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  2. Enough of talking about your husband (in my humble opinion)... You can talk PT to me, at least I am learning something there.
  3. Have you had another person confirm the vibrating since it's repeatable?
  4. There is power in the healing and ceremony, there is power in the dreams and visions, and miracles can Happen. You do not disagree do you?
  5. there was nothing offensive in this post (I am sorry you took it that way). I just pointed to the fact. Obviously you CAN read and understand me.
  6. this post does not add anything to discussion...
  7. I understand your last statement completely, my people the Miwok believe the Turkey tail feather is Thunder Medicine, and it is used as a tool to asist blessing sometimes, but the real nature of power is not the feather itself, but the weilder. Rather what is the function of a feather? It is for flight, and gliding in the air, turkeys do fly. It is also a display of attraction, and might. The feather means all of those things... I agree with Piney and Yourself, that they had real uses, though I feel there was a deeper meaning once forgotten. Yes even the Lakota in war and hunt wore as little as possible, it is ceremonial, and for gathering activities.
  8. Closer for me. Went to Ed Sheeran with Missy Higgins on Wednesday night, hit the town afterwards and totaled myself with some good people. It doesn't get much better than that I reckon if there was a heaven, I reckon mine would be somthing like that.
  9. Really? Today's sloths are small animals, and part of why they so sluggish is to avoid detection by keen eyed harpy eagles. One of their major predators. These ground sloths though were related but different. Like most 4 ton animals with hugely powerful arms and ten inch claws, they didn't worry too much about predation. These things would have been much more active. And you'd fancy that as easy meal?
  10. For money, and no law enforcement doesn't step in until they already have hurt a lot of people. That's why I exist in the Native world of "Woo". I hunt false prophets and fake shamans both White and Indian. @Blaye Otanka Knows me by the nahuatl name. "Nagual". My people, the Algonquian, know me as a "Kiimochnii". You might be more familiar with the Creepypasta term, Skinwalker, but there is nothing supernatural involved. Just good mimicry, a limber and well honed body and psychology. Plastic Shamans actually believe the "woo" they spout and are easily manipulated.
  11. i would not agree with all conclusions myself but would not disagree with all conclusions either. I brought this up just in reference to hydrogen.
  12. *cue Twilight Zone theme*
  13. Fair. Although the first one my actions might also be illegal so bit more clear cut
  14. Missionary zeal? You do not understand me at all... Bye. I am not removing sacredness, what I was hoping is there were people here who would understand and then grow an awareness that there is something more sacred... the prophecy of my people is about mother earth and father sky, and Great Spirit Yahuwah. I am sorry Christians lied about my people's ways... Anyhow whether you believe it or not, A remnant of the tribes of Yah-Sha-Rah-El will survive to help save this earth... It will not become rhetoric, I can decode the meanings right now, and by this I can educate who our people really are. Black Elk's visions were indeed given by Wakinyan and Wakan Tanka, and he intended it be written down so that people like myself with a journey based on truth can help peice together what is really going on. His people's peace pipe had a buffalo calf on it's pipe, and twelve eagle feathers standing for the twelve moons, when White Buffalo gave it to him. That is all out Hebrew, to Ancient Yesrael the moon represented the land, and the sun the heavens, together came the earth. Each of the twelve tribes were the moon, and the sun was Levi the Kuwahen tribe. Thus from the air unites the harmony with the twelve moons. The buffalo calf represents South, where you always face, and represents growth (the horns). This is when the sun is the highest, and this is when the moon is new, I believe. The hebrew letter for south is TET, which is a clay pot with four corners, it represents mother earth, the element... Wisdom is cross examined with our people...
  15. Not deadly (at least that wasn't what I meant), rather he would have access to incredible resources and Intel. And yes, saying that about Clinton is by definition a conspiracy theory.
  16. *Passes cheesecake to kmt and others* It has a caramel sauce and a lemon sauce to go with it, and a pecan crust. Of course I skipped the sauces but it's still really good!
  17. You really think that Mueller will leave easily? The man is a war hero and a true patriot. Do you believe that it's over if he is fired? I'm willing to bet that he has numerous failsafes and contingencies in place. I fully expect him to hand eveything over to state prosecutors where Trump will be helpless to Intervene. Either way, him and his crooked family are going down and taking the Repubs with him. Sorry to spoil your party. Hank
  18. somehow this thread is filled with insults on me, and that is all good. Feel like double standards!
  19. It's best to watch live streams of events if you want to know the facts and the truth about them. You don't have to contend with "experts" who use biased filters to "explain" what it "really means". I prefer live streams over any news outlets, even ones that I like. I don't need interpreters of my own reality. I'm disappointed that there are no posts or threads about the pug. I thought that libertarians here would have much to say concerning the important free speech court case. It really shows how authoritarian the UK has become over the past decade, and it shows that things likely won't reverse course unless the British people force their rulers (intentional word choice) to do so. I saw this coming years ago while I was in warm water with other frogs in the pan.
  20. I remember way back in one of the early posts here Rebecca quoted as telling someone she never locked the doors there, it was so safe. That struck me then as awfully naïve of the world to think so.
  21. Your contradicting yourself here, and only illustrating what XenoFish stated. Love is a chemical reaction that we give special meaning to, and apart from you protesting against the chemical aspect, that's what your describing here.
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