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  2. Decapitated wasp grabs its head & flies away

    I was just thinking the same. I'd like to bet that off camera it was bumping into walls and all sorts of other obstacles. Unless it remembered it's exact path back to where it came from. It can't have survived for much longer.
  3. How do you know? Are you personally aquainted with the guy? That's a whole lotta assumption going on.
  4. Argentinosaurus

    That's incredible and what a sight that must have been. Here's another one of those scale examples...
  5. Decapitated wasp grabs its head & flies away

    How does it know where it is flying off to? See insects have these senses us humans do not...the added advantage that they can fly and still manage to 'think' without their head. It must have thought " where the blooming heck has that gone" ? I know a few humans that even with their heads attached, still can not think as well as that insect.
  6. I think your whole premise is skewed. Right now, with all these college kids who have no idea what free speech is or what other people's rights are, is a perfect time to talk about it. I don't think anyone has high-jacked talking about free speech, that seems very biased on your part. In fact this professor said that this free speech lecture was well received at other colleges where he's given it. Are there some idiots out there who spout "free speech" to excuse their hate, sure, but I think it's overboard to think it goes further than a few yobos in a group of yobos.
  7. The true horror of Heol Fanog

    Was it actually worse than "The Last Jedi"? Then like George and Kathy Lutz, they realized they couldn't make payment......
  8. Democratic Party files lawsuit

    Not proven because no one was allowed to check the computers. You can't just throw BS out there as facts all the time and not expect to be called on it. I've seen no evidence from any side that says anything a Russian did affected the election, in fact both sides have clearly stated that none of what was done changed a thing.
  9. Russia probes kick into high gear

    Yet another ad hominem attack. This time directed towards everyone who disagrees with him.
  10. This is the incredible moment a decapitated wasp manages to locate its missing head and fly off with it between its legs. In the clip the insect can be seen scrambling around as its front legs reach for his head which is lay nearby. The frantic flying creature flaps its wings and legs as it feels for his missing head which he quickly finds. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5639453/Incredible-moment-decapitated-wasp-flies-missing-head.html?ito=video_player_click#video
  11. Spreckel Mansion Death/Suicide

    Thurs at 9 on AMC. The shows are 2 hrs long. Directly after is a show called Grace vs Abrams where Dan Abrams and Nancy Grace debate their positions about the case that was just on Marcia Clarks show, complete with live audience and guests. So far both shows have been interesting though Nancy Grace does grate on the nerves a bit.
  12. Democratic Party files lawsuit

    I find that a bit insulting that Americans needed help to post things about Hilary’s character. I never had problems and millions of others never had a problem sharing what they thought of Hilary. But also, weren’t the Russians posting things about Trump too? It may have appeared that the Russians were helping Trump but that is probably because Hilary had more baggage. The real purpose behind the Russian activity is to reduce the turnout. If you are a democracy, you need as close to 100% turnout. We’ve been averaging a bit more than 50% since Nixon. You can see the drop as voter rights had changed. But if you get less than half in turnout for any length of time and you stop having a democracy. I’m sure that the Progressives are more concerned to see that happen than about Hilary losing. People that don’t have skin in the game usually don’t vote unless they are exploited and then when then do vote are ignored again. If we are getting only about 50% turnout, it’s time to change the rules. Only allow those that have skin in the game the right to vote. Those would be the people that pay taxes. Since almost 50% don’t pay taxes, I’ll bet that the majority of those are also those that don’t vote. Turnout solved. And those that vote won’t be so swayed by a tweeting campaign from the Russians because they will be more “up” on the issues.
  13. Alex Jones concedes Sandy Hook not a hoax

    This thread went about as well as expected. Closed.
  14. When Heart Speaks to Heart

