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  2. Well.. yes.. that's understandable. After all, the British government in general, and Theresa May in particular, has a track record of assassinating innocent foreign citizens - in particular with exotic poisons - in order to make domestic political points. And she is notorious as a dictator with connections to both the British security services (both branches), and to corrupt and violent Oligarchs such as Richard "Brutal" Branson and Alan "Switchblade" Sugar. In contrast, Vladimir Putin is a democrat with a long democratic tradition. His country has NEVER been associated with assassination - at home or abroad - nor has any associations with violent criminals. With this in mind, the poisoning of Sergie and Yulia Skripal was OBVIOUSLY done by Porton Down on Theresa May's direct orders, in order to promote a US invasion of Syria, Israeli oppression of blameless Palestinian suicide bombers, and the hosting of the World Cup at Wembley. I mean, what else could make sense ?
  3. Here's another one: Ambam the Gorilla Walks Upright:
  4. I never said it was and without any notification of which remarks were too personal I can't judge what to post or not so I guess move on it is.
  5. That's it sorry. I checked again, it was on a FB group, but there's only that one comment, and no reference to any duscussion ir analysis elsewhere. I've git no insights to offer either other than I'd be very surprised if it turned out to be a kniwn species decomposed or otherwise, so hoax ir amazing duscovery seems like the most likely to me. But if it comes up on one of the expert groups (which I visit to pick up crumbs) I'll pass it on.
  6. This is not your call to make. Either post in a civil manner that does not contain personal remarks toward other posters, or choose to simply move on to another topic of discussion. This applies to everyone BTW.
  7. I hope we will find a cure because they are also a part of humanity.
  8. I want to apologize for the weird format, I wrote this in a word processing program then did the ol' "copy-pasta" and assumed there was word wrap in the blog entry field but apparently not so I tried to do my best to make it look reasonably readable.
  9. This thread deserves closing, the dangerous misinformation people have posted should be deleted and forgotten.
  10. No way! I seem to remember having heard Xena's 911 call, although I'm not positive and I haven't been able to relocate it. Adam's is available on YouTube.
  11. I would refer to UM Rules: 3e. Flamebaiting: Do not taunt or bait another member in to an argument. 3f. Abusive behaviour: Do not be rude, insulting, offensive, snide, obnoxious or abusive towards other members. 6a. Compliance: You agree to co-operate with the requests of our site staff should you be asked to stop doing something that they deem to be disruptive, inappropriate or in violation of the terms of service. 6b. Protest: You agree not to attack, harass, bully, defame, threaten or become abusive towards any member of staff either here or through off-site forums, services or media. 6c. Appeal: Do not post content designed to complain about, rally support against or to criticise moderator action. If you disagree with action taken by a member of staff you have the option to appeal the decision by PMing a moderator or administrator.
  12. The population size crucial to the alleged animal's continued existence would have to be what number? Hundreds if not thousands most likely. Regardless of dietary tendency the animal would also require significant amounts of food source to maintain one. Therefore, the activity of this population of such a huge animal would not go unnoticed by experienced hunters and trackers. As elusive as some propose, there would still be more evidence than the occasional footprint and "blobsquatch" photos/videos. Sorry, but the animal is great fantasy and unfortunately nothing more.
