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  2. Farmer77

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    St. Thomas has very few options for high end office space, or office space at all really, so its not a surprise that the two are in the same building.
  3. pixiii

    Trump wants to bomb America

    @susieice and I have been brainwashing him in the Epstein thread
  4. Habitat

    Spiritual or science

    Only in the fantasyland you inhabit, do these speculations, and that is all they are, enjoy acceptance as established science. They aren't even theories. Don't embarrass yourself further.
  5. pixiii

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    Wow, there are so many coincidences in this Epstein case. Just found this info on a lady called Stacey E Plaskett. who is a Democratic Congresswoman. She has a suite in the same shopping centre as the address that's managing Zorro Ranch. I wonder if she manages Cypress. Small world huh? She received donations from Epstein and decided that it's unlikely that she'd return them.....https://www.cnbc.com/2019/07/08/congresswoman-to-keep-contribution-from-accused-child-molester-epstein.html But then, the next day she decided that she would donate them..... https://www.cnbc.com/2019/07/09/democratic-congresswoman-will-return-jeffrey-epstein-donation.html Decisions, decisions.....
  6. psyche101

    Spiritual or science

    If it was nonsense it would not be coming from world leading institutions with the backing of the world's best minds. And you would be able to rebut the argument. Quite plainly all can see that you cannot. You are all talk with nothing worth hearing. The arguments that you fear are still there waiting for you to show any error. You continually fail to do so and seen to think being a loudmouth and a belligerent ass will flood that fact away. It won't. The physics is sound and your great morse code office in the sky stories are still total idiocy.
  7. the13bats

    Washed ashore

    Whats cool the lady finder nailed it right off, its like the Montauk monster, a proven raccoon, given a Vikings sea burial but to this day some believe other known or unknown creatures, and on MQ some dr at plum island said it was defiantly a pug dog, boy did he drop the ball.
  8. Habitat

    Spiritual or science

    That would be you, I'm afraid, especially with fictitious claims of science having ruled certain propositions out, which can only be described as the veriest nonsense.
  9. Saru

    Delete statuses

    Members do have permission to delete their own status updates, however it seems there is a bug preventing the option from working. To get around this, I've replaced it with "hide" which essentially does the same thing.
  10. the13bats

    Encounter: Alone in the Woods

    IMHO Finding Bigfoot was unadulterated claptrap produced for reasons of profit, attention and entertainment, they could have been looking for flying purple unicorns but not as many would have watched it "bigfoot" was selected because its the grand poobah of land based mythological chronological creatures that has a large following of dear true believers, if any actual research or science happed in FB it was purely by accident, with most of the cast looking more suited to grabbing a second tub of onion dip from the fridge than hiking through brush and roughing it, ( enter bling Hummer, huh, Piney ) The show wasnt about a living craater but rather a construct, a way to profit from the phenomenon or "experience" as you put it. Of course you feel that way you are a blind faith dear true believer, ( like your support of the alien mummys being real shows how you blindly believe) its okay for you, not my path. There is nothing eager about it to me, just logical pondering, the phenomenon of BF is just that a phenomenon its not proven and evidence is weak, too many people are biased, they want it to be bigfoot so they see bigfoot, and when a person is out there in the night woods, creatures scurrying, leaves crunching , sounds and shadows, its like watching a suspense thriller, it sets you up but your not safe in your home you bet the mind can and does play tricks, i saw a big dark shadow, i dont know what it was, it has to be otherwordly, that is fantasy based thinking. Sure, we have had 100s, 1000s of years of unproven stories of wild hairy man beasts out there, we also have stories of santa clause and easter bunnies, mythology and folklore can be very rich, after all that time of these stories of bf still zero proof and rather weak evidence, No matter how much a true believer wants it to be, insists it is to them, "stories" are nothing more than stories, they are not evidence and not proof. "films" ? really? which one the ridiculously laughable work of Ivan Marx or the work of charlatan Patterson? or one of the countless blobsquatch videos hailed by their creators as smoking gun proof, ( only to them and bftbs ). Sorry, we have zero as far as photographic evidence of bigfoot, but if i missed the pic you believe proves once and for all, closes the case bf is a living creature by all means post it. We have great pictures even video of all kinds of of ultra rare creatures, not blurry out of focus tripe but imagines that anyone can see right off is a creature, and yet after all the years, all the people hunting not one good picture of bf, it doesnt make sense its not plausible. Footprints, sounds very good and convincing at first, problem is a print isnt evidence like a bone, hair, scat, we have to assume and speculate what left the print and its been proven to me many times even the biggest of the chest pounding self proclaimed experts have been dead wrong, fooled by misidentification or hoaxes, the bigfoot-prints man himself krantz was fooled many times, both by morphed tracks of known animals and even his students, fact is most of us could go dig a fake print in our yard with a soup spoon take pix and casts and it would fool many experts, how would they disprove it? Chilcutt, blew his horn how he is a fingerprint expert, both in humans and primates, i saw him in a documentary waxing how he had to clue in meldrum what dermal ridges were and how they proved the creature was real, he staked his reputation on it, that bf is real when looked at by his expert eye, how can one be an expert on a creature unproven by science, there are no experts on an alleged creature that no one has studied first hand. I read on another forum where he said john green told him he saw ridges before making a cast that again according to him had ridge proof, then green denied saying he saw any ridges, hum, then again, an artical was posted that john green for decades allowed known to him hoax prints to be used in books and documentaries as real, some say because he so wanted bf to be real yet lacked any evidence. Then an artist steps up and fools chilcutt with faked dermal ridges, made from the casting process itself, in a couple others chilcutt mistook brush marks for actual ridges, my point? even ego driven "experts" can be mistaken or wrong, I saw a weird footprint so it must be bf, no thats just speculation it isnt logical or scientific, you cant reach a conclusion from "i dont know?" true believers refuse to except this simple fact. Footprints are evidence but very weak because we do not have a foot to fit any print, we have to accept hoaxes and morphed real creature prints, but until we have the foot that made the print, a print isnt evidence. Each day that passes the evidence, rather lack there of points away from bf being a flesh and blood living creature and just more folklore.
  11. Sir Smoke aLot

