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  2. The Voices starring Ryan Reynolds. Interesting movie (black comedy/horror).
  3. I admire your conviction. Just make the device and post the video.
  4. Add a C. It is not the mental health of a small fraction of individuals in question, it is the mental health of our entire society. We create the environment for this to happen. We allow it to happen. Enough? Not enough. Any bets that there won't be more? Piney said it is about inaction. We tsk tsk say "ain't it a shame" and do nothing For a month or two, until we get board, both sides blame the most convenient bad guy. Then we go on "what problem?" I hear from AA the first step to solving a drinking problem is to admit you have a drinking problem. If we don't face ourselves we will continue in this course. Maybe the kids are like a family intervention. No parent should have to bury a child. I just watched a program this morning, that had actress Glenn Close that talked about mental health, (her sister has it), from I got from watching this. There was one thing that caught my attention in one comment her sister answered in the interview. She said, she knows if she came from the hospital from heart surgery or the like, she would have the flowers, and the food dishes prepared for her. If it was coming from a stay for mental health, it would be nothing. I think that there is a good point there, that one will help out and be understanding for something else someone is healing from a hospital stay, but nothing when it's a stay for your mental health. I think it would make a big difference if those who came home from being treated for mental health, received the same loving treatment that one gets for other things. Like I have always felt, the stigma, in viewing and placing this on those who have it, has got to stopped and worked to reverse this thought from society.
  5. I've been reading this thread since it's beginning. I got the impression (I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one) that you view psychopathy as a virtue. Calling someone who is mentally ill when they aren't is wrong, calling someone who is mentally ill when they are is right. Psychopaths are a problem and should be labeled as a psychopath. It is not wise to eliminate the label.
  6. You are also forgetting the energy of counterweight. Even counterweight will also work to generate energy.
  7. Psychopathy and sociopathy are two forms of anti-social personality disorder (ASPD). Currently there's a lot of confusion over the differences between the two because not every country adopts the same criteria. Also not every expert in a country agrees on definitions. With television programs (especially crime tv shows and films), documentaries, and news stories, there are a lot of misconceptions and distortions portrayed as fact or good science when they arent. Psychopath: They make up 1-2% of the population and their version of ASPD is the result of some quite bad genetics. Bad parenting isn't involved in the development of psychopathy, they are born that way. Sociopath: They make up 2-5% of the population and their version of ASPD is the result of some bad genetics combined with being severally abused by their parents. They are born with some of the problems going on in their brains that the psychopath has. But their brain ends up a close mirror of the psychopaths because they dont go through normal psychological development due to the abuse from their abusive parents. How to spot them? One major problem in their brains is the limbic system. The amygdala (the area of the brain responsible for emotions) has defects in it and with the way its wired into the rest of the limbic system. As a result both the sociopath and psychopath have a limited range of emotions and the ones that they do have they experience differently from normal people. The sociopath has more emotions than a psychopath such as the ability to experience fear but the most important emotion for both of them is boredom. It isn't boredom how normal people know it. Its an emotion which for them drives them up the wall, which they constantly obsess about, and they will do anything to alleviate it. And this brings us onto the primary motivation existing behind most psychopathic and sociopathic behaviour - the need to alleviate their boredom. In the workplace ASPDs will test everyone to assess them as a source of drama and excitement to alleviate their boredom. The people they settle on as targets usually have something different about them, have strong personalities, have a lot going for them, and are easy to elicit negative emotional reactions out of. Basically, they go after people they think will have a victim mentality which will be easy to press the buttons off. Whenever the target has an angry outburst, a panic attack, cries, or gives some other form of negative emotional reaction, it is drama and excitement for the ASPD. They milk it for everything its worth to generate entertainment so they can alleviate their boredom. They get their claws into the target to totally do their minds in while portraying the target as the toxic personality to everyone else. The game ends when the target moves on from their victim mentality, learns to control their negative emotions, removes themselves from the environment, or gets sacked. Alternatively if the sociopath or psychopath is very skilled then they wont take things as far as to get the target sacked. The reason? If they get sacked then the ASPD loses their ability to milk the target as a source of drama and excitement when they commit suicide. So the ASPD will keep backing off before starting again, gradually destroying the psychology of the target victim. How to spot and deal with ASPDs? Learn what your weaknesses are because the ASPD will use them to press your buttons. Reach acceptance of your weaknesses. Watch out for people pressing your buttons overly with open abuse or covertly with ambient abuse. The overt ones usually get sacked, the covert ones are those ASPDs able to hold down a job, at least for a few years until enough people have exposed them. Next bore them. Interact with them (instead of avoiding them) but make it as