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  2. There is just one more thing i would like to say .Before good Friday my reality did mesh with your's.
  3. you didnt ask me but i will jump like a mullet anyway i was drawn to this one and did a fair amount of research, weeding thru the bs and embelishment and skeptics dismissing it fully as nothing and i agree althought i wont say without doubt but rather highly likely that there was something that spurred the whole event, not ET. UFO doesnt mean alien. betty cash and landrum and her grandson saw something but lets jump around, betty had bad health before this, heart problems and cancer issues, landrum was an older lady with eye problems, her original doctors papers had never been released last time i looked so all that is unknown and speculative but cash pushed that her doc said she had signs of accute radiation poisoning, that stood out to me for years until reading a few remarks from specialists in that area, they all agreed that and i paraphase if cash had been exposed to that high of radiation it would have killed her quickly, period, landrum and colby too. that solved that hurdle for me, the rest of her ailments and symptoms were not as epic as she made them out to be, one dr compared it to burns people get from a heat lamp, another point blank accused self affected. little details hit me, she always says the car was too hot to touch, i live in florida that happens but she went too far saying her and/or landrums fingers melted into the dash, it doesnt take a savvy gearhead to know that is bs, to get a cars dash hot enough to melt the "plastic" would burn ones fingers to the bone if mashed into the molten plastic, this didnt happen. im not debunking the event but rather debunking the UFO = aliens angle, i believe they saw twin rotor choppers and my reason is odd, but collaborated by a nearby sherrif and his wife, when cash, landrum and grandson of landrum colby went to see the military over it the investagator asked landrum to describe the craft, the kid blurts out, does he mean those helicopters grandma? there was something flying. but the number they claim is more than we had at that time. i dont think that was coaching of the kid, i dont believe the choppers were toting it not at first anyway but they could have been and cash thought self propelled was more dramatic i believe this was a secret military flying craft possibly nuclear powered but there simple isnt evidence of the nuclear propulsion, but i believe cash did get burnt, have you ever gotten welder flash burns, let me tell you it sucks, backwash can burn it doesnt mean radioactive. what happened was ufologists meaning well or not when this became a UFO=aliens event it blew it all to hell, cash never beat her fit it was aliens, she blamed and held the government resposible, but in court she could not prove it caused her health issues because i dont think it did, i believe that she saw this as a scape goat, i think she was to a point sincern they owed her, but like the old lady who sued micckydeez and won millions over hot coffee burns, cash was too loud, and got greedy, had she kept a low profile and not set $$$ figures had all the alien craft connection not happened, it would have helped her case. tht dear true belever ufologists not jumped on it and gave it so much spot light things would have went different for her, cash she died 10 years like to the day of the event, heart attack, not radiation.
  4. It is not fact at all and is belief. There has been no proof of an after life where the deceased can return and it can be classed as a - fact. By whom and under what circumstances?
  5. Tommy Robinson standing for MEP

    oh and for anyone who's interested in betting odds as an indicator... Paddy Power for example has TR at 13/8 to become an MEP.... (the other odds on a variety of election results are of interest as well) https://www.paddypower.com/politics/european-parliamentary-elections-2019
  6. But I did have a uncle who managed to get his 2 idiots through the U of Penn with a endowment.
  7. What's your weather like today?

    Sunny and warm right now. Storms expected tonight but nothing like last night. There was an EF1 tornado confirmed in the area of the video I posted.
  8. Mossad foreknowledge 911 attacks

    So now the FBI is a political tool of the left. But when Comey helped Trump win the 2016 elections with the Clinton email probing at a critical time of the elections, he must have been doing his job.
  9. I don't believe you

    What you said about higher education earlier is true too. My sister has a PHD in biology and botany so no high school wanted her because they would have to pay her. Instead she taught in Europe, started a few Montessori schools and then finally taught at a college. Now she tools around studying plants and animals writing papers. We had a Montessori school right in this house. Insurance was too high though.
  10. Time will tell remember the invite tho.
  11. Sorry. Your model of reality doesn't mesh with mine. Once I'm dead, the only thing that will be left of me is a memory and eventually that will fade away.
  12. Tommy Robinson standing for MEP