    Iran surprise visit to G7

    There should be no alternative to diplomacy which is based on mutual understanding and respect. If JCPOA was made on the basis of mistrust it might be good time to make something based on trust. US should be more careful with their agreements with other nations because one administration should not be larger than national politics, such conduct has serious implications for the future of making deals. Hopefully something good will be achieved, and praise has to be given to France, Germany and other signatories of JCPOA but Iran is hard on it's stance that there are mechanisms under JCPOA so i would not be surprised if Iran rejects different approach - but i do hope that they won't.
  12. Just treat it like a new story and try to separate it from the books. That's always the best way to enjoy an adaption. If you're forever comparing a TV show to a book, it'll very rarely (almost never) live up to the original.
  13. ExpandMyMind

    Trump wants to bomb America

    Who are you and what have you done with Tiggs?
  14. pixiii

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    Looking way back to 1986 this old newspaper clipping front page news of Ghislaine Maxwell and Robert Maxwell vs an MP in a Blackmail plot to do with spanking and underage sexual acts. I don't think Ghislaine is a stranger to any of this behaviour actually. https://caucus99percent.com/content/epstein-procurer-ghislaine-maxwells-1986-frontpage-political-sex-scandal
  15. Manwon Lender

    Trump wants to bomb America

    Yes your correct if it is a clear day. However, the water in a hurricane would become contaminated. I never mentioned fallout, I said it would cause airborne contamination there is a big difference between the two. Plus since it has never been done there is no designated height to detonate the devise. You see a detonation doesn't have to explode on the ground to be called a ground burst detonation. The devise can detonate in the air and still be a ground burst detonation, if the fireball from the blast touches the ground or in this case the ocean it becomes a ground burst detonation. What do you think happens to water exposed to that much heat, well it will vaporize into its basic components Hydrogen and Oxygen. Those components would thus become radioactive, it is called enhanced radiation and they would travel due to the trade wides. That's what I meant about environmental contamination, I hope this helps you understand my comments I should have been more clear, however, most people I discuss this with already understand the basics.
  16. Sir Smoke aLot

    Methods to wake up during distressing dreams.

    Good luck with that. Over the years i have learned to be calm after waking up from very stressful dreams. Often was i saying how i hate dreams but one gets used to all sorts of craziness. Sometimes, when i relive some great moments in my dreams, well, that disturbs me more than having crazy horror like dream (which is often unfortunately). All considered i think it is better to sleep it over without waking up because brain is resting even if having crazy dream. And i can not sleep again after i wake up, even if i slept only for like few hours. It's interesting to hear about those techniques like changing dream or waking up, reminds me of childhood dreams.
  17. hetrodoxly

    UK PM branded a "known liar" by TV News Boss

    I see Boris never had time to speak to C4 at the G7
  18. pixiii

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    LOL I just found this oldie but goodie from the biggest gossip rag around.....The National Enquirer https://www.nationalenquirer.com/celebrity/world-exclusive-prince-andrew-sex-slave-caught-video/ To think this was in the news back in 2015....And he had the audacity to say last week: I did not suspect Epstein's behaviour
  19. Dumbledore the Awesome

    Trial runs for fascism are in full flow

    yes, but how does it affect non-LGBTQ etc persons personally? Why are conservatives always so worked up into a fury about this (any issue related to LGBTQWERTYUIOP etc however much you want to add to it) issues in particular? I mean, why should it affect your personal reality?
  20. I used to have very frightening nightmares as a kid that seemed to go on forever.I learnt to run head first into a brick wall in my dreams and would wake up instantly.After I'd leant to do this I felt more in control in my real kid life.
  21. Helen of Annoy

    {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    grate with light courses particles of hardened fear meant to sink in ground
  22. Helen of Annoy

    Answer a Question With A Question (Part 4)

    Would it be too much if I'd ask, just to give my brain a break, for something from Amon Amarth?
  23. openozy

    A visit from beyond

    A terrible thing to happen to the girl and a parents worst nightmare.Revenge would be on my mind too but I'm pretty sure all negative things are left behind when we pass and we become a state of pure love.The ones left here feel the hate and anger and are tormented but we will reunite one day and this will all be insignificant.
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