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  2. All the Plastic Shamanism distorting real Native beliefs. Many make us look primitive and backwards or make us look like we can cure anything and people get hurt.
  3. Where is Heaven? First star to the right, straight on till morning. cormac
  4. Good evening, Susie . What has made you believe Rebecca took her own life? I can't see how it could be anything else other than murder! My money is still on one or more of Adam, Nina and Joseph OR ..... some one who hasn't been suspected/named yet. What made me consider the possibility of a complete 'outsider' was something that Adam said. He said, after he saw Rebecca hanging and he dashed to the kitchen to get a knife to cut the rope with, 'The door was open'. If the door was open all night it would allow anyone to get in and murder Rebecca. Was the door left open when everyone was out during the evening, in which case somebody could have entered the house then ...... Nina could have got in later on. Random thoughts from looking through the many links recently supplied: I wonder if the police ever tried to find out where the red/orange rope came from? Was Jonah questioned about it? If anyone would know whether or not it had been on the property, he would, surely? Apparently Adam said he stayed around long enough to go to Max's funeral. When Adam phoned Jonah to tell him Rebecca was dead, he didn't tell him how she died which seems a little odd to me. If you were in Jonah's place, wouldn't the first thing you'd say be 'How? What happened?!' I was reading the autopsy report for Rebecca and it mentioned blood on her hands feet and thighs ...... I would like to know if it was all her blood or partly/all someone else's. The footprints on the balcony could have been made at any time ..... they certainly don't prove that Rebecca stood on the balcony and tipped herself over the railings(which I still believe is impossible to do). The footprints may have been made by someone else entirely. I would love to know what Jonah's daughters said when/if they were asked what they got up to during their stay at the mansion. Did they go in the balcony bedroom at all? Were they the ones who wrote and scribbled on the door? I find the current 'trial' infuriating, what with Adam and his 'I don't recall. I don't recall. I don't recall' and the fact that he knows he won't have to face justice whatever the findings. I wish it had been a much more open, farther reaching exercise, the aim of which was to find out the truth rather than focussing on one person.
  5. I don't know what the post # was, but I quoted at least most of it in my post # 1572 and what I'm talking about is that rather than state the facts and then offer your opinion, you editorialize. I'm not asking you to agree with me, I'm just telling you how the info- as I understand it to be- comes across to me. Yes, it doesn't sound like he'd ridden past the Medina's twice on the same day, yet we know he had to get to his mother's sometime before then and from somewhere. That's the info. as I know it; Rowlands said he was there the morn. of the 26th, and Todd said he'd seen a van parked down the street. I went over Buehler's testimony and didn't come across that particular dialogue, but no, info that Peterson's e-mail is what a neighborhood internet group would use wouldn't convince me that Laci used Peterson's e-mail account. Now on that day in particular, the reason I posted about the e-mail correspondence and also posted the e-mail was to show that it was Peterson who'd been back and forth with that guy, not Laci. Anyway... In 2nd redirect, Walls testified that he thought Laci's use of Peterson's e-mail account occurred when he was overseas and didn't recall any recent usage. I'm sure I'm correctly recalling his testimony that he didn't see any indication of her having used his e-mail account since she'd had her own, although I didn't come across it. I'll keep looking when I have the time.
  6. Well, it just goes to show you that
  7. The battle of Kohima appears to be part of a double action including Imphal and is known as the battle of Imphal-Kohima. I found this piece discussing the battles. - The two victories over the Japanese, which took place in the same region of north east India over the same period in 1944, were voted the winner of a contest run by the National Army Museum to identify “Britain’s Greatest Battle” Imphal and Kohima were really significant for a number of reasons, not least that they showed that the Japanese were not invincible and that that they could be beaten, and beaten well. The victories demonstrate this more than the US in the Pacific, where they were taking them on garrison by garrison.” The battles of Imphal and Kohima saw the British and Indian forces, under the overall command of Lieutenant-General William Slim, repel the Japanese invasion of India and helped turned the tide of the war in the Far East. The fight for Imphal went on longer than that for Kohima, lasting from March until July. Kohima was smaller in scale, and shorter, from April to June - but the fighting was so intense it has been described as the Stalingrad of the East. When on 18 April the relief forces of the British 2nd Division arrived, the defensive perimeter was reduced to a shell-shattered area only 350 metres square. The Japanese, who fought alongside some Indian nationalists, eventually lost 53,000 dead and missing in the battles. The British forces sustained 12,500 casualties at Imphal while the fighting at Kohima cost them another 4,000 casualties.
