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  2. The V shape could be planes flying in a combat formation they do that you know....But then again I would hardly trust a politician to be truthful about anything especially if he thinks it will get him votes.....Up front and honest I got no idea what the lights were but I am not falling into that argument from ignorance trap and speculating that the lights were visitors from another planet!
  3. You do have something big, a big fat farce that you call "Apollo Simulation Project". I don't know if it is a tenet of scientific proof or not, but tossing out data that doesn't fit your expectations/theory certainly is a big red flag. You preach the high and mighty and yet, you know nothing concerning a large technology/engineering project such as Apollo. "John" has sold you a bill of goods that isn't worth the paper it is printed on and you fell for it hook, line and sinker. You lament Baysinger's experiment is third party evidence, but there are many more, too many to ignore which you have done(more tossing data points that don't meet your theory). This is really unscientific of you, but you cavalierly trot down the murky road that you have picked. Have we shown a concerted effort to discredit you? No, rather pointed out the absurdity of your theory. Yet you continue with and ever increase complex narrative. On 5/16/2019 at 1:26 PM, bknight said: Here is the list of several questions unanswered, except with "John" will explain all, a rather poor answer almost no answer. 1. Provide plans for the automated devices to capture 80 lbs. of material, remembering the Soviets recovered 300 g in three missions, not blueprints perhaps a narrative of the idea making this claim believable. Include in this request the devices to recover the parts of the Surveyor. 3. Provide details of landing A11 down range and avoiding craters real time not 2.5 second delay. 4. Provide details of changes in AGNC to allow to enable it to work effectively after A12. 5. Provide an order of magnitude of how small this number of people is in your estimation. 6. Provide you work record in reference to large engineering/manufacturing projects. 7. Reconcile the LRO images of artifacts left by the crews of both A11 and A12 around the LM's, some hundreds of feet from the LM's.
  4. From the very interesting images of an human foot (X-ray) and an elephants foot (cross section) it appears even elephants walk on their toes as well. Horses walk on what was their middle toes earlier in their evolution. And so do lots of other animals to varying degrees. That a dinosaur did isn’t perhaps that odd in the grand scheme of things.
  5. Game of Thrones

    The dragon carting off the body of the Queen somewhere where it gets resurrected. Some unknown land with other dragons and witches etc.
  6. The drawing you saw is a depiction of what that man saw. And it is a DRAWING - not a damm fake photo. do some reading. Many people saw this triangular air vehicle including the governor of Arizona, Fyfe Symington: "Witnesses claim to have observed a huge carpenter's square-shaped UFO, containing five spherical lights or possibly light-emitting engines. Fife Symington, the governor at the time, was one witness to this incident; he later called the object "otherworldly." Mufon link So that's two people that have said you are not telling it like it is. And there were more
  7. Royal Mail to launch parcel postboxes

    Royal Mail has announced plans for the UK's first-ever parcel postboxes. The company said 1,400 of the new postboxes would be installed across the country in more than 30 locations over a six-month period, starting in August. Locations will include Aberdeen, Birmingham, Cardiff and Leeds. Customers will be able to post parcels in the same way that they currently post a letter, provided that postage has been pre-paid using Royal Mail's own online labelling service. Existing letter postboxes were introduced in the 1850s and Royal Mail said the new move represented the first major change in the system since then. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-48334721
  8. XenoFish

    I've realized that trying to be myself on here is a bad idea. I guess the expectations of a cynical, sarcastic, and grumpy Xenofish are too high. 

    1. Robotic Jew

      Robotic Jew

      I relate to almost everything you post. Keep it up. You rock!

    2. XenoFish


      I'm not sure that's a good thing robotic jew.

  9. I don't believe you

    Proceeding with great caution (being able to do so only since I have faith that all will turn out well; it's evolution, don't you know?): I think the reference is to an exchange where @Sherapy and others questioned another poster's claim to have donated A$1 million to charity over many years. This ought not to be confused with a different exchange where several people questioned that other poster for having solicited charitable donations from poor people, going from door to door in run-down neighborhoods. Anyway, in trying to reconcile the charitable amount claimed with public records of what the poster might have earned during the time in question, either that poster or an apologist for him mentioned that Sheri hadn't taken into account possible charitable deductions lawfully allowed under Australia's tax system. At which point, the question became what was the net charitable gift? I'm unsure that that figure was ever successfully calculated. If this is the right incident, then there was no issue of tax fraud (although how the law applied was at best opaque for those few of us here who aren't Australian chartered accountants). Stealing then would etiher be a reframing of fraud, or an echo of that earlier charitable solicitation affair, where critics didn't claim theft, just that money was taken from those whom it arguably ought not to have been taken. Unless, of course it's even more confused than that.
  10. Love

    I will always love this song.
  11. Oh. Okay, that makes sense now. Thanks Piney.
  12. Cern and time line jumping

