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  2. The thing is; are you trying to forcibly validate it? Such as claiming its quantum mysticism or whatever new age buzzword that'll make a belief look valid.
  3. I think it's not likely that scientists have tested for spirit, know where to look or even have the capability to measure something that is non-physical in nature. If the spirit exists then it is separate from the body, and therefore body chemistry/energy. Some people may hallucinate while the are dying. And some, may experience the afterlife. Unlike you, I don't claim to have all the answers, and I am open to all possibilities.
  4. What?
  5. I see my belief as a personal thing and there “may” be some scientific basis for it but it doesn’t come with all the organized religious baggage that such entails. cormac
  6. I really don't know, I don't know a lot about her parents at all to be honest.
  7. Piney has already addressed the erroneous nature of this statement. However, for your edification: Prehistoric Pigments Version 3 PJO.pdf This last is a rather long but informative read. Note dates: You are welcome to present credible information supporting your contention. .
  8. I wonder if the real problem here, is that some are talking to and others are talking at people. I've always felt that both religion and spirituality are a personal thing. That anyone trying to give scientific validity to such beliefs are in fact doubting their own apparent faith. Just my 2 cents.
  9. Fair enough I guess it comes back to my original point about good folks doing good stuff, with or without religion, and er, misguided folks doing unhelpful stuff, with or without religion..? But to answer your question, yes I do see God as caring, loving, and completley understanding etc... So it kinda bugs me when I see someone, not you, but folk who blame God for this and that, when the more helpful attitude would be for us, humanity, to take responcibility for this mess, and retake control - of ourselves and our collective destiny. For example, if the God of the Bible is angry and all that stuff, then I would look to the guys who wrote those things, and to the guys who carry out such behaviours, not blaming God, that gets us nowhere, but humanity... Anyway, have a good one..
  10. Ok, but only if there’s cherry or blackberry. cormac
  11. Yep, like cormac said. It should be benched. Quite a few of us got a tad peeved about it.
  12. I did miss a lot apparently. Wow
  13. Cormac, I apologized for saying that. I shouldn't have said it. I meant something entirely different. I was too quick to push the button. I don't think that atheists molest children. But from my experiences with my atheist dad, today looking back on my childhood, I feel very much that I experienced the molestation of my mind. Me and one of my brothers often talk about this. But don't hold it against our dad because we know he experienced something tough too.
  14. The pie is only for the inner circle.
  15. Actually it’s done and over and probably should be benched. Point was, you missed a lot dear lady. cormac
  16. Yes I do, but I'm not sharing unless you read my newsletter and sign up for additional newsletters for the humble price of $6.66 per month.
  17. No, he has pie though, lol
  18. That’s fine, but do you have cookies? cormac
  19. Oh no, he really did say that?
  20. Indeed, it doesn't get any deeper than you X.
  21. That ruined any positive perception of Will that I had.
  22. What's up with you allegedly equating atheists with child molesters. ouch!
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