  8. You need to explain you inverse-square link (do it in the layman terms your grandma would understand). I want to see how clear you talk technical language with your students (I think that what you mentioned? you are a teacher correct?)
  9. analogy əˈnalədʒi/ noun a comparison between one thing and another, typically for the purpose of explanation or clarification. Yes it is. Yes new information has superseded the old, exactly how we learned thunder was not the sound of Thor's hammer as Zeus did not throw lightning bolts to make them appear. This is just more of the same. The current God ideals are redundant. This is where you show that you don't understand science. What are you attributing to fantasism or belief with regards to science Will? Peer review, repeatability upon demand and predictability. Its a huge difference to someone making a claim. The Bible has been proven as no literal record, the great flood didn't happen, Adam and eve were not created by a diety from dirt and rib bones, its literature, not historical record. No, it rationalises it and evidence shows the mind is the brain. Again, lobotomies, brain surgery and prediction of head trauma results prove this is the case, how do they not? And they all have the same basic structure, we are more alike than dissimilar. The attention schema theory describes the evolution of consciousness and we have actually recorded a memory being chemically stored. Thats pretty convincing hard evidence that the mind is the brain. Yes it is on your behalf. You don't seen to understand how peer review or testing works. Your posts illustrate this more than you obviously realise. Not really. It's the human condition and largely cultural aspects. Depending on where you are born is a strong indicator of ones faith. Many posters here have outright admitted science is too much effort for them to bother with so they adopt a religious world view as it is easy to comprehend. That's not a good reason to promote something as valid, it's an entirely personal view and has no bearing on the real world. The way some describe materialism it reminds me if a more cult like ideology.
  10. You're stuck with it, I know that it's beyond unrealistic to think that only the rulers came into Egypt. And yet it doesn't make the Hyksos descendants of the Semites, nor the Israelites the descendants of the Hyksos nor even the Habiru. You've stated or implied connections which are not completely true. cormac
  11. It is wrong because of two reasons. The limestone used in the GP had very high water content and the admittance/impedance of the limestone are the function of frequency. You can redo your calculations with those two addition or refer to this plot below (someone already did that for you). The plot shows the impedance of the Cairo limestone as a function of frequency and moisture. Please make sure you understand the plot. There are two values along the X and Y axes which show imaginary and real component of impedance. You can get absolute value by Sqrt(Re^2+Im^2). Also, note the direction for the increase in frequency (indicated by w and arrow). The plot is only for 10^7Hz. In 500Thz range the impedance will be marginal.
  12. Speaking from the ones I have been brought up in, new agers and Wiccans are compulsive about taking anything at all they see and like or want fro other traditions and cultures and twisting it into their own "tradition". Then their twisted versions get accessed by the anthro folks who learn about it in a wrong form and take that as truth and if they run into you as the real deal don't believe you. Hollywood did it first and the New Agers picked up where Hollywood left off. It is worse with the NA, for there is money to be made off sincere Whites hoping to connect through shaman training and sweat lodges with a sense of spirit. The NA I know are as angry over their trads being sold in bastardized forms as they are seeing sincere people being defrauded and lied to for money. Bottom line we are consumers today and there is a basic conflict between how we are and the time and commitment it takes to connect deeply with the more ancient tribal religions. So that leaves space for the frauds to sell their version of things that resemble the same deal but are not, re just stolen and superficial at best. Piney and I have spoken enough I feel sure he will agree with much of my response here. It is evil what these shysters do.
  13. I'm talking about science. Sorry if I took that turn a bit too fast for you. If Reinhart is claiming that past temperature increases are not supported by CO2 increases, then he has to have done a regression to establish that. But the data he used is NOAA's and if that data were faked, it wouldn't support him. NOAA does manipulate its data. That's what it's called when you correct for things like bias and mistakes. That's not the same as deliberately misrepresenting what the science is saying. Are you getting confused by definitions? Doug
  14. I personally think to each their own. I just have this things against those who try to push a diet on someone. I don't mind dietary suggestion, but sometimes you get those vegan elites. I'm current doing OMAD, not because I want to, I have to.
