close friend’s sad news. We all wonder from moment to moment in this life if we are experiencing such gifts for a higher purpose or we accept every clairsentient moment in our stride. Most of us go through the self-questioning of these real mystic abilities. Truth is around 90 percent of the time our channels are Clairsentiently wide open taking in the physical and emotional signals day after day, night after night, feeling after feeling, hunch after hunch. We should listen to our Clairsentient experiences as all psychic experiences. We should clearly take note of the experience, the hunch, the feeling, the result. The more we personally record such things, the more the pieces gather and develop as we go along. As we learn to do this, we learn to recognise, we learn to summon our abilities like we summon our everyday thoughts. In all our learning stages we must adapt to the experiences and use every emotion as a building block that welcomes and builds on the next Clairsentient Experience. Lucid Science
  10. Goodnight see you tomorrow
  11. Speaking of poor marketing, if you're going to tap a middle man to sell me your opinion of the nickname then I suggest you finger the right man for the job and not his younger brother next door. Krigbaum's work van was brand new, it had the name Sieman's written all the way around in large neon green letters, and according to her it was parked that morning in front of her property with the back end of it right equal with the garbage can near the end of her driveway. Meanwhile, Nickerson's vehicle was parked in the Medina's driveway next door and when he pulled out to leave he had to maneuver around an older white Ford van sporting a crude rack on top with wooden cross supports and paint peeling off around the windows... a very similar description to the one Dempewolf provided to police regarding the van that she observed parked in front of 516 Covena Ave that morning. So unless Krigbaum's brand new Chevrolet Astrovan was over 40 feet long and already shedding the factory coat of paint, then the white Ford van that was partially blocking Nickerson as he pulled out of the driveway next door was most definitely not the lesbian's ride. Therefore, you would be stipulating that there was an older ford van with a wooden rack and peeling paint partially parked in front of the Medina's driveway and it was observed between 09:20 and 09:45 by both Nickerson and Dempewolf and possibly Kristen Reed whose less detailed description suggests it could have been either van that she observed. Perhaps you and Orville Redenbacher should watch The Sandlot one more time before you try to convince me that a kid biking to the park with a baseball, a bat, and a helmet is an equitable comparison to Steven Todd making the mile long trip from Covena Ave to Tenaya Drive on a bicycle loaded with the 50 plus items that went missing from the Medina home. Unless of course he made a dozen or more trips to get the job done in which case he belongs in the Guinness Book of World Records for the number of times he returned to the scene of a crime. All they had to hear was that he launched his boat from Berkeley Marina and motored to Brooks Island to determine that the most obvious place to dump her body would be somewhere right in the middle between those two points. And the Albany bulb is where? Meanwhile, let's suppose that you're right and a cast of crabs tied the twine around the baby's neck rather than human hands. Does this somehow irreparably alter the plausibility of persons other that Scott Peterson depositing her body in the bay? Not at all. The narrative is solid no matter how the twine found it's way there.
  12. I'll simply refer you to the first 3-6 months of his presidency. The leaks of classified info were literally a DAILY occurrence. You'll excuse me if I imagine that within that context these guys suddenly got religion about using anything they could find to get him out of office as quickly as possible. I cannot believe they would sit on anything that could seriously prove wrongdoing by him with respect to the original hue and cry over "Russian Collusion". I believe that the final report, whenever it might happen, will be nothing more than dressed up innuendo and dark allusions to "possible" obstruction.
  13. I truly enjoyed The Shack, the Book moved me in many ways and made me think in many directions. In my opinion, the book as well as the film do a fine job at distilling all of the christian truths into a single novel. It's tremendous success cleary indicates that people are still relating to those timeless truths. Is The Shack the definition of a modern-day gospel? It's success made it into a box office hit: Mackenzie Allen Phillips's youngest daughter, Missy, has been abducted during a family vacation. Evidence that she may have been brutally murdered is found in an abandoned shack deep in the Oregon wilderness. Four years later, in the midst of his great sadness, Mack receives a suspicious note--apparently from God--inviting him back to that shack for a weekend. Against his better judgment, he arrives at the shack on a wintry afternoon and walks back into his darkest nightmare. What he finds there will change his life forever. About the author: WM. PAUL YOUNG was born a Canadian and raised among a Stone Age tribe by his missionary parents in the highlands of former New Guinea. He suffered great loss as a child and young adult and now enjoys the "wastefulness of grace" with his family in the Pacific Northwest. He is also the author of Cross Roads and Eve. Source: What do you think?
  14. I miss the Frank Zappa picture, Will. It's just not right.
  15. I'm off to bed, folks. I promise not to cave in to any "footy" action tonight. Hope you all have a good night and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.
