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  2. While humans will soon be spring cleaning, moose clean house in the winter by getting rid of their antlers. We found out quite a lot about the process when Gaia Restrepo asked: “Why do moose shed their antlers every year?”
  3. Join scenes in PGF. "Patty" was shot not at once. Traces of editing in PGF At 18 sec (low speed)
  4. acute

    It's snowing! Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..... (That's me falling down a slope)

  5. Coming from me (skeptic, and obviously so to anyone that reads my posts) this is rare. I just saw this topis header. Yesterday, my co-workers cubicle other side of me. We have 3 people sharing an office....2 of them were at that cubicle, and described exactly what you say.(like a flash from an Iphone when it wrings on silent) They are both skeptics also, and none of us could find a source. It happened just to the right of his keyboard, they both saw it. I went over there to late. No idea what it was, but not a ghost.
  6. One of my sons are soon going to Australia to study psychology. I want to give him a gift for the courage he display by travel to the other side of the planet to gain knowledge of an academic subject and following his dreams. Its not about psychology but i have just started to scratch the surface of string-theory, for me this has been an epiphany... I feel like the ancient wisdom of Pythagoras "The Music of the Spheres" now 2500 years later manifested in the m-theory, is something that i really would love to pass on to all my children. (young adults) Has anyone here on UM been reading any of these books by Brian Greene? I was wondering about which one to give him and maby pique his interest. So if someone could point out maby the most entertaining book to start with, i would be grateful. Im going to buy and read them all but i dont got the time before my son is leaving. Brian Greene 1999 The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory. 2004 The Fabric of the Cosmos: Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality is the second book on theoretical physics, cosmology, and string theory 2011 The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos is a book which explores the concept of the multiverse and the possibility of parallel universes. --- I have seen the 3x1hours videos of The Elegant Universe and i really enjoyed that serie but i guess the book dive a little deeper in the matter, and maby the book from 2004 are more updated? Thanks for any answer/reply.!
  7. yes I agree - I should have been more specific in drawing boundaries - there are both individual reasons and whole continents where what I said doesn't apply.
  8. Yes. Once cavemen had launched the first satellite they began geo-tagging mammoths which, obviously, led to their eventual extinction. Once the mammoths were gone the cavemen no longer had a ready source of animal blubber with which to power their computers. The stock market crashed and the price of sabertooth tiger skins went through the roof. Combined with a particularly harsh winter this let to a dramatic population decline in which the ancient knowledge also perished. Fortunately for mankind a spaceship arrived and built some pyramids. The cavemen sheltered from the incoming solar storm behind these massive alien structures and so some of their personal communicator devices survived: The cavemen then fought the great battle against the Atlantean lizard men and in victory buried the remaining devices behind the ear of the sphinx whilst they waited for the return of the overlords. Meanwhile in Baghdad the natives had created the worlds first battery which they used to power their smart cloths. All the proof you need can be found in the alignment of the stars.
  9. My real name, and things I say.
  10. A company can issue all the reimbursements they want on an employees check but they’ll need receipts or proof to back it up. Otherwise companies everywhere would be paying employees through reimbursement.
  11. No, there is a contract not allowing that. Now, if they did find something significant (they wont), as soon as they could end the contract, they would. It would become a documentary, and they would not need the $$$ anymore. The publicity alone would be enough.
  12. And Mary O'Lanza?
  13. Flat Earth proponents might care to explain why high and low pressure systems rotate in opposite directions either side of the equator. There's a logical reason that the equator is significant for weather on a spherical Earth. But on a flat earth the equator is just an arbitrary circle that's larger than some and smaller than others, with no reason for it to affect weather systems.
  14. Misread that last part while speed reading the page. My mistake.
  15. I don't vote. Have not since Ross Perot. Never vote for the lesser of 2 evils. Not to mention, corrupt Government. With that being said, I am non bios, and it is obvious the Democrats shut down the Government. Does it matter? Who does this ****? We need a revolution.
  16. Yes I saw that as well. They are a repulsive pair. Again, thank god those children are now safe and out of their parents evil and vile clutches. The whole thing has not only been extremely sad for these helpless kids....but absolutely mind boggling with some of the horrific things that they had to endure and suffer with for such a very, very long time.
  17. XenoFish

    I can not remember the last time if felt 'happiness' or 'joy'. 