  15. Ever read Edward Jablonski's AIRWAR? 2 volume set that captured me in the early 70's. One of the best trips of my life was to see all the War Birds in Osh Kosh a few years back! It was awesome to see the aircraft that won that war.
  16. Trying to shut it down, yes.
  17. Same here, brother. WWII air all the way.
  18. Dr. Dunsby is a cosmologist and mathematician, apparently not a frequent astronomical observer. I don't fault him for not recognizing Mars when he sees it. Mars is currently centered above the 'teapot' asterism in Sagittarius. About one width of the teapot above its brim, exclusive of handle and spout.
  19. Never heard of it. Wikipedia does say it was a turning point. If the Japanese were able to gain a strong foothold in India they would demonstrate the weakness of the British Empire and provide encouragement to Indian nationalists in their decolonization efforts. Moreover, occupation of the area around Imphal would severely impact American efforts to supply Chiang Kai Shek's army in China. That does sound significant.
  20. Apologies I was being overly simplistic and not explaining myself fully. I don’t mean ignorance in terms of anything. All the examples you mentioned there is resounding quantitative evidence. The paranormal there is no clear evidence but the number of experiences by a huge number of people is hard to ignore. My comment was towards papas post who explained it much better than I can and we seem to be in agreement. I’m not referring to people who think “I don’t think it’s a ghost (in the sense of a spirit) but some other explanation maybe”. I’d go as far as to say that’s how I feel as well. Personally i cannot dismiss something as a complete impossibility just because science cannot currently explain it. I’ll consider it a possibility (however unlikely) until evidence shows me to the contrary.
  21. A environmental event known as the "Columbian Exchange" and modern genetic research negates this theory. We are not related to Middle Easterners.
  22. The cherubim weren't idols: they were Yahweh's throne platform (Friedman 1987: 43). It's possible that the Tabernacle was set up under the Cherubs' wings (183). The J version of the commandments given to Moses forbids molten statues. But Solomon's cherubs were made of olive wood, and gold plated (75). (Incidentally, what is the durability of olive wood? And how would it compare with acacia?)
  23. They didn't do any cosmetic work in the relieving chambers, that would require taking the majority of the GP apart which according to fringies they couldn't do to begin with. There were also no civilizations in AE predating the Egyptians who could have built the GP. cormac
  24. Piney has spent some time in attempting to inform you that your sources of reference material are less than ideal/credible. To elaborate: 1) This first source relies rather heavily on the the works of the likes of Gordon and Fells. While Gordon did provide some reasonably worthwhile research, he was a known hyper-diffusionist and thus his perspective was notably biased. Such examples as the Bat Creek Stone and the Los Lunas Decalogue Stone have long ago been demonstrated to be fraudulent (see Feder, etc.). These specimens are not unlike a number of similar frauds that were perpetrated during the mid-latter 19th century. Other examples include the Spirit Pond Stone, Dighton Rock, Lenape Stone, Grave Creek Stone, etc. (see Williams 1991). Bear in mind that during the period in question (and somewhat earlier periods), there was a "conventional" understanding, based upon western belief systems, that many of the earthworks and structural works observed in North America were too "sophisticated" to have been created by the indigenous peoples encountered. That the "mound builders" were indigenous peoples was not fully documented and accepted until the publication of Cyrus Thomas studies in the 1890's should provide you with historical perspective. The works of Barry Fell were also long ago discounted as erroneous. 2) There is no credible evidence for the presence of the Phoenicians in the Americas, as noted in your reference. Edit: Phrasing.
  25. I consider myself a history buff of the air war in WWII and I've never heard of the battle of Kohima. Perhaps it was important but I can't imagine it could be called one of the most significant. I stand to be corrected if anyone cares to enlighten
  26. Discernment comes after much skepticism and research as you may know. I have spent a lot of effort looking into Origin myths, and "world religion", I think many are similar, and want the same Ideas, though when you observe a mass of people in the middle east claiming the same thing from Sumeria to India, and Israel to Far East Assyria, then you see each of their own Antiquity of the gods mesh, and Historical accounts witness eachother, it not only validates there is something to this, but it shows to you who remembers better.
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