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  2. The design of a robotic human hand is intricate. Complex. But a human did design it. He used the design of the biological human hand as a template. The robotic hand is a copy of the biological human hand. Period. Will somebody please explain the logic in denying that the biological human hand was not designed? Even if you're in Chicago, don't let that stop you from chiming in.
  3. Piney


  4. Nobody is. My boss will be the first to tell you and he's a Presbyterian Preacher (i.e. Calvinist)
  5. Sorry but it doesn't. It is a demonstrably false idea. Testing has repeatedly shown that there is no aura.
  6. No. Souls are just a belief. Spiritual people do NOT know. They believe. There is zero evidence for a soul or what it is or where it comes from or its importance to living creatures or even what creatures have a soul. People that rely on evidence know. They have the evidence that can be checked by others. Spiritual people make up stories. They have no evidence to back up their stories.
  7. I had 'Evil Presence in House' luckly the mother-in-law went home today.
  8. The idea that a discussion shows it is not absolutely clear is a false argument. Would you say the same about holocause deniers, AIDS deniers, etc.? The simple fact of the matter is that the diversity and change of life throughout the history of the Earth is well described without having to resort to a designer. Life has all sorts of problems which show there is no designer, or the designer was a buffoon. A designer is an extraneous hypothesis. In other words, a system without a designer works so why add a designer? There is no need to. Will pretends that because we build some robots that are crude approximations to living objects that this suggests something. Why? Robot hands are not like human hands. Robot arms are not like animal arms. Why pretend there is some connection? Different processes can lead to similar results. Sharks, ichthysaurs, and whales have come up with similar body plans. They had different starting points and different results although they roughly look similar. There is no design that propelled them to the same general shape. It was survival in this random experimentation that led to these shapes. Will's mind is about as closed as a mind can be. He is stuck in his Chicago hoax.
  9. I must have misread the piece, I guess the structure was just in the same street - from the article: The street is a mix of apartments and small shops, including a convenience store, a kebab restaurant, and a Polish grocery Police said a number of buildings near the burning one were damaged.
  10. I'm stepping away to have some dinner.
  11. Now I remember, his popularity was based on the Rasmussen poll. That was it. Five Thirty Eight averaged all the polls. Obama: 49.6% Trump: 37.7%
  12. Hey Stereo, .. Cheers for this Info .. I'll have a read ... Mo..xx
  13. I'm no saint, friend, I can assure you of that! Just a man that knows he's in need of a Savior. But if a Christian doesn't trust his Lord in a situation like THAT, I'd worry about his faith
  14. It was pretty quite lol
  15. 988. Internet plant (10/26/2017) I think the US Liberty Act is set up against me. An attempt by the Feds (FBI and DEA) to frame a case in internet on me by FISA warrantless search and arrest. 1. In April 2017, I found someone assuming my name to post in a web forum, I wrote a thread to reveal it. You can see their arrogance trying to force me to recognize my user's name. I think the Feds have posted some illegal message somewhere in internet with my internet I.D. That's a plant. They need a new law to bypass the 4th amendment so they can carry on a warrantless search and arrest through the hand of FISA court.
  16. I forgot to include astronomers, including the ancient ones. The hypothetical band of light would have been seen by anyone watching the night sky - and it was supposed to connect a number of sites (many in lands that had writing and astronomy.) The secret cabal stretches back through history to hide this and has hypnotized the entire population of Earth so that no song or painting or story about it exists although there's stories and documentation of all sorts of celestial phenomena from these same people.
  17. Well, that's what I'm going for. You want to grab men's attention, right? How about Tina the Tongue? How'd everything go after I signed off last night? Did everyone behave or do I need to get the paddle out?
  18. The Russians are responsible for interrupting the 2016 presidential campaign 2/16/2018 N – A special lawyer investigating the disruption of the Russian presidential elections in 2016 was named 13 Russian citizens on Friday and three Russian organizations illegally social media platforms to inculcate political adversaries such as activities to support presidential candidate Donald Trump and opponents Hillary Clinton.
  19. I'd never seen it reminded me of an old Red Sovine tune/ballad from the 70's called Phantom 309
  20. Lol little too attention grabbing
  21. Has there ever been anything made by man that wasn't designed? Then why wouldn't you think that anything else that's been made wasn't designed? Like an animal's elbow for example.
  22. It's called neuroplasticity. If you read this link note that it happens in normal brains as well as in traumatized brains.
  23. Leicestershire Police 3 hrs · 2330 | HINCKLEY ROAD EXPLOSION | Emergency services are dealing with a building fire in Leicester following a report of an explosion. The report was made just after 7pm this evening (Sunday 25 February) and a number of neighbouring buildings in Hinckley Road were also damaged as a result. Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service and East Midlands Ambulance Service along with the police are dealing with the incident and Hinckley Road between the junction with Woodville Road and Westcotes Drive has been closed off. Businesses and homes in the immediate vicinity have not been evacuated. Six people have been taken to hospital and we await an update on their injuries. The cause of the explosion will be the subject of a joint investigation by the police and Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service. We would ask that the media and public do not speculate about the circumstances surrounding the incident but at this stage there is no indication this is terrorist related. Electricity supply has been cut off for a number of properties in the Hinckley Road area while emergency services deal with the incident. Anyone concerned about family members are asked to contact 101.UP Just saw this post from police. Hopefully the people injured will fully recover and no more are inside the rubble.
  24. Sammie Spandex? I could do this all day.
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