  18. I read the story about the father a couple days ago. Nobody is gleeful about that and it is a sad situation but at some point our immigration laws must be acted on. It has to begin at some point. If we let emotion get in the way we’ll just fold over. I know this guy didn’t come here on his own accord but as he grew up he knew what his status was and he knew he should’ve been more proactive in becoming a legal citizen. I did the math based on his age and he has had since 1996, when he turned 18, to figure this out. That’s 22 years. Tearing his family apart is as much his fault as it is anyone else’s. He married this woman and he started a family with her knowing full well that this day may come. That’s not Trump’s fault. It’s his for not doing enough to remedy his situation. All Trump has done is order law enforcement to do what they’re supposed to do.
  19. Her name is Avgi, and the last time anyone saw her face was nearly 9,000 years ago. When she lived in Greece, at the end of the Mesolithic period around 7000 B.C., the region was transitioning from a society of hunter gatherers to one that began cultivating its own food. In English, Avgi translates to Dawn—a name archaeologists chose because she lived during what's considered the dawn of civilization. Little is known about how she lived and died, but now archaeologists can see the ancient woman's prominent cheekbones, heavy brow, and dimpled chin.
  20. If it is to be believed that God created the Heavens and the Earth, and all things, then I propose it is a sadist of the highest order. Let us first imagine that we are Gods and we wished to create a new life form and environment for it to live in. Our goal for this life form is for it to grow, evolve, learn and eventually become a part of our world once it has reached an appropriate level of development/understanding (join us in 'heaven'). So we start by creating a nursery (Earth) and all the things to support it (The universe). If we now wanted our creation to succeed we would nurture it, provide it sustenance and a protective environment in which to grow and evolve. Let us now look at what God actually did: 1. It made our environment particularly harsh, challenging and random. Natural disasters, disease and plague, viruses, other predatory species to name but a few. 2. It created many, many different lifeforms and then destroyed almost all of them by hurling meteors and invoking massive climate change. It did this sort of thing at least 5 times that we know of. A bit like starting a new game of Civilisation. 3. It (supposedly) provided many different scraps of information regarding our purpose here without ever leaving any actual clear instruction. It refuses to clear up this confusion even when we are killing ourselves in wars over it. This isn't even something man could sort out for himself. 4. It created a world where you are more likely to die as a child than an adult and if so probably in a horrific way - war, starvation, disease, failed childbirth etc. 5. It refuses to provide any ongoing support for modern issues - heck, even Microsoft has better support for it's old OS's. If God was benevolent and caring then I don't see the need for the above conditions to exist. If however God was cruel (or at least indifferent to our suffering) and running an experiment, one in which it did not care for its subject but rather only the outcome, then it might make more sense. If God didn't care then wars, plagues and all of the horrors on offer make much more sense - it wants life to be hard, to be a struggle, to end viciously for some and not for others. It would explain the lack of fairness, the lack of care for those too young to even understand a concept of God let alone work towards knowing it before they die. If you think God is a caring and loving God then what has lead you to this conclusion?
  21. Read again RAyMO's post, he's saying it is Trump's fault.
  22. I can prove these 3 statements aren't true before my morning coffee....
  23. Building work at Buckingham Palace has unearthed historical fragments including pieces of a newspaper published in 1889. Torn scraps of the 27 November 1889 edition of the Evening Standard were discovered beneath floorboards in the Palace, as well as three empty cigarette packets. While details of the Standard's stories are difficult to make out, the scraps appear to feature listings of the day's cultural events and, in one article, the observation that "boys will be boys". The artefacts were discovered during rewiring work to remove old, and potentially dangerous, electrical cabling from Buckingham palace.
  24. And the singer Billy O'Sean?
  25. acute


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