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  2. Let's talk about the Devil

    I always wondered why the devil would think Jesus believed he had the power to offer the world.
  3. Abortion exceptions

    It's not as if anyone of means ever has to worry about it.
  4. Abortion exceptions

    This is gonna continue to fall in and out of popularity, and people who give a crap about it one way or the other are going to continue to be tools for those with other agendas to push.
  5. What Does This Mean? (READ)

    Any self-respecting ones would pick up after themselves. Not like I would know.
  6. My husband and I moved to Northern Texas. On our county road we witness a huge black cat jump out of the tall grass alongside the road right ahead of us. It was huge with dark bright yellow eyes. I said it looked like a Panther. This was back in 2002. Haven't seen one since.
  7. I don't believe you

    There is nothing pure in this world, although we do have plenty of critique.
  8. tcgram

    Long day trip today to see friends we haven't had a chance to see in 6 years.   Worth every minute.   :wub:

    1. LightAngel


      Great to hear you had a good day.

      Good days give us lots of energy. :yes:

  9. Climate Change is a Hoax

    Be chokin' on wildfire smoke going...ahhhhhh....thank goodness there's no Frank Luntz here.
  10. What Does This Mean? (READ)

    LOL, I am old, I guess. Maybe they got less press after the big Satanism Scare. I was still running into the wanna be's into the late 90's as a cop working with young people as often as I could. None the real ones. I had no issues with the real ones nor did they ever leave "stuffs" around. After that the kids got diverted by the vampire shows and later the furry stuffs, with some wanna be Santeria/voo doo stuffs..... geez and my Mom thought she had trouble with me over bell bottoms, tarot cards, guitar and sneaking cigarettes... Depends, though, on how long ago OP is speaking of and it may be different up there, too. Not like I worked the Center of Everything local kids tended to hit the religion fads after the first wave and imagined it was current.
  11. I don't believe you

    The reason is that God is so vain!
  12. Climate Change is a Hoax

    He's so friggin' annoying.
  13. ive always heard the film referred to as silent never seen either side discuss the soundtrack, memory is odd if you indend heard a soundtrack then i would guess it was added by the documentary makers for dramatic effect, if you find anything to show the film had sound please post it, seems i too recall this but i have a large collection of old documentaries and its not on any. all things considered its a huge red flag they didnt persue it into the woods, no excuses or reasons really wash with me except one, both men were far from cowards, both outdoorsman, they had firearms and something on a pack horse with them, food water ? knowing the magatude of going after it knowing people like john green was already howling for a dead one for proof, my only explanation they didnt chase it....they knew it was a man in a suit. not ever finding the suit wont surprize me, it likely rotted away, if it stunk like Hieronimus who is built like and walks like the creature said it did then it wasnt correctly tanned, get it wet, sweated up, it will rot.
  14. Climate Change is a Hoax

    All I know is New Zealand is out for me. I sure don't want Frank Luntz as a neighbor.
  15. Let's talk about the Devil

    It is odd. Jesus was offered the world and declined, then got the world.
  16. Abortion exceptions

    Exactly. ALSO, a stressed out unhappy pregnant woman can affect the future emotional and mental health of the fetus. We already have a society over loaded with emotional and mental health issues. Do we need to add more?
  17. Climate Change is a Hoax

    Frank Luntz's, isn't Justin Beiber and De Caprio enough!!! Probably not enough experts, we really need Franchis the Talking Mule, and kermit on board.
  18. Let's talk about the Devil

    Don't be part of the Great Falling Away now. Putting your faith in men is already something that shouldn't be done. Putting your faith in that guy is absolutely ridiculous. Lol.
  19. Let's talk about the Devil

    I've always said the best tool would be to whisper "the One Truth" in a bunch of different people's ears. Except "the One Truth" is different for all of them, and they each think the other groups are the enemy. So humans destroy each other thinking they're righteous by doing so... and the devil sits back and laughs.
  20. Climate Change is a Hoax

    Yes, the lakes go up, "Global Warming", the lakes go down, "Global Warming", this has to be the biggest and stupidest cult ever created by humans. What is worse is National Geographic buying this s***t, and destroying their long history of relatively accurate doc,s and publications. David Attenborough has already p****ed his credibility away, with the BBC and Netflix going after him. No this is a cult that is now in the equivalent of a Sunday church service with clowns and magic acts. Yet the believers keep believing eventhough their sources are becoming crazy, but no surprizes there.
  21. I don't believe you

    Don't blame you. Besides, you can't make any money from philosophy, so it's hard to pay for it. Philosophy is its own reward, which means there ain't no other rewards that come with it. Probably should just do it on your own. Here's a good start: Critique of Pure Reason Harte
  22. Climate Change is a Hoax

    Funny thing about New Zealand. It's Frank Luntz's escape plan. Hmmm... what could he possibly know?
  23. Let's talk about the Devil

    “We are exposing everything,” the president said Friday. Can you hear the trumpet blasts at the devil?
  24. The joke would have a lot more heft if I ever thought Atlantis was real. Pick something legit: pretense, nigh-Victorian sense of self-satisfaction, weird obsession with basset hounds or Doctor Who, torturing undergrads, inter alia. Even the gay thing would work with a clever enough response. But Atlantidiot? Never. —Jaylemurph
  25. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    What a load of crap. Not one thing in the above represents any legal proceeding he will have to face. The campaign violation one is precious. Harte
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