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  2. You mean like some of the hoaxers that have videos out? The estimation of bear population can change over time due to the method of sampling. In our area we see a tremendous number of deer as the population explodes. Has the food supply increased or changed? No. The clear result has been a loss of trophy deer, the 12 to 14 point buck which are no longer seen. It also means that deer with obvious ribs are common in summer. As we know animal populations vary. One of the sampling techniques used for bear is a wire designed to hook fur of passing animals. Testing can identify unique animals. Never once has any of the testing resulted in an unknown species such as BF. The hair is always identifiable. The DNA testing always reveals bear. You'd think that trail cams might reveal a BF in something other than a twisted bear position. No. Not happening.
  3. I believe the argument was not that all. The argument is that BF sightings were more common near large population areas. These areas were impossible for BF to exist. It highlighted how poor people are as eyewitnesses. The suggestion was that BF sightings were not of a real creature but there is something in humans that makes them want to suggest the existence of a large hairy creature that walks upright. It is something about human thinking that is revealed rather than the existence of some creature. The main problem with BF is that there is nothing but stories. Not single creature has been found dead. No bones, no skin, no scat, nothing. No dead from natural causes. No dead from fires or floods or car collisions. Nothing. The search has been going on longer than for any other imagined creature. People suggest there are credible reports because some unnamed person was an "experienced outdoors man" or they were in law enforcement. There is nothing substantial. The suggestion that so many groups tell such tales of hairy upright walking creatures is also without merit. Do they have skins of the creature? No. They tell tales that are very different from gentle creatures that become members of the family to malevolent creatures. I don't see people arguing for talking animals which so many of thee groups also tell. Talking animals are the norm and we all accept this blindly when watching movies but our complete belief in this does not add support to the idea that animals or toys can talk.
  4. As if that removes every guilt from occupation. Blaming the victim is only thing which you have to say.
  5. Decide for yourself. Laci's watch. Pawned watch.
  6. Your demand continues to be irrelevant as are these childish comments.
  7. Have you read his book? While it is fascinating, it is essentially the story of the march of technologies that could make it possible to capture a model of every synaptic interaction, to store every memory, to reproduce the entire output of a human brain and then to download it to a machine. He then makes the leap that what that machine is then, IS essentially human, without the flesh.
  8. You'll never progress from emptying the Partners trash bins to fetching them tea if the best you can muster is something that has already been debunked. The burglary on the 24th was quite a ruse for some time, but in Janey and Matt's failed attempt to sell Scott's innocence on A&E, Diane Jackson destroyed that hoax with one simple admission. But hey, your imagination is endearing, much like watching a toddler tasting lemon for the first time. Please continue portraying petty thieves on bikes as criminal masterminds with the resources, intellect and clairvoyance to know Scott was fishing off Brooks Island. If-then...strong, reasonable alternative!
  9. more detail and here
  10. Space Radiation: More Hazardous Than We Thought New UNH study has implications for human space travel
  11. About Adam's 911 call, re: "I've got a girl", indeed, this was his emergency situation that he was dealing with. Re: 'girl', I think it's either just the usual way he refers to younger people of the opposite sex- at the time, Zahau was closer to 30 and Adam was closer to 50- or it's just the usual way he refers to females in general. Either way, though, to me, it's just a general way of speaking and so I'm at a loss as to why so much is made of it. Now, if he'd said 'some' girl, then obviously, that would be very different and it would certainly come across as though he actually didn't know who she was- but in this case, there's no question in my mind that he always understood that the "girl" was Zahau. Re: when he cut her down vs when he called 911, it's very clear to me that he was on the phone with 911 as he was trying to figure out how to get her down, in other words, 911 hadn't instructed him to do anything before he was already making an attempt to get her down. Now, during his poly session, when he was relaying the sequence of events to the examiner, it wasn't immediately clear in his mind as to precisely when he'd made the 911 call, which to me, is completely understandable because- as he'd already explained- he first tried to get her down; period, but then realized that he'd need to cut the rope. (The video of his poly session is available on YouTube.) Re: "guest house", I think what he meant was guest 'room' because when he was asked the address, he referred to the guest house as "back house".
  12. A woman in the Scottish Highlands has become the first person known to have kept a single injured bee as a pet. Fiona Presly, a librarian from Inverness, rescued a buff-tailed bumblebee queen born without wings and struggling to survive. She said of the bee’s discovery: “I found her when we were getting work done in the garden, and it was lucky I didn’t stand on her.” “She must have just come out of hibernation. I put my hand down in front of her and she crawled on to it right away. I looked at her and thought, ‘Something’s not right here, she’s got no wings.’”