    That is a little unfair. For something to be evidenced in the (so-called) "traditional" ways, I can only assume refers to using the scientific method. Now, the claims of the Mandela Effect are interesting, but the people making the claims are unable to produce a causal link as to why CERN would have altered the timeline that is anything other than absurd. For a start the Large Hadron Collider, which is normally considered the culprit didn't start production until 1998, and was not finished until 2008, with the first experiments being done in 2010. Now the original Mandela Broadcast was back in the 1980s, and well before the Large Hadron Collider was a "glint in a physicist's eye". In short, the conspiracy theory can't be true. Now that doesn't invalidate the Mandela Effect. I have a solid memory of being sad for quite some time when I heard that Nelson Mandela had died back in 1991. There was a story prior to this about Mandela being very sick and admitted to the prison hospital. I admit that I have no memory of there being an official funeral, but I can't reconcile what I saw on TV with what happened later. I remember being shocked wheh Nelson Mandela was released from prison, as I was sure I had heard about him dying. I shrugged it off as being bad reporting, and thought some journalist must have got it wrong. I am not entirely prepared to dismiss the idea that South Africa badly wanted a peaceful transition away from Apartheit, and used a Nelson Mandela body double to make it happen. I mean, what if the real Mandela died a militant in 1991, and he was replaced? This might explain his divorce from Winnie after all that time. I find the whole thing is suspicious, but I am not willing to settle on a single answer just yet.
  13. Dumbledore the Awesome

    Oh dear, I'm all confused now.

    Why is there this state of affairs, you ask? Well, I was going to vote People's Popular Front (Marxist-Leninist), as you know, but now I've got a letter from the Right Hon Theresa May MP, PM, telling me "for a Brexit deal delivered as soon as possible,Vote Conservative on 23 May". I don't know what to do now. :mellow: 

    1. ouija ouija

      ouija ouija

      I'd go for T.M. if I were you. She hasn't let the country down yet, has she?! :whistle:

  14. Fallacy: Your charge of "fallacy" is a fallacy. Many reports of lights, few of a flying vee. Look at the reports and learn for a change. Reports list a boomerang, vee, triangle, semi circle, no clear shape. The newspaper article has a fake photo on the cover based on one person's description. So please learn for a change.
  15. Cern and time line jumping

    I want to live in the timeline where instead of posting this you just put up a bunch of curse words and a gif of Courtney Cox drinking wine while riding on a giant ferret through the desert.
  16. Short Video of our Monastery

    This is a video made by a man named Peter Hiesewhko who came to our Monastery with a group for a retreat. It was well done I believe.
  17. JVG

    Going out this morning to pick up the branches from last nights storm... 

  18. They are cleaning it up and there are certain areas safe for tourists and archaeologists now. That's why it's in the news.
  19. Your charge of "fallacy" is a fallacy. MANY people saw it. See what it says in the newspaper article that drawing appeared in...? It says PEOPLE "For 106 minutes on March 13, people saw something like this v-shaped object flying over Arizona etc..." Fancy footwork but you still didn't explain what this man who drew the craft and many others saw (V-shaped craft) . I figured as much.
  20. IT’S A SPECIAL moment when a baby learns how to go from crawling on all fours to walking on two legs, especially considering how rare this transition is in the animal kingdom. Only a few other species are thought to make the shift from crawling to upright waking as they age—and they’re all dinosaurs. Now, researchers have added compelling new evidence for one member on that list: a sauropod named Mussaurus patagonicus. When Mussaurus hatched, it would have been small enough to fit cozily inside a human hand, earning it a genus name that means “mouse lizard.” But after just eight years of gobbling up ferns and other plants, the same creature would have weighed more than a ton. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/2019/05/mouse-lizard-dinosaur-crawled-then-walked-baby-mussaurus-patagonicus/
  21. Prayer, a way of life

    Cute little guy, from an artistic standpoint - well done.
  22. Prayer, a way of life

    Yep - I asked my shrink what's the point of doing 'so and so' and he says "there is no point" - just do it because you enjoy doing it and enjoy the journey. My problem is that my reason for doing anything (music, art, woodworking ) has always been the monetary reward at the end. I could care less about the journey, I just want to finish, get paid and go on to the next project. I'm trying to remedy that as I get older (74) but it's difficult - i'd love to be able to play guitar for my own enjoyment again, at some point. A little off topic, sorry.....
  23. Game of Thrones

    I felt the only spinoff that might happen with the same characters would be Arya returning from lands to the West, with the people she encountered hell-bent on invading Westeros. Maybe season 1 has Arya in the West and a catch-up with those in Westeros before she returns with a warning. That was the only door that was left open that I could see. Other than that, all the other stories seemed to be tied off with a bow. Doubt any sequel will happen though. At least not for a very long time.
  24. Alabama abortion ban: Republican senate

    Now you're telling bare faced lies. In trying to sound smart all you've shown is you're a pathological liar. You were done long go, sunshine.
  25. Your truth is a personal experience, your experience. It is not the truth and I'm glad it's helped you move forwards.
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