    If you don't think TR is under surveillance then it's you who's deluded not me... important enough for you to keep up your script like counter argument....
  13. "Ok to be gay" school lessons cause unrest

    increase of violence seem to correlate with lgbt movements and "protection laws" and it really did increase https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_violence_against_LGBT_people_in_the_United_States https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/muhlaysia-booker-transgender-woman-murdered-dallas-115217381.html
  14. I invite you in time to come see me in the after life XenoFish as the truth will have been revealed to you and say " Paul you were right it was the truth". Yes a personal experience recorded as it happened.
  15. DtA,,, this is easy. Who is the expert on what was seen, the eyewitnesses with ailments or a doctor who was not there? A doctor actually had an "opinion" that a UFO could NOT cause their illness ?? LOL! Sorry but that one cracks me up That's a desperation defense
  16. Going by this map of the deep oceanic currents the crap would do a twirl around the Pacific and head towards Indonesia.
  17. well today bet365 are giving odds of 1/80..... on the Brexit Party getting the most seats in the UK EU elections !! that's pretty much a dead cert... https://www.bet365.com/?&cb=10326510842#/AC/B5/C20642645/D1/E41412474/F2/ voting for the Brexit Party is teaching the MSM a lesson as well as the two main parties... can't wait to vote for them on Thursday...
  18. "Ok to be gay" school lessons cause unrest

    I often wonder how many gay people liked it when their life and lifestyle were in the shadows? Just a thought.
  19. Mossad foreknowledge 911 attacks

    i heard a theory Israel is actually benefited from the attack, they need those countries destabilized, or they may just get together and attack Israeli. Israel benefited the most from NATO reaction to 911
  20. Nigel Farage’s undisclosed ‘lavish’ gifts

    The Brexit Party offices are being raided tomorrow. Its going to be a late night for Farage tonight with all that shredding to do lmao.
  21. Nigel Farage’s undisclosed ‘lavish’ gifts

    What a waste of a banana and salted caramel milkshake. Farage should have laughed it off and asked for a straw. Still he was cool and collected under the circumstances.
  22. I don't believe you

    Oh, ok. So I know teachers in the U.S. don't earn enough to support themselves much less make HUGE contributions to charity.
  23. US apparently readying for Iran attack

    The rocket attack hardly hit anything and nobody is claiming responsibility. It smells of a false flag from a million miles away. Does anyone truly trust the likes of Netanyahu, Pompeo and Bolton LOL?
  24. I haven't read every word of every document I was shown. I made notes, and they are what I refer to. So if you are going to split hairs between "read" and "seen", that is up to you. In my earlier post I wrote: "The evidence he has explains how only a relatively small number of people knew what was going on." The explanation is the "cell system" I mentioned in my last post. I presume you know what a cell system is. A small number of people who are in on some sort of plan direct others without them knowing what the plan is, or even that there is a plan. Where is the inconsistency in what I have said? By definition a cell system involves a relatively small number of people, but what percentage that is, is not possible to say. Like I said, John Kelly has tried to estimate this, but reached no conclusion. Other than the people within his "cell", he never told anyone what his role was. Similarly, no one ever approached him and announced that they were part of the plan to "hoax" the missions. So how could he ever know what the overall percentage was? You say you have seen all the memos from Werner von Braun to James Webb during Aug-Sep 68. How do you know there aren't some missing? Could you direct me to the memos you have seen? I have seen many of the memos - and not just the ones shown to me by John Kelly - but I know I haven't seen them all because, for instance, I have a note of von Braun referring to something he wrote in a memo dated on September 10, but I have never seen that memo. I ask this because one of the possibly suspicious aspects of the memos I was shown is what could be an unrealistic friendliness von Braun displays to Webb. The two men were known to hate each other, but von Braun often asks how Webb's wife and children are. In doing so he refers to the children not by their real names but by the names Webb always used. If I can find an inconsistency, then perhaps there is a flaw in John Kelly's claims.
  25. "Ok to be gay" school lessons cause unrest

    yes they will, and once precedent is set, other religions will follow, since i can't think of religion where homosexuality is OK, if you do not see by now how all those gay protection laws do not really protect gays, quite the opposite actually, you will soon
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