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  2. Years ago I had an unexplanable experience: west of Durango, Colorado is a canyon, Wildcat Canyon, said by the local southern Utes to be named for the ghost of a panther killed by a white hunter many years ago. I was driving into town one very dark and rainy night. As I passed the mouth of Wildcat Canyon, I saw something huge and black in the middle of the road. I don't know what it was, but it scared the ... out of me. A professor of Native American Studies told me I had seen the ghost of the wildcat, that it was a rare privillege for a white and it meant there were great things in store for me. The local Christian ministers insisted said I either saw the devil or was hallucinating. Those of a scientific bent had no anwers either way. It remains a mystery. Doug
  3. A moderator already helped me out with the rule. I don't report or police anyone. This has been debated to death. Whatever side you are on, meaning anyone, nothing is going to change your views. Meaning anyone. I am out, have other things to worry about.....Health.
  4. Actually what I witness a lot of is non-material/spiritualistic hand-waving. To me it's just about the height of hubris and arrogance to bash scientific materialism as we peck away at our keyboards electronically communicating via an intricate array of machines running on electricity, while I'd guess we are also all well-fed and have access to medicine, etc, all of it the result of that horrible 'scientific materialism'. There are plenty of religious people who are scientists, are they brainwashed too? Why haven't they made any progress using whatever undefined method you'd like to utilize other than 'scientific materialism'. When something is actually produced or shown to be true concerning something non-material, or using some other process than 'scientific materialism', then science would be all about it. In fact most non-material propositions, if shown to be true, would be one of the greatest discoveries in history. So far... zilch (and testimonials, which are about the same thing all by themselves).
  5. I think that maybe where I go wrong with it, I tend to think about my question 24/7 and it's constantly on my mind..
  6. I just like to make a general point about dabbling in occult matters. I think it's fine if you are personally guided by the higher ideals of love, compassion, kindness etc, but if not, you may be opening yourself up to some nasty experiences... Have a nice day! Lolz
  7. Like it or Not ..oh a choice..why thankya.. You think science hasn't had "undetected mistakes" ... How has it come so far in its knowledge... By making mistakes.. Thats how it is .. By what definition, you ask .. What if I dont have a definition.. What if I just say, because it is.. What then ..? Mo.xx
  8. Its not either, or, but for now I would suggest something from the heart. Think on something that you could use a little guidance on, then with a sincerity born of gratitude, ask for guidance. Go over the "issue" in your prayer, and just ask nicely lol.. For me, the moment I stop thinking directly about the prayer and what Ive been asking for - then it comes quite quickly. But I have been doing this for awhile.. Maybe I am a little more tuned- in, or maybe you are a natural? If you can add a little emotion, some urgency, that may help?
  9. "But the fact that some geniuses were laughed at does not imply that all who are laughed at are geniuses. They laughed at Columbus, they laughed at Fulton, they laughed at the Wright Brothers. But they also laughed at Bozo the Clown." - Carl Sagan
  10. Hey Brutha Will .. I Do feel Hre2breal, was talking about the Material Foe, not you Dear Friend .. Mo..xx
  11. Like it or not, reason is the only way one can ever detect and fix a mistake. It seems that the "knowledge" you're talking about includes a lot of undetected mistakes. By what definition is that considered knowledge? Doug P.S.: "Reason" does not necessarily equal "Science," but reason is a large part of science. Doug
  12. It's interesting when some know they have a psyche, and all they do is make you wonder where's their soul.
  13. Um ... Take it however you want Psyche .. You do anyway .. I know about Spirit, and your Beloved Science.. You only know Science .. That is only half or maybe quarter to what spirit knows .. You dont ever want to ponder this side, or even be Respectful about it .. I read your links, and thankyou for the Info.. You read any links not going with your thang, you dismiss, and not quietly either.. You start the insults and yeah ... Not cool .. Evidence your claims, till your hearts content.. I'll say sweet as Psyche.. Mo.
  14. Okay, do you recommend any specific prayer or just talk from my heart?
  15. Chicken McNuggets of course! Haven't you seen the advert?
  16. Ego first, humility second. Gotta love the holy rollers.
  17. Im no expert but, perhaps asking for a specific sign to begin with is a little too much? I have spent the last 15 yrs looking at cause and effect, and the latest insight was this, that every time I eat chilli, my anger levels rise. So I looked this up on the net and apparently I am what is known as a sanguine person, who should eat "cooler" foods! The point is, just try different things and see what works for you. The stuff that you are naturally attracted to, will probably work best. With prayer, I ask for guidance and I recieve it. And so my faith and beliefs are growing exponentially in a natural way.. Who knows where this may lead.....? Without more detail, its kinda difficult to say much more.
  18. acute

    Over 600 days since the referendum, the EU's Brexit negotiators are still awaiting "written, concrete proposals" from the British government.


  19. This is chicken licking bad news. Where can I fulfill my craving for chicken beaks and claws now.
  20. The contributions need to be stopped. That is straight out bribery. I would also like to see them end the insane practice of attaching unrelated items to bills. This can also be considered a bribe.
  21. Your wife, even though she’s a light sleep may have thought it was just the normal tugging of blankets that happen during the night and completely ignored it. It’s not like you changed the sheets and made the entire bed. It probably took just a few seconds. If you are concerned that it was paranormal then invest in a camera and see if you can record the events.
  23. theres alotta chinchillas out there...and they wouldnt have to even change there name ? .... just sayin
  24. I asked for a specific sign today and I'm not sure if what happened was a sign or not so I'm kinda overthinking it
  25. Its now 2018. 7 years after 2011. Everything I read from this forum has come true... And everything I have read is what's happening to me to. I'm not alone in this world. I'm struggling with the same thing. Something that's above us is trying to get us together for something bigger. And we aren't listening... I was reading this forum as for the fact that I do hear many intuitive voices. For years I would hear and feel about death coming , visions of future situations based from the intuitive voices happening within myself. I saw my mother's cancer before she knew she had it and much more and now I'm being told that my moms sick again and that I should spend as much time as I can with her and that I'll be okay. That we will all be okay soon enough. Those that are killing and hurting others... Those are the ones that are in for a realllll treat soon enough and that's what I think some of you all are talking about. I've seen. Do good things now everyone. We are all being judged for something that's coming soon... Very very soon. I feel it. You all see it. I feel it. And hear it. -Amandala
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