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  2. Sounds interesting.
  3. Update to this thread:
  4. But you don't live near Alaric's friends. In the situation he was describing there actually would be a need for such weapons. Other areas of the country would not have such a need. Like I said, it's situational.
  5. You had a long work day, its allowed
  6. It's amusing just how many people think the NRA cares about the 2nd Amendment. Staunch 2nd Amendment supporters hate the NRA as well...just for different reasons.
  7. trying to put together a new 3d printer kit which happily came without instructions yay
  8. Sorry, I'm a bit tired tonight.
  9. Welp. I'm at the spamming point. So I think I'll show up again laterz.
  10. A deal that keeps us safe: hey steve, you’re not suggesting that the UK does more than the EU concerning the European Arrest Warrant system? mate there are 60 million people in the UK and 420 million in the other EU countries. on a proportional basis looks even to me. If you feel ripped off then get more criminals and stop playing nice with bad guys.
  11. General reminder: if everyone could refrain from derrogatory remarks and name calling, that would be great.
  12. When Maori came here as far as I know Moriori were here..It has since been established that Maori an Moriori were related.. Possibly explaining why Maori came here in the first place..hence Maori were the first people as Moriori were of blood descent... Wars between Maori vs Maori an Maori vs Moriori drove Moriori to Chatham islands where they stayed until there demise if I remember correctly the last descendant if Moriori died around the 80s or 90s which was a shock because they were thought to be long gone... The wars between Maori an Moriori were not for ownership of land it was over chiefmanship an women to be exchanged for bloodlines differences in there oppions of this lead to discord an ultimately war..It was all about strength of tribe not land..Theres the difference between European an Maori an its always been that way for European here back then...They wanted to trick us or make up tax laws in order to conviscate land ie..Dog tax laws.. Maori werent perfect bt any means they fought each other but it was about bloodlines not ownership of land...Maori gifted land like it was lollies to fellow Maori whom would help them battle to beat another rival tribe.. This happened to my own family we were gifted land from Waikato for helping them take on Ngapuhi.. Then my grandfather married a Ngapuhi woman to help intwine the harmony .. Europeans were cruel manipulaters but eventually blood ties too eased that rift an now we co exsist for our mokopuna an now pakeha are trying to right thier wrongs an return stolen land an make amense....Its come along way...
  13. I'm tired of the various Government bodies stealing everything from the tax paying public that they can get. I hope she takes the government for all she can get, and I know how expensive lawyers can be.
  14. My dog's diabetic, so I feel ya there, I feel ya.
  15. That is much better. Atleast this doen't come across like you have hidden knowlwdge and special insight. Your opinion is valid However there are some on UM who might wish to claim it's all part of a liberal globalist agenda. I would ask them to proove it too.
  16. FTR: This seems to be a reasonably balanced piece on the effect of the 10-year "assault weapons" ban.
  17. I haven't read the OPs book, have you?
  18. Sorry, was feeding our oldest cat and giving her insulin. She was diagnosed as being a diabetic 4 yrs. ago.
  19. Racial blending is good. It's how the human species progresses. L
  20. Sometimes its pretty funny and sparks a conversation or two as well
  21. Of course, It's all just a part of the intelligent design of evolution.
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