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  2. I was a member of the now defunct TAPs forum and have “followed” his story from the beginning (the beginning of his online postings) and I’ve never seen that report.
  3. You hope she wins and doesn't have to pay anything? That seems silly.
  4. acute

    Over 600 days since the referendum, the EU Brexit negotiators are still waiting for "written, concrete proposals" from the British government.


  5. Exactly why was legendary astronomer Galileo Galilei convicted of heresy ?
  6. There's one planned for London, too.
  7. I'm talking about the Australian monarchy, not the British one. At some point in the future they might get the Australian King or Queen to be Head of the Commonwealth, or a New Zealand politician or a Ugandan entrepreneur. We don't know.
  8. She's stubborn like her mum. She won't do it when I'm in the car with her (not often) but I know she still does it because my wife's caught her. She's early twenties with the maturity of a teenager. ****s me, you wouldn't believe.
  9. It is believed that plants first arose on land 100 million years earlier than previous studies had suggested.
  10. Amazing you put this up without links or creditable people to back up your claims dare you say such things..Coming from a race of convicts whom countrymen had all intention of eraditcating all trace of aborigine people for the sake of a penal colony... You know nothing of our people or our history...Shame on you peasent... Convict blood is your history..Wana say our history is tainted by all means.. If I didnt see a response from a fellow poster this would have slipped past me as I show very little respect to anything you say ...You tread on my people you tread on me an you are well aware of this no doubt.I know this comes with risks but you say insulting things about my whenua or my tipuna you got a fight on your hands ... Dont ever desrespect my people peasent. You got it...You offended me an my people first an id call that provocation so you get what you deserve ...Watch what you say Convict blood...Then you wont get this response..
  11. How Brexit can help us tackle disadvantage. The easy availability of cheap, hard-working and skilled workers from across the European Union has allowed UK policymakers and employers to neglect the weakness of vocational education, at all levels. The Government’s approach – apprenticeships, ‘participation’, lifelong learning, BTECs – is lacklustre and incoherent. As long as free movement exists there is little incentive to build a national consensus to take inequality of opportunity seriously, and in addressing it simultaneously tackle our slow pace of automation, which is inhibiting both innovation and productivity. Brexit is our opportunity to do all of this.
  12. I believe the approach would be more like what I wrote in my previous post: This is how I would see it unfold instead. These soldiers would be so confused by it all that their first reaction would be to stick to their duties. If someone approached them with weapons they would fire back because they would have no idea what's going on and their first reaction would be to defend themselves and their position. Now to the Commanders. If there was a coup this is where it would happen. If the Generals decided to overturn the Govt it would happen without the need for civilian intervention, success or failure. If they decided to stick with the Govt they would order soldiers to do their jobs. Soldiers would use tear gas, rubber bullets, water hoses and stun guns initially to scatter all rioters and subversives. If someone fired on them, they would respond with fire and my guess is you would see most armchair heroes running in the opposite direction at the speed of light at this point. If rioters got more violent the Govt would try initial diplomacy and if that didn't work they would suppress anything that moved through a curfew and lock down. At this point the military would bring in the heavy weapons just to make a point and anyone that attempted to approach or conduct subversive actions against a military position would get blown away. We're living in civilised countries in the 21st century. Sure, massacres of civilians do happen still in our century but in 3rd world dictatorships, banana republics and the likes. Do you think the USA is in danger of becoming one anytime soon?
  13. But can you prove any of this happened and it wasn't your doing? Where is your witnesses? Why isn't your friends here backing you up except papageorge who isn't physically there? Your story has more holes than a paint strainer and your answers get more and more delayed and angrier.
  14. Today
  15. Hope all have a good day and see you all when we’re online
  16. Then he's not a time traveller. It also sounds like you don't know what causality is.
  17. You do know the Kurds arnt fighting for Syria? They are getting rid of terrorists and even Syrian and Turkish influence in the region to make a Kurdish state?
  18. Wow, I made a mess with these quotes. My answers are the bolded ones for who's interested.
  19. It's not reality glitching. It's cognitive functions that glitch. Some people live their lives on auto pilot, barely conscious of anything around them. Difficulty walking, blurred vision, slurred speech, slowed reaction times, impaired memory: Clearly, alcohol affects the brain. Some of these impairments are detectable after only one or two drinks and quickly resolve when drinking stops. On the other hand, a person who drinks heavily over a long period of time may have brain deficits that persist well after he or she achieves sobriety.
  20. XenoFish

    In the mouth of madness
    Down in the darkness
    No more tomorrow
    Down in the hollow

    I'm demon speeding

  21. acute

    The Word of the Day is... Elfdalian.

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    2. Piney


      But it can't be part of a chain. So what does it link?

    3. acute


      17 minutes ago, Piney said:

      But it can't be part of a chain. So what does it link?

      If you are interested in chains, click on this link.

    4. Piney


      Don't do that to someone with autism. If I wasn't needed in the woods today I would be distracted for hours.:wacko:

  22. I am just going to say. If a person has taken the time to take photos with his girlfriend, car or gun. It is because he is proud of the way they look. And what they say about him.
  23. Icelandic musician Björk's surname is Guðmundsdóttir.
  24. Point 1: innocent children where killed again by an active shooter and this post offers no discussion on improving thier safety. Point2: the argument made that the American people need to defend themselves in case thier Government rises up against them is refutable in the fact that thier government is far more heavilly armed right now, than they are, and has not done it to date. I mean an armoured tank or two can bring down armed insurgents in the streets pretty easily. Tiananman square comes to mind.
  25. People need armies, warlords need armies, why would god need an army? It works well in fiction, but make no sense in reality. Unless they are nothing more that carriers of a memetic virus. Then they're not solders, just zombies.
  26. You know what .. You know Nada,nothing, zero.. I ain't racist dude. Your perception and labels are so off the mark, but hey thats you right.. All the way .. The white man did come.. Historical Facts huh.. You love your facts.. There it is.. Natives sent everything extinct.. that in a book aye, taught in school .. Pfft, you know Nothing.. Aborigines too, before or after their Massacre and Murder of people aye, ..? My people are Smart.. That Treaty you speak of, has had to be forced for it to be upheld.... It wasnt easy either .. But it is being sorted. . And, your so closed minded.. Your Input on what you think my history is, is what you learned from your Data, and thats all **** too.. Eh, you and your provoking better lay up man.. With your Knowledge of the Nothing you know .. Your a bit of a Know it all of Science and that is so BS, most of it is anyway .. And you the Preacher .. Get a pulpit, you'd do good with your blah blah blah blah... Yeah ... Mo.xx
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