  13. Perhaps its a reflection of a persons narcissism is the strength of their spirituality?
  14. I am certainly not the type who accepts the concept of a personified soul; especially not the conventional one that many adhere to. However I am also somewhat open to an explanation that does not rely on anecdotes, fluffy bunny metaphysics or religion. At any rate I was pondering this issue and I developed an idea that, for the time being, seems to hold the most likely possibility and I used a rather unconventional thread to do so. Now, for starters, has anyone ever played the game "Final Fantasy VII"? I am sure if you had you probably came to a point where you arrived at a place called Cosmo Canyon (Don't worry, I actually am going someplace with this) and you meet a scientist named "Bugenhaggen" who delivers a lecture called "LifeStream" where the character explains how when physical lives die, their energy returns to the planet and their energy forms a tiny stream that. Over time, meshes with the streams of others to form a swell, they merge, separate, cross paths and so on thus granting life to all places on the planet. This concept seemed kind of intriguing and actually seemed to serve as a far better explanation for souls than any I have seen before. See, when you pick apart the concept of a soul, what you end up dealing with is a type of energy; possibly a frequency of plasma or something (hey, I am not a physicist here, you know) in essence all life generates this energy at a particular frequency and strength for the planet it is on at the time. When a life dies, its energy seeps back into the planet and integrates back into the life grid of the planet and gets reconfigured and strengthened and as it courses through the planet, it is channeled to another life. When a "life stream" crosses with others for a time then deviates, it will get stronger over time, becoming more refined and concentrated until it can hold its own for longer and can handle the rigors of higher life forms including the more sentient ones. This may explain why we never see the "ghosts" of animals like lizards or insects because their life energy is too weak and unfocused to remain outside the lifestream for any given length of time and must return to the stream once their physical host (the body) has expired. I also think that once a "soul" has become strong enough, it can merge into streams that contain energies that are more concentrated and refined. Kind of like a period of growing up I suppose. However I like to stretch this idea a tad further,this network of energy (I use the term collectively for convenience) is not confined to just the planet we are on but to every object in the universe regardless of whether that object can harbor physical life or not. Since these networks course throughout the planet and the cosmos, crossing paths then it is plausible that each stream can pick up a small part of the other which then can affect the next being that is born from it. However this also can create some snags, what about memories? I am not sure, memories are generated from the brain yet are still electrical in nature so perhaps it is also possible that these memories are encoded into the lifestreams of the more sentient and can be assimilated and accesses somehow by a compatible sentient being. Now back to Bugenhaggen for a second, the character explains that this lifestream also supports the existence of planets and if something was to happen that would greatly diminish or deflect this stream then even the planet itself would no longer be capable of holding together. Let us use Earth as an example, life is all over it, in every imaginable area you will find life of some sort and if you will excuse the over-used platitude, all life is indeed connected at some level. When one species dies out, corrections and adjustment will be made but if the imbalance is too great and/or happens too quickly then everything crumbles after a time. So what would happen if a planet is destroyed somehow? What happens to this "lifestream network"? I don't know, the "lifestream network" will repair itself much like how a spider repairs its web. It takes time but the network will compensate. If you have read this through then I am grateful because I tend to ramble and my thoughts get derailed so thanks for your patience. I plan to possibly add another entry that relates, somewhat, to what I just wrote.
  15. Did a reverse photo search and its coming up with only that photo.
  16. This needs to stop right now. Stop the personal remarks and the know it all attitudes. Report that which you feel violates UM rules (PMs can be reported as well). Anymore of this will result in thread closure.
  17. Always knew you were secretly a fan of 'the lefty propaganda outlet'. Admit it, you're a communist through and through, aren't you? As for Brexit, you can be passionately proud of your country and still think it's made a stupid decision
  18. I think the defense will show that the dirty soles of her feet, the bare footprints and orientation of heels and toes together prove that she had in fact, stood on the balcony with her ankles tied together and that the undisturbed dust on the balcony showed that she was lone on the balcony. As for the knot analyst, it sounds to me like what he actually ending up indicating to the jury was that when another person tied those knots, they didn't appear as they had on the body. My other point was that if his opinion was that she was hog tied, then hog tie is what he should have demonstrated, in other words, he should have shown how those knots are replicated as a result from a hog tie.
  19. Have you ever considered that digestive problems are caused by bad vibes in the atmosphere created by bad tempered people and therefore there is absolutely no point in us eating less?
  20. Thank you again for another very informative post! I already know a lot about this topic, but we should never stop learning. And I love reading your post because you just stick to the topic without any personal attack to anyone in the forum. It really is a pleasure reading your thoughts!
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  22. The difficult part is latch mechanism ( spring based) Though if we want to show that the ball will get more height than the dropping point then can use fixed latch pin but there will be some problem s The main problem is entrapping of ball in fixed latch pin
  23. I suspect the issue is more about CA alleged use of illegitimately obtained info rather than they just played a part and the donation wasn't declared.
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