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  2. I don't believe you

    Hi Eight bits Well said and I couldn't give a laugh and thank you so here it is. jmccr8
  3. "Ok to be gay" school lessons cause unrest

    Yes. Absolutely. They do.
  4. Nigel Farage’s undisclosed ‘lavish’ gifts

    What is it with this milkshake meme that nutty Remainers have taken to throwing at prominent brexiteers? I suppose it's something to do with instagram or whatever. anyway, the one this nutcase threw cost £5.25 didn't it?! Insanity.
  5. Cern and time line jumping

    The Berenstain vs Berenstien to me is just pronunciation was done incorrectly by a lot of people and it just stuck in people's memories and went from there, since that pronunciation is an easy mistake to make. I'd never heard of the Mandela Effect until that X Files reboot a couple years ago had an episode about it. I think memory is not infallible but who knows on a quantum time level if there aren't gravitational waves that create a burp in the system. I've never experienced an inconsistent event ever but not opposed to the possibility. I do think in Field of Dreams they say both, when he's asleep it's "they" and later it's "he" but I'd have to watch it again. That one is easy to explain to as he gets the voices it's the team that comes first then his Dad.
  6. Psychic attack! Need help!

    I can't see that the name makes any difference, there is no known mechanism to read thoughts, or implant thoughts from afar, it is just a supposition for which there is no confirmatory evidence.
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  8. I don't believe you

    You should think about why nastiness attracts you, But the Walker phenomenon isn't a deep mystery. Much of what skeptics get out of the UM game is solving puzzles. Day in and day out are the short-form kibble puzzles: the errant camera straps, the ouija boards that ... well, anything with a ouija board. They're fun, but not a nourishing diet, and let's face it, when you've seen one orb, you really have seen 'em all. In contrast, Mr Walker offers a Russian novel of woo. Where else can you find in the same thread God manifesting as truck headlights, the scoop on how slavery is an enlightened but misunderstood institution, why Eve didn't mind Adam throwing her under the bus, plus a tutorial on maximizing your tax advantage when making charitable gifts in Australia? There's nothing else like it on the whole web! And while on other boards here at UM there is constant complaining about "drive-by" posters, Mr Walker has been at this for years and years. There's always something new - it looks like maybe we're going to have a gangster story arc sometime soon. All that, and he can prove that ten years ago he was sane. What is rare is valued, and only a very few other posters have ever put half as much effort into playing the fox for us beagles to chase. I assume that from the foxy point of view, the fun is in making the beagles work (and that ultimately, we can't really bite). You know this is BS; it couldn't possibly be anything but BS, BUT you can't prove that it's BS, so I win. Or can we? And the game is on. It's a sport, Habbie. You're at a football (soccer) match, and you're wondering "Why do all those folks in the red shirts want to kick the ball at the nice man in the blue shirt who's dancing in front of the net?" It's fun. Fun for the folks in the red shirts, and I suspect fun for the nice man in the blue shirt, too. In all these years, he's only been scored upon twice. Prove him wrong about that.
  9. Why is the Pentagon interested in UFOs ?

    You're probably correct. 80% of UFO Sightings can be attributed to America's Donald Trump
  10. Psychic attack! Need help!

    i don't necessarily think it's a psychic attack it's more of a telepathic attack, i would like to know how it works and how to cut the connection
  11. Psychic attack! Need help!

    i wish i could just stop thinking about them it's probably going to take a while because they're really good at grabbing attention also i will see a psychiatrist soon i just don't want to be drugged i think they make me stupid i'm not really looking for advice i would like to know his perspective, what's going on with me and how telepathy works for example if he can hear my thoughts why can't i hear his? why can i only hear the thoughts he "chooses" to send me i don't even know if it's that or is it me thinking in his brain and him thinking in mine?
  12. Preceding 1st + Last letters come in New Word

    kangaroo > reckon
  13. They look it to me But Ley said it was a message from God, not aliens. Could be this too.
  14. Word Association from the Last Letter

    define > explain
  15. Acronym it! (Part 2)

    Are Xenon Lights Especially Strong? BLINK
  16. Don't be in a hurry to find out, but I understand the curiosity factor. I don't think it can be understood at all.
  17. Why is the Pentagon interested in UFOs ?

    reddish-orange? They're not reddish-orange, unless there's volcanic dust in the atmosphere or something. Also you'd almost certainly see flashing red strobes
  18. Joe Biden announces 2020 run for president

    Hmmm.. he's a bit... old.. isn't he ? 76 ? So the democrats - the party of inclusion and progress - are fielding white males, one of which (Joe) is 76, the other of which. (Bernie Sanders) is 77, and Elizabeth Warren is a youthful 69. Of course, Donald Trump is no spring chicken at 72.
  19. Never heard of those before. Compared to these jars, they are a whole lot bigger. Maybe these were the mobile versions? I imagine those regions interchanged many traditions.
  20. Ok thanks,you know as well is it a strange feeling knowing what is for you too.To be honest with you i can't wait to pass over and see the journey.I have a son who is 10 and he needs me around so i have responsibilities still and I would not take my own life anyway but gee i am so anxious to discover what a waits a foot.
  21. Derek, any chance you could reply to a post at a time rather than every effing sentence? For heaven's sake... I've seen and heard enough.
  22. Doppelganger

    What is the opposite of "real people"?
  23. Watch: Man Films Flying Humanoid?

  24. Once again, weasel words. And when you fail to deliver, I'll quote this post again as one of many others that you were just jerking people's chains. Edited to add: And I think I might send a list of "reasons" for the failure to deliver to a UM mod, so that there is an independent record of 'premonition'. Do you have a particular UM mod you'd like me to inform, or you don't care which UM mod I choose to send to?
  25. I have explained how the evidence is not mine to give. John Kelly has said he will be providing the evidence to the media on July 20th. Much as I love UM, I don't think I could persuade him that a thread on a forum can compare to, say, the Washington Post or the BBC.
  26. "That's very interesting, Steve"

    Mammoths got their name from the Russian 'mammut', or earth mole, as it was believed the animals lived underground and died on contact with light – explaining why they were always found dead and half-buried.
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