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  2. Pelosi Picks on newly elected women of color

    That's just about the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Just blatant pandering for minority votes. America never has been white. Say what you want about Trump but he didn't get to where he is by wasting time on things that can't be done. Even if he did want to make America white again, he's sure going about it wrong, with all the employment improvement for Blacks and Hispanics. The Dems seem to be throwing whatever they can think of at Trump in the hope that something will stick.
  3. You specifically cited harte's comment that Trinacria was Sicily, to then state that he (Atalante) should have known that. In other words, you insinuated that Atalante, in his post showing the map, was not aware that Sicily was also known as Trinacria. As far as your cough, try homeopathic Drosera, as it is indicated in whooping cough, since a cough followed by silence sounds like a bout of whooping cough to me. Regarding my language abilities, we will leave it for another time and another place. But as I had commented much earlier, one must be familiar with reincarnation, and especially as put forth by Socrates, through Plato. A soul, of necessity, must be different in another reincarnation. Meaning that most of our former abilities, skills, and traits are not carried forward, for the most part. One may retain some recollection of vague and cloudy memories. Sometimes these memories are buried too deep in our subconscious, but may come to the surface unexpectedly, by some chance of running into an object, or a person, a place, or even a writing that are familiar from a previous life. Therefore, merely not being able to recollect in this life something known in a previous one, like a language, for instance, it would not necessarily exclude someone from having been, in a previous life, one who was proficient in that language. Someone who today does not speak French, nor has any military skills, does not exclude the possibility that he had been Napoleon Bonaparte in a previous life. In fact, one does not even have to be the same sex. Which I consider as a most likely cause for homosexuality, as the soul is sexless, and can incarnate in either gender, but sometimes it retains too much of a subconscious memory of a previous life of the opposite sex. And also, if we adhere to the words of Plato, a soul can take on the form of an animal. We have all probably been animals in one or more of our previous lives, but we may not recall being a monkey, a donkey, a horse, a duck, an eagle, or a lion. Here, I'll cite what I have already cited to kenemet, and some more, on Plato's take on reincarnation. So that it will not be snipped by the real gods of this virtual world, t's from Jowett's English translation of Plato's Republic dialogue. http://classics.mit.edu/Plato/republic.html When Er and the spirits arrived, their duty was to go at once to Lachesis; but first of all there came a prophet who arranged them in order; then he took from the knees of Lachesis lots and samples of lives, and having mounted a high pulpit, spoke as follows: 'Hear the word of Lachesis, the daughter of Necessity. Mortal souls, behold a new cycle of life and mortality. Your genius will not be allotted to you, but you choose your genius; and let him who draws the first lot have the first choice, and the life which he chooses shall be his destiny. Virtue is free, and as a man honours or dishonours her he will have more or less of her; the responsibility is with the chooser --God is justified.' When the Interpreter had thus spoken he scattered lots indifferently among them all, and each of them took up the lot which fell near him, all but Er himself (he was not allowed), and each as he took his lot perceived the number which he had obtained. Then the Interpreter placed on the ground before them the samples of lives; and there were many more lives than the souls present, and they were of all sorts. There were lives of every animal and of man in every condition. And there were tyrannies among them, some lasting out the tyrant's life, others which broke off in the middle and came to an end in poverty and exile and beggary; and there were lives of famous men, some who were famous for their form and beauty as well as for their strength and success in games, or, again, for their birth and the qualities of their ancestors; and some who were the reverse of famous for the opposite qualities. And of women likewise; there was not, however, any definite character them, because the soul, when choosing a new life, must of necessity become different. But there was every other quality, and the all mingled with one another, and also with elements of wealth and poverty, and disease and health; and there were mean states also. And here, my dear Glaucon, is the supreme peril of our human state; and therefore the utmost care should be taken. Let each one of us leave every other kind of knowledge and seek and follow one thing only, if peradventure he may be able to learn and may find some one who will make him able to learn and discern between good and evil, and so to choose always and everywhere the better life as he has opportunity. He should consider the bearing of all these things which have been mentioned severally and collectively upon virtue; he should know what the effect of beauty is when combined with poverty or wealth in a particular soul, and what are the good and evil consequences of noble and humble birth, of private and public station, of strength and weakness, of cleverness and dullness, and of all the soul, and the operation of them when conjoined; he will then look at the nature of the soul, and from the consideration of all these qualities he will be able to determine which is the better and which is the worse; and so he will choose, giving the name of evil to the life which will make his soul more unjust, and good to the life which will make his soul more just; all else he will disregard. For we have seen and know that this is the best choice both in life and after death. A man must take with him into the world below an adamantine faith in truth and right, that there too he may be undazzled by the desire of wealth or the other allurements of