  16. Other Spiritual Planes and Harnessing the Potential The allowing and gathering of Energy Guides directly from out of our own spiritual planes. These healing guides have the Pure Energies that haven’t any boundaries, no want of recognition and no debilitating low frequencies, but only a miracle inducing Presence of Energy. Psychic Rumination or Simply Meditation: the art of throwing out the conflicting and complicated thoughts that only slow the true meditative mind to a halt. A state of true psychic depths in the most productive dimension, achievable for anyone. Eradicate the negative from existence, free your psychic self from all negative stress levels. This is the start to connecting with yourself and the other plane. Let’s take it a natural step further and deeper and Introduce the disciplining of the physical along with meditation to achieve the highest psychic light. This can be achieved through personal positions that align oneself with the highest power. Open up our powerful energy flows that are free and limitless, achievable by all. Using sounds with our meditative state for the purist power and enlightenment is completely optional – Humming, the use of drums, bells or chanting. All of this is a form for psychic attention of the true vibration that has no boundaries physically or spiritually. With experience one can build on ones discretion on curtain types of new and higher sounds for manifesting the highest psychic energy. Honing in and discerning of the affliction is the psychic healing, shifting energies correctly in the right direction toward the area of ones physical self that could be out of alignment. Self reminders or assisted reminders along this path are crucial in visualizing the corrected outcome one is aiming to achieve. Actuality Reality of this Energy State of Raising this Field by visualizing our Forward Actualities. The Actuality is that psychic healing has been widely accepted in all fields as being a powerful curing device, working together to bring in a whole array of balances that mind, body and spirit can rise up to together, for a higher psychic level of being. Perfected Oxygenation, Improvement of sleep and dream patterns, the flow of Blood and vitality of bodily instruments to our potential of a pristine being. Taking our bodies to the higher level of expelling the poisons that weigh us down. Raised Energy Levels. Happiness, Clarity of Thought, Wisdom of the Light, Equalibrium of Emotional States. All of this can easily be achieved through self-visualization, meditation for self-alignment, breathing and targeted healing through the inner light. However it is vitally important to cast ones attention on learning correct form to gain even better results of the potential. This originates from psychic-will and only improves with time and practice. For the psychic healers who are new to their potentials, this just means one tiny step in front of the other. Dedication is the road to Psychic Energy Harnessing and letting go is the hidden treasure of enlightenment. Not quite learnt in one day but learning to not resist is the psychic secret that is freely available to everyone. Western society teaches and shapes us to resist what we do not know. Let’s quit resisting inch by inch and take our first step today. Conditioning of fear in our lives from day to day routine right through to the Films we invest our emotions in. If this anxiety and fear isn’t dealt with on a regular basis, as the intake of these old societal ways are incoming, then the spiritually we are can become out of balance and starved of enlightenment. Fear of success in spiritualism is a real thing, this fear is on the same side of the coin as the fears and anxieties we readily accept into our lives through our ‘day to day’ and the forceful media we align our lives to. We disjoin ourselves little by little and this creates a displacement effect of spiritually on the right path of balancing ourselves with more of the positive. All truly beautiful outcomes take a little practice and this practice can grow upon itself many fold. Today is the first day of the rest of our Psychic Roads. For most of us who battle with finding time, let’s start with one minute per day. All great things begin somewhere. Before going to sleep, after waking from sleep or even the one minute walk back to our car with the night’s shopping. Everything begins with something. Let’s receive what we naturally and spiritually deserve in our lives. Let’s give to others what we can powerfully give spiritually, something that just isn’t accessible from our limiting moulded societies. Whether we are completely new to this or just simply in need of a nudge to get back to it because of society’s material commitments, we connect with our Other Spiritual Planes for the Energy, Healing To Empowerment – The Miracles and Enlightenment we are all born to see. Lucid Science
  17. Scientifically, there is no evidence that love exists. Brain neuron interactions, yes. Love, no. Can you provide proof that you are actually loving anything?
  18. None of the kings in Tut's time (New Kingdom) has a pyramid, with the exception of Ahmose. By Tut's Tut's time pyramids were considered antiques. Remember that Tut lived over 1,100 years after Khufu, builder of the Great Pyramid. As with all relogions, ancient Egypt's changed a great deal between Khufu and Tut, and the pyramids no longer served the needs of the royal religion. The bodies were often taken but were often rifled in their tombs. The raiders didn't care about mummies but tore them apart, royal or not, to get at the amulets inside the layers of bandages. That's why so many mummies today are in fragments. It's also why later on, after the New Kingdom, the ordinarily few amulets with which most mummies were provided, were made out of glazed ceramic instead of gold and semi-precious stones.