    In Sinu Jesu (When Heart Speaks to Heart) Angelico Press In Christianity, the central core is the revelation that ‘The Infinite’, the ‘Wholly Other’; ‘That which cannot be named’; is revealed to us as a deeply personal loving God, In Jesus Christ. Many prefer Deism, an impersonal force who made the Universe, then left it alone. A relationship does not enter into the equation, nor any concept of love, obedience and humble service to the creator. Christians often forget the depth of God’s love as presented to us in Jesus Christ. He told his Apostles, and tells us today, “That to see me, is to see the Father”. It is a hard reality to grasp. It is for me. All the years as a monk I have struggled with this central mystery of Christ Jesus’s revelation of the Father’s love for each of us. It is because my heart is protected. I fear the pain that love brings, yet I seek to dive more deeply into it. So there is an inner contradiction that I experience that can only be healed by the grace of the Father’s burning love. There is a standing invitation to allow ourselves to be drawn into the eternal dance of the ‘Holy Trinity’, which will never be withdrawn from God’s side. The paradox to this is that in order to fully allow God’s love to embrace me, I have to grow in the understanding of my inner-self and the often not so beautiful aspect of that. I can be fearful, that leads to anger, which at bottom, anxiety is feeding it all. I am 69 years old and at this stage of my life, finally starting to open up and to trust in God love for me. It has taken many self-inflicted wounds, the experiencing of my own self-hatred, and alienation, that has slowly healed me. For in my darkest hour, when filled with my own misery and isolation, the light of God’s love has always broken through. I have accepted the fact that I am pursued by God, and that God will never let me go. Yet I am free and have had to make a choice to trust even when drowning in my own misery. For it is all lies, that I am beyond help, or healing, or mercy. We are all vessels of God’s love and each of us is called to allow Christ Jesus to incarnate in each of us. Our capacity to receive God’s love grows as we continue to grow in love and trust. When I pray I now feel my connection to every human being who are on their journey towards healing and deeper intimacy with God, for we are all one in Christ Jesus. In the book “In Sinu Jesu”, Jesus speaks to a Benedictine Monk of his love for each of us, and in a special way, for priest, and how that love is manifested in his abiding presence in the Holy Eucharist. As a Catholic, I can take the reality of Christ Jesus’s Eucharistic presence for granted. This book can open up anyone’s heart to the infinite depth of God’s love for each of us, without exception. Karl Rahner stated that ‘private revelations’, are given to the church at different points in time because it is needed. It is not a new revelation but stated in terms that can be understood by people in certain eras. Today, love has seemed to have grown cold, or colder. So we need to be reminded of the Fathers infinite love for each of us. On Tuesday, January 26th, 20 10 (pg. 139) Jesus relayed this message to the Benedictine monk: “Do you not see how much I have been calling you to trust in me? Trust is the key that opens all the treasures of My merciful and infinitely loving Heart. I am touched by a single act of trust in My merciful love more than by a multitude of good works. The soul who trusts in Me allows Me to work freely in her life. The soul who trust Me, by that very fact removes the obstacles of pride and self-determination that impede My freedom of action. There is nothing I will not do for the soul who abandons herself to me in a simple act of trust”. Either ‘fear’ or ‘trust’ is growing in the soul. The more we love, fear will lessen. The opposite is also true. The more we believe ‘fear’, then ‘trust’ will weaken. Fear is a form of self-absorption, trust is letting go of being overly concerned about one’s self and seeking to grow deeper in intimacy with the beloved. As Christian we are called to be lovers, to show forth Christ infinite love for all. When that is forgotten, then fear, and anxiety, and anger will come to the fore. That is how we protect ourselves from others, we place barriers. It is only by the healing of our inner defenses, which we receive through Jesus Christ, that we can let go of fear. It is not something we can do on our own, yet we can make a free choice to trust and in that God’s healing love will flow through us. There is nothing that can stop God loving us, yet we can choose to turn our backs on that reality. Each day is a new beginning. Each moment even. For no matter where we find ourselves, there is always a way out through the merciful love of Christ Jesus. We stop being victims and can step forward in hope and faith and love. –Br.MD
  15. Answer a Question With A Question (Part 4)

    Aaah ....... frowning ...... where would be without eyebrows?
  16. Russia probes kick into high gear

    I don't look to angry children for advice. I'm sure you think that is what you believe but you are fooling yourself.
  17. Trump: U.S., France and UK will strike Syria

    Really? Rejoice! Prophecy is coming to fruition, and the Zionist Ashkenazim - progeny of Ashkenaz, Gomer, not Shem.. aka Scythians - who branded themselves Jews, 'G*ds Chosen', are swiftly going to make a 180 degree turn and venerate Christ as G*d in the flesh like 'a true Christian..' (you know, G*d in the flesh, who got offered the world by Satan if He would only bow down to him.. and who of Himself could do nothing but by the Father's leave) falling into modern day Paulinist Christianity's fold.. Finally vindicating your avid, zealous, unwaverable support of the murderous political entity known as Rothschild Zionist Israel. Hallelujah! Right AT? Right!
  18. Today
  19. How old is the Sphinx ?

    You seem unable to understand the basics. Your claims of contradiction continue to illustrate your lack of understanding of the basics and your attempts at logical constructions are poor to bad. Nothing you stated follows from statements I made. That is called a non sequitur. You don't understand the processes being discussed and you can't follow statements in a rational or logical fashion. My next point is that you keep falling back on an older paper, you cherry pick results, and are inappropriately mixing material. This problem appears to be a fall out from the first two issues.
  20. It's merely the largest known animal.
  21. The word "icthyosaur" was coined by British palaeontolgist Sir Richard Owen in 1840, who went on to coin the word "dinosaur" in 1842. In 1811, in Lyme Regis, along what is now called the Jurassic Coast of Dorset, the first complete ichthyosaur skull was found by Joseph Anning, the brother of Mary Anning, who in 1812 while still a young girl, secured the torso of the same specimen. Their mother, Molly Anning, sold the combined piece to squire Henry Henley for £23. Henley lent the fossil to the London Museum of Natural History of William Bullock. When this museum was closed, the British Museum bought the fossil for a price of £47.5s; it still belongs to the collection of the now independent Natural History Museum and has the inventory number BMNH R.1158. It has been identified as a specimen of Temnodontosaurus platyodon. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ichthyosaur
  22. How old is the Sphinx ?

    I accept that you do not understand what Gauri was talking about. I am pointing out that you do not understand the basics.
  23. Endangered shark found in India fish market

    Its hard to put into words sometimes https://blog.nationalgeographic.org/2013/03/01/100-million-sharks-killed-every-year-study-shows-on-eve-of-international-conference-on-shark-protection/ but I suppose its a combination of people not being educated or just not caring about our wildlife. Its ironic that humans have an automatic responsibility as guardians of our planet and its inhabitants and at the same time are its worst offenders
  24. How old is the Sphinx ?

    Just stick to one word I used and avoid everything else. I clearly posted above why I used the word chemical.
  25. What about knowledge and ignorance, skepticism, naivety, superstition and pseudoskepticism, for example? I am not sure that you can categorise the states of mind in these 3 parts only.
  26. How old is the Sphinx ?

    You are totally contradicting, preferential weathering is one of the reason to believe why rainfall created the weathering pattern in the upper strata. You are contradicting. With that logic norther wall should have more fissures than southern.
  27. Argentinosaurus is one of the massive dinosaurs to walk the Earth. It measured 100 to 115 feet long or more and weighed as much as 15 African elephants, about 75 - 100 tonnes. It is among the largest dinosaurs along with Puertasaurus and Alamosaurus. Fossils have been found in Argentina, South America.
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