evil, lest, coming upon tyrannies and similar villainies, he do irremediable wrongs to others and suffer yet worse himself; but let him know how to choose the mean and avoid the extremes on either side, as far as possible, not only in this life but in all that which is to come. For this is the way of happiness. And according to the report of the messenger from the other world this was what the prophet said at the time: 'Even for the last comer, if he chooses wisely and will live diligently, there is appointed a happy and not undesirable existence. Let not him who chooses first be careless, and let not the last despair.' And when he had spoken, he who had the first choice came forward and in a moment chose the greatest tyranny; his mind having been darkened by folly and sensuality, he had not thought out the whole matter before he chose, and did not at first sight perceive that he was fated, among other evils, to devour his own children. But when he had time to reflect, and saw what was in the lot, he began to beat his breast and lament over his choice, forgetting the proclamation of the prophet; for, instead of throwing the blame of his misfortune on himself, he accused chance and the gods, and everything rather than himself. Now he was one of those who came from heaven, and in a former life had dwelt in a well-ordered State, but his virtue was a matter of habit only, and he had no philosophy. And it was true of others who were similarly overtaken, that the greater number of them came from heaven and therefore they had never been schooled by trial, whereas the pilgrims who came from earth, having themselves suffered and seen others suffer, were not in a hurry to choose. And owing to this inexperience of theirs, and also because the lot was a chance, many of the souls exchanged a good destiny for an evil or an evil for a good. For if a man had always on his arrival in this world dedicated himself from the first to sound philosophy, and had been moderately fortunate in the number of the lot, he might, as the messenger reported, be happy here, and also his journey to another life and return to this, instead of being rough and underground, would be smooth and heavenly. Most curious, he said, was the spectacle --sad and laughable and strange; for the choice of the souls was in most cases based on their experience of a previous life. There he saw the soul which had once been Orpheus choosing the life of a swan out of enmity to the race of women, hating to be born of a woman because they had been his murderers; he beheld also the soul of Thamyras choosing the life of a nightingale; birds, on the other hand, like the swan and other musicians, wanting to be men. The soul which obtained the twentieth lot chose the life of a lion, and this was the soul of Ajax the son of Telamon, who would not be a man, remembering the injustice which was done him the judgment about the arms. The next was Agamemnon, who took the life of an eagle, because, like Ajax, he hated human nature by reason of his sufferings. About the middle came the lot of Atalanta; she, seeing the great fame of an athlete, was unable to resist the temptation: and after her there followed the soul of Epeus the son of Panopeus passing into the nature of a woman cunning in the arts; and far away among the last who chose, the soul of the jester Thersites was putting on the form of a monkey. There came also the soul of Odysseus having yet to make a choice, and his lot happened to be the last of them all. Now the recollection of former tolls had disenchanted him of ambition, and he went about for a considerable time in search of the life of a private man who had no cares; he had some difficulty in finding this, which was lying about and had been neglected by everybody else; and when he saw it, he said that he would have done the had his lot been first instead of last, and that he was delighted to have it. And not only did men pass into animals, but I must also mention that there were animals tame and wild who changed into one another and into corresponding human natures --the good into the gentle and the evil into the savage, in all sorts of combinations. All the souls had now chosen their lives, and they went in the order of their choice to Lachesis, who sent with them the genius whom they had severally chosen, to be the guardian of their lives and the fulfiller of the choice: this genius led the souls first to Clotho, and drew them within the revolution of the spindle impelled by her hand, thus ratifying the destiny of each; and then, when they were fastened to this, carried them to Atropos, who spun the threads and made them irreversible, whence without turning round they passed beneath the throne of Necessity; and when they had all passed, they marched on in a scorching heat to the plain of Forgetfulness, which was a barren waste destitute of trees and verdure; and then towards evening they encamped by the river of Unmindfulness, whose water no vessel can hold; of this they were all obliged to drink a certain quantity, and those who were not saved by wisdom drank more than was necessary; and each one as he drank forgot all things. Now after they had gone to rest, about the middle of the night there was a thunderstorm and earthquake, and then in an instant they were driven upwards in all manner of ways to their birth, like stars shooting. He himself was hindered from drinking the water. But in what manner or by what means he returned to the body he could not say; only, in the morning, awaking suddenly, he found himself lying on the pyre. And thus, Glaucon, the tale has been saved and has not perished, and will save us if we are obedient to the word spoken; and we shall pass safely over the river of Forgetfulness and our soul will not be defiled. Wherefore my counsel is that we hold fast ever to the heavenly way and follow after justice and virtue always, considering that the soul is immortal and able to endure every sort of good and every sort of evil. Thus shall we live dear to one another and to the gods, both while remaining here and when, like conquerors in the games who go round to gather gifts, we receive our reward. And it shall be well with us both in this life and in the pilgrimage of a thousand years which we have been describing.
  4. What do I do?