  19. Practical Telepathy and How to Nurture New Ground The very real phenomenon of Telepathy – Mind to Mind Communication, and how we can enter into these abilities. These mystic abilities, although most people openly deny the existence for various reasons. Some of these reasons are pure lack of proof, far too bizarre a concept, unwillingness to pry into other people’s minds, unwillingness for others to pry into our own minds, far too busy, and so on… All these mental walls we build for many reasons, even conservative societal reasonings. Telepathic Power is something in surety that we know we are truely ready to use and nurture – by simply sensing the ‘signs’. Our dreams play a vital link in these abilities. Where our dreams become more vivid so too do our telepathic capabilities become more vivid also. The frequencies we vibrate on are simply the opening and closing of bridge-ways between us, our astral abilities and our ‘third eye’, linking to many other possibilities such as telepathy and more. We raise these energies within and we open the bridge to these many capabilities and realms. Inside these dreams we have, we occasionally step inside of the Lucid State, when in this state we must remind ourselves what is actually happening. Ask ourselves questions of our environment, people we come across, things we do, the vibrancy of color, even the smell of this ‘lucid dream’ environment. Create a blog journal of these happenings to share or even keep private, an ongoing blog diary will keep progress on track, and even prove seriousness to oneself. We find the mystic clues inside these lucid worlds and we discover any traces of new ‘mystic’ abilities. Be aware of any physical changes such as any types of ills as these can very well be our bodies adjusting and aligning to our new Vibrational Frequencies. Us as physical and spirit co-align to new levels on a daily basis. This is ultimately purifying us for our new abilities and insight. With all usual physical care and self-observation we can observe a new enlightenment and a new awakening taking place. All these new events we must realise that all soul beings experience such awakenings at their own personal pace. No two souls are the same. Social circles may go through some changes and fine tuning once we become more telepathically clear. We will definitely find ourselves refraining from the negative types as these types only lag us down, although our best ‘recipe of the social’ finds its own way of sorting itself out after time. Our Vibrational Frequencies have an uncanny way of attracting the right fruitful company to journey with. Along with the lucid state of (dream increases), another important indicator is the natural ability of empathy. Empathy is our soul-sense that doesn’t let us down. It is the pure bridging with others. This bridging is the opening pathway to listening and feeling the thoughts of others that are open. The more we practice this the more we find others that are open. The right vibrational messages will always begin to find a way of becoming clear to us when the time it just right, we just need to stay receptive. Lucid Being
  20. A short article from a radiology news journal about the history and use of radiology and CT scans on AE mummies, and what was thereby learned: (scroll to page 10)
  21. How stupid, I knew about the Chinchorro even. Sorry. Must have been a brain dump. Those are the only ones I know about and I learned that earlier in this thread. The rest seen natural.
  22. How our Psychic and Empathic Abilities Channelise the Pet Talk All animals communicate with other animals and their surroundings to a degree, us humans too are no exception. What comes into play are the Mysterious channels and the unexplained methods that are utilised more often than not. We open up our psychic/empathetic channels with our pets especially when there are concerns or ailments expressed from these beloved furry friends. Pet Psychic abilities are not just reserved for official pet psychic practitioners, as we all have these abilities more than we think as thinking can get in the way of a Psychic Friendship. Lucid Science
  23. That's just gross. I'll bet it still tastes like chicken. What disturbs me most is the eyeball looks like an egg and now I want an egg. I love eggs...but not if they're looking at me. The brain was often removed but the eyeballs were not. The idea was to keep the body as externally intact as possible, so if they removed your eyeballs, the belief was you'd be blind for eternity in the afterlife. But if the body is placed under salt for over a month, the eyeballs—composed almost entirely of water—are not going to survive. It was a consequence of being mummified. The embalmers did numerous things to counteract this. Very commonly they stuffed balls of linen into the eye sockets, as with Pen-ptah, and glued the eyelids shut. They might also replace the eyeballs with small discs to help the glued eyelids to bulge out. The creepiest thing they did (in my opinion) is place two round stones in the eye sockets, and paint eyeballs onto the stones. In this case they would generally leave the eyelids unglued. What typically resulted was a bug-eyed mummy leering back at you. CT scans of mummies will occasionally show atrophic eye tissue inside the sockets.
  24. I love this, best response ever.
  25. A Spirit Communication Method Called Psychography, Or More Commonly Known As ‘Automatic Writing’ Or ‘Channelled Writing’ This very traditional method for communication is pretty simply shutting out our mental consciousness and welcoming our unconscious to take over the communication. Our spirit guide or guides take over this process and basically communicate through us. Contention has it that this technique is either spirits taking control in this process or this is purely our higher selves stepping up and in to illustrate our higher-self wisdom to ourselves and others? Lucid Science
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