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  2. Dark_Grey

    We missed 240,000 migrants.

    Shooting journalists over a cartoon? Women's rights, homosexual rights, intolerance of other faiths, barbaric practices of animal slaughter, female genital mutilation (granted, Christians practice circumcision,) belief in a global Caliphate, slavery, Sharia law, "no-go" zones, strong classism (Muslims and non-Muslims), following a warlord's guide to conquest (aka the Quran), etc. If you can't see the difference between Christianity and Islam, I invite you to visit a Muslim nation and test the limits of tolerance. You'll find the difference between the two religions to be very apparent. Given the choice, I will take Christian rule 10 times out of 10. Don't swallow Saudi Arabia's propaganda - they outspend almost every Federal agency in the world funding it.
  3. Harte

    Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Denmark is losing money by the (whatever the Danish word is for bucketloads) administrating Greenland. The US might buy it and establish it as an independent country. Harte
  4. itsnotoutthere

    UK Army recruiting poor teenagers

    So it would appear the new army advertising campaign is working then. You know, the one where they're looking for kids that play video games all day and have OCD about shopping trolleys.
  5. Harte

    The mummy overlord is back

    Exhilarating, isn't it? Harte
  6. spartan max2

    Vaping is not good for vascular function

    We tried prohibition of alcohol and it solved nonething, only caused problems. That's why it's legal.
  7. spartan max2

    Vaping is not good for vascular function

    Vaping has urgent funding for studies behind it because of its increased popularity, mostly among younger people, partly caused by the claim that is a much healthier alternative to cigs. So studies are needed to determine if that is even true.
  8. acute


    You've got to admire David Bowie.
    He has released at least 30 CD's and DVD's since his death.

    What a pro!

    1. Eldorado


      Jim Bowie has been in a dozen movies. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Bowie

      The gene genie?

  9. Harte

    Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Yes. Pointing out the anti-Semitism rampant in the Democratic party will win him votes. Or, at least, cause votes to be lost by the other side. People that didn't vote in the last election. Motivating voters, that's what it is - although I'm sure he didn't do it for that reason. Harte
  10. Dark_Grey

    Vaping is not good for vascular function

    Are cigarette sales dropping? What is the motive behind funding all these e-smoke "studies" that are suddenly coming out of the woodwork? Yeah, inhaling anything but clean air isn't healthy - common sense tells us that. Breathing in brake dust and car exhaust while waiting at a red light is worse than just about anything as brake dust is a known carcinogen yet I don't see a huge rush to recall brake pads for safer versions. These e-cig studies reek of industry bias, IMO.
  11. Still Waters

    The Funeral of Fr. James

    That was very moving.
  12. "The army is recruiting poor teenagers in its most dangerous roles because it cannot find adults to fill vacancies, a campaign group warned last night. "Almost 30 per cent of last year's new recruits were aged 16 or 17, the most in any year since the financial year ending 2011." Full report at the Daily Mail: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7381649/Army-bosses-recruiting-poor-teenagers-dangerous-roles-lack-adults-signing-up.html "Data compiled by the Child Rights International Network (CRIN) shows that the army recruited 1,000 16-year-olds and 820 17-year-olds last year, with the youngsters more likely to come from poorer areas. "The UK is the only country in Europe which routinely recruits people aged under 18, and Charlotte Cooper, campaigns coordinator with CRIN, told The Guardian: “The army is leaning on teenagers from the most deprived backgrounds to fix its recruitment crisis, using them to fill the riskiest roles because it can’t persuade enough adults to enlist.”" Full report at the UK Telegraph: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/08/21/british-army-accused-leaning-under-18s-order-plug-recruitment/
  13. Dark_Grey

    Should all British police officers be armed?

    Yeah that's a dumb rule for Police to have to follow. If you can effectively stop a threat, why wait until the bullets are flying at you? The first shot may be the last one you won't ever hear.
  14. Dark_Grey

    Should all British police officers be armed?

    It seems unarmed Officers are almost a point of pride among the tea-drinking islanders. As in, it's worth being proud that your country is so peaceful it's unnecessary to arm the Cops. However, this isn't 2005. This is 2019 and the demographics of the UK are changing rapidly. There are a thousand videos out there of UK Police being gang beaten, having cars stolen, or the worst ones involve 110 lb female Officers getting pummeled while the partner helplessly screams in to his or her radio. "Officers assaulted during routine traffic stop" "Two female officers attacked by crazed man" "Police Officer attacked with sledge hammer in Glossop" There is plenty of footage of American Police being overrun or beaten but even then, there is only so much damage the attackers are willing to do at risk of their own lives. For Police in England, what is the "plan B" for a gang of youths who know you don't carry any lethal force? I hope the governing bodies take the advice of the Officers on the ground when it comes to carrying firearms. Nothing worse than your fate being decided by fat bureaucrats who likely will never step foot in the neighborhoods you have to patrol.
  15. Check out the flash right at the very end - 3:29.
  16. For the most part from what I understand is that it denotes status and in some parts of S.America it identified ststus and location as the type of headbinding varied from region to region. For Attila the children of conquered elite who swore alliegence had their heads bound so as to show their status to him. I am on my phone now but will look in my fplders for links when I get to the computer. jmccr8
  17. I think that effect is caused by the long exposure time of the single frames. The nearer the craft comes, the bigger and brighter it appear and more light get captured by the cam, per frame.
  18. itsnotoutthere

    We missed 240,000 migrants.

    Yep, them too.
  19. Phaeton80

    Deranged Democrat

    Yes, resident troll, thats exactly what happened.
  20. XenoFish

    Biotech firm successfully creates male kitten

    Even if they successfully cloned the pet memories and all, it's still not the same pet. It's just a copy. Same goes for people. It would be someone who thinks they are somebody who's dead.
  21. Essan

    We missed 240,000 migrants.

    I am more worried about the illiberal unintelligentsia who want to ban anyone and everything because they have decided someone they have never met might be offended ...
  22. Still Waters

    Biotech firm successfully creates male kitten

    Cloning animals that have gone extinct, I can understand the reasoning behind that. Cloning a deceased pet doesn't quite feel right, not to me anyway, and no offence meant to any animal lovers who would go in for this procedure.
  23. susieice

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    You need to do some research.
  24. Essan

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    You don't agree with what? That paedophilia means a sexual interest in pre-pubescent children?
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