    Sure, No there are no photos cuz apparently it can effect cameras. Yes it's still showing up. After we looked at each other I threatened it with my blade but it didn't bat an eye. It was only until it approached me that it stopped and ran away at stupid fast speeds. I'm guessing it was because I had an iron bracelt as it was the only visible I had on but who knows what made it run. In total the from the moment it turned to look at me and it running away it was probably about 5 seconds. Does this answer your questions?
  5. If Jesus was a god his death wasn't a sacrifi

    I didn't get a hold of that one before it was recalled and the cut down version was put out. Elric and company were taken out due to copyright, I think. Still, some killer gods in that pantheon. Arioch....
  6. What do I do?

    I've asked her all the standard things. Did you play with ouija board at all? Ect but no. She hasn't done anything. Unless this thing is a forest guardian somehow and is targeting her cuz she hunts (rabbits) every now and then.
  7. What do I do?

    I can show you the area but I didn't take a picture of the setup. My friend lives in the red circle. Obviously not saying addresses.
  8. Pelosi Picks on newly elected women of color

    Oh, see, F3SS,, you got it all wrong! I know the *real* reason why Trump singled out those communists wonderful congresswomen... pssst… they have black skin!!
  9. Pelosi Picks on newly elected women of color

    Not good for Pelosi to say Trump is trying to make America white again, either - especially when she's trying to make congress white again
  10. it made sense to me, i dont consider myself a slam the door hard core skeptic but im not a blind true believer either, i just seldom believe a story with zero proof. who sets the benchmark? i set mine and likely you set yours and others set theirs, mines fairly easy, if you say bigfoot is real at this point i need a specimen, i perfer alive if dead not murdered, or enough of a body so it can be tested and isnt like when dolts tried to pass a bear paw off as a bigfoot hand. aliens, again i need one here, be it et, paul or klaatu, etc. ghosts, well again while a bit more tricky i need to see it, and have it testable. other stuff like phychics, conjurers, people boosting of magic and special powers etc etc after 40 plus years of saying prove it and only getting excuses and ad hominem attacks i let that speak for itself. for me proof could one day come, i will wait.
  11. Today
  12. What do I do?