  13. I'd like to see the device working but, like most people, know it won't. When it doesn't work Mr Gupta will say it was built wrong or will move the goalposts. I'd love to see probably done engineering designs and actual mathematical results of the experiment.
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  15. I've finished! Watched the final extended episode of season 5 last night. Next I've got Battlestar Galactica - The Plan. I'll watch that tonight and then I'm done.
  16. As always that's as obvious as can be, when we are thinking with pure emotion. Those thinking with their brains would say its better at least for now to not give this creep national attention, from the highest office in the land no less. That could obviously make who ever this is much more ambitious. I see its happened again. I hope they figure out who it is soon. When they do I almost hope its some leftist loon. At least that way their name and face wont be broadcast 24/7 for a week straight. No point in making them a celebrity. If it happens to be they are a extreme right wing loon, they will become the new face of the republican party on every left leaning media platform for the foreseeable future. ETA- somehow I missed the terrorist thing. We have no idea if this is related to terror. We have no idea what the motivation is at all.
  17. The fact alone someone like Corbyn is publicly put out to dry enmasse for daring to question a lacking body of evidence should make anyone sit up and take notice. Especially given earlier gleaned results. Everyone who is able to reconcile this rather self evident idiotic - up side down - situation, is deluding / fooling themselves. As well as everyone who is trying to put people stating as such in the conspiracy nutter corner. Just know that in the end of the proverbial day, you'll disadvantage no one but yourselves.
  18. Well that confirms it then, I mean THREE news reports can't all be wrong.
  19. A Crab Walks Through Time
  20. It is hugely important that he does so. If we all imagined that the soul is something extra, something outside of the physical then he wouldn't even attempt this in the first place. I find it fascinating that we have reached such a technologically advanced state that we can start to perform experiments that may finally tell us if a soul exists or not.
  21. It will be fun indeed, please keep us updated with pictures of your progress! In that way Mr Vikram Gupta can give you hints and tips on the design as you are building it thanks for the support!
  22. Here's the deal. Everyone is taking this way too seriously. No matter the results, it will be interesting to see it in action, right? I have the tools and experience to fabricate any part of this machine. It will be a legitimate test of the design. Don't you want to see that? Trust me, I have years of design and construction under my belt- I've built everything from trebuchets to industrial wastewater systems that treated more than 25,000 gph. I suggest everyone chill out and enjoy the process. Think of it as an episode of Mythbusters or something. This'll be fun!
  23. Thats right, and it was you who decided to ignore all the obvious and factual points I forwarded concerning the circus we are witnessing.. inncluding but not limited to the absolutely ridiculous character assassination of Corbyn, only to focus on some link that could be and immediately is categorized as tinfoilhatter content. You must have an increasingly weak argumentative position to choose to do so. You didnt even address the content of the supposed conspiracy content, you just chose to run with it. Thats weak stuff Gardener. But we seem to be projecting a reality here where Corbyn, daring to go against the grain based on pure rational is regarded as 'weak', and shallow comments like yours, which are weak in the eyes of.. well.. rational human beings, is liked.. seen as an apt response. 'Winning'
  24. The Not-Quite Closing of Yerkes Observatory
  25. Great post Preacherman but like others I'm dead set against anything that says 'PMA cures cancer'. Why? Because I have watched 3 people close to me die of cancer because they wouldn't take conventional treatments that would have had a high chance of success. Instead they visited faith healers, crystal therapists and practicers of 'positive energy manipulation' - all were dead within 2 years, 2 in the first year and 1 after spending an obscene amount of money with these people. Being positive helps many things, see my thread on positive vs negative emotions, and while it might help the recovery from cancer it does not, will not and cannot cure it completely. If people think it can and refuse treatment because of this belief then those that told them it is true are culpable for their death in my eyes. This is why I wouldn't ever offer medical advice or propose why I think someone's cure worked as I am not qualified to do so. This person had a treatment for cancer and I think it is reasonable to assume this was more effective than first thought. Combine that with the care and love given by your wife i.e. giving him a reason to exist and it is little surprise to me he recovered (given the 50% + cancer cure rate we are at today). Anyhow, heart warming story and thanks for sharing.
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