    Gosh, Hunter of Strange Things didn't answer my question.. I'll try again - Please post a picture of the area with your camera setup.
  13. Gosh I hope I explain my thoughts on this properly....warning! It could sound crazy! The thing that always bothers me is, who says one person is a leading expert on what is truth and gospel so to speak, with regards to what people put forward as evidence, when the skeptical side sees themselves as leading experts in debunking whatever evidence was originally put forward. What makes either side of these so-called EXPERTS in UFO evidence the correct side? Plus this goes for paranormal too (eg. ghost pics etc). More importantly, how and who sets the original benchmark and decides what is actual authentic evidence? There will always be the crowd of believers vs the skeptics. I guess it's just comes down to personal belief. I know some people are absolute believers and others are downright skeptics and never the twain shall meet in the middle. I'm more on the fence, as I'd like to believe, but I try to work through it logically/scientifically first before deciding. Please tell me if that doesn't make sense. I feel like I ended up rambling incoherently there, my bad.
  14. right back to trolling eh?
  15. im not calling anyone out but please do post a video of Patricia patterson greeting a crew in her home and providing the original film to be scanned, that i do want to see.
  16. One nut took up arms and attacked not “citizens” one mentally unbalanced person who is also a citizen. Do you work for the NY Times by chance?
  17. Except that in a clockwork universe (where prophecy of something 2,000 years in the future is exactly true) the gods are as programmed as the rest of us. It's like a film; the end is always predestined and every actor, no matter how tiny their part, simply acts to bring about the end of the film. In a universe where a far distant prophecy is true, the gods love is what they were programmed to love -- which is not consistent from culture to culture. So in your universe, your exhortation to be godlike is simply a script in a movie. It's far more shallow than The Cave. On the other hand, IF there is no such thing as accurate "prophecy at a distance" (to borrow a term) then anything goes. People can change, fates can change, and the distant future is unknowable, even to deities. There is no such thing as a "blend" ... the minute you have a free agent acting, they can change the fate of a programmed unit... and that will throw everything off.
  18. This thread is a waste of brain cell storage.
  19. I think it may have been MK Davis. I just searched for it and didn’t see anything on the first couple of pages. A year or so ago it was one of the very first that came up. As I recall it was around 27 minutes or so. Basically it was a documentary about the creation of the stabilized version. The cameras went with the guy as he went to the home of the lady that owned the original with his equipment and scanned each frame of film. So that first stabilized version is not going to be too degraded.
  20. the problem is (with Fermi) that there are about a trillion planets in the galaxy and we have yet to explore them. And then there are a trillion more galaxies. so.... where are these evidences supposed to come from??
  21. Seriously, where, when, and how was this claim made? Where is the evidence?
  22. My first New Earther!

    It isn't difficult to see why offence is taken, because it is a annoying reminder of their own doubts, whoever can carry the numbers in a democracy, wins, laws are not made by religious decree, in most places.
  23. Ha! You've been reading Euthyphro? The kat's claws are getting sharper and cutting deeper. It would be far, much further than far, more productive if we had more astute listeners. Oh well! One must do with what God has given us. And God has been a cheapskate with me. The gods love what is like themselves. Therefore all of us must strive to be godlike, as much as is humanly possible. And that means you too. God forgive me for boring you.
  24. It's amazing huh? The house and senate intel committees get reviews every day by many agencies. Usually, the public is never told who specifically is in meeting with committee members, but here... we are told WHO updated the committees (US Military) and what the update was about (UFO's) Let me think... ya think they might be *deliberately* feeding the information to the public? maybe...?
  25. As a nascent technological species we are in a precarious and vulnerable position at our present stage of development. There may be an altogether unpleasant explanation for the Fermi Paradox. Being small and inconspicuous may not be such a bad thing.
  26. So you are saying that if the video says "reenactment" it's all BS, right? Damm! It sure looked so real to me. Amazing software. I would highly suspect that if the slew of skeptic blogs out there have not uncovered this fakery then I'm betting it ain't fake. But that's just me. he never said it was alien. and thanks for the ride lol
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