boring an experience for them as possible. When they try to liven things up by being abrasive, antagonistic, abusive, controlling, threatening, etc, then DO NOT GIVE ANY REACTION. Go into the interaction pre-prepared for them to try and elicit a negative emotional reaction out of you, it makes it easy to suppress your emotions. Then just continue interacting with them and being as boring as possible. It will drive them mad and all of this is how to spot and deal with an ASPD. With not means of alleviating the boredom from interacting with you they will seek to avoid you. Next, one crucial difference between sociopaths and psychopaths is narcissism. Psychopaths are not narcissistic, they just want to destroy you so they can alleviate their boredom. Sociopaths are narcissistic and these makes them even more evil. Not only do they want to destroy you but they will convince themselves in their minds that their behaviour didnt happen, that they were misunderstood, that they are actually the victim, or their is a plot against them. They never ever take responsibility for their actions and its why they cannot be fixed. To experience guilt, remorse, empathy for others, they have to first acknowledge their behaviour is wrong and they cannot do that. With the narcissism the abuse that made them a sociopath also stopped them forming a stable identity or sense of self. When this happens two extremes of identity are left behind instead - totally perfect or totally defective. This is what a narcissist is, someone who swings back and forth between extremes of identity a bit similar to how a bipolar swings back and forth between happiness and depression. Totally defective causes them extreme psychological distress so they spend quite literally every minute of every day trying to keep the totally perfect identity in place. That means they have to be the best at everything, the centre of attention, at the centre of the universe, always right, always the winner, and be admired by other people. Anything less forces them to confront how their totally perfect identity is fake plunging them back into totally defective. Needing to behave totally morally perfect also belongs in there. The only way to be totally morally perfect is to delude, distort, and deny away what they are doing. Hence why the narcissist, and sociopaths (which contains narcissism due to their parental abuse), have no guilt, remorse, or empathy for others. The way you do a narcissists mind in (and another way to do a sociopaths mind in) in a way which doesnt provide any drama or excitement and which will make them avoid you or quit their jobs after a while is too..... Be the best you possibly can be at your job, develop a huge ego and constantly talk about yourself and talk yourself up, and be an attention whore. Also point out their flaws and weaknesses at every opportunity (without it sounding like you are bullying them). Be warned, they will get nasty before they quit or avoid you. The immediate reaction is to try and crush you to re-establish their totally perfect identity, they only quit or avoid you once they realise and accept nothing they do will crush you. Another way of dealing with them is to expose them for that they are - openly label their behaviour so managers can hear. Example `You wouldnt be trying to ambient abuse me there would you?` or `You wouldnt be trying to gaslight me there would you?` etc. Also tell them openly in front of everyone that they are behaving as a narcissist or sociopath.
  8. The output is almost three times greater after each fall down and six time greater after each cycle so air drag factor and heat losses are not issues. Now you say the spring will loose energy over time but I would like to tell you that it is not necessary to take spring .it will also work without spring as ball is getting more height than the dropping point. We can use secondary lever system instead of spring.
  9. MC, where exactly does your hatred come from? I find you to be rather misanthrope.
  10. Cams across reference to this a few days ago, the comentator saying that it was a well known photoshop that had been doing the rounds. But they gave no more than that.
  11. Think of this from a survival of the fittest perspective. He has passed his genes on many, many times but each child has less likelyhood of a 'successful' life without full parental support. Now consider someone who invests all their time in just one offspring. They are more likely to succeed in passing their genes on but if that offspring dies then so does their evolutionary branch of DNA. Even if the spray and pray (excuse the analogy) guy loses a few kids it's no big deal from nature's perspective. Which was the more successful strategy on a basic reproduction level? Who's traits will carry forward? The issue comes in the formation of ever bigger societies favouring the small family, large community approach. Psychopathic traits can be extremely damaging to a society as a whole (but not in all cases) and it is my guess that we'll discover a reduction in the number of psychopathic people directly correlates to the rise of settled agricultural societies.
  12. It's the only way to navigate your way through the tangled web of politics, or indeed anything in life. I have to admit, I'm finding it pretty comical seeing the disparity between some of the views on this subject, and some of the views on Brexit, though. I can't help thinking I must have given you a little smile by posting a BBC video to support my point in the last post too!
  13. A new report aimed at identifying a strategy for the UK dairy industry post-Brexit has concluded the future is bright for British dairy farmers. It's neither. Global trade is happening and has been happening for millennia. It's perfectly normal and nothing unusual. Arguing that Britain mustn't indulge in global trade with our greatest allies such as Australia and New Zealand because its "bad for the environment" is, quite frankly, one of the most bizarre arguments against Brexit that I've heard yet from Remoaners, and that's saying something. Australia's five biggest trade partners are China, USA, Japan, South Korea and Britain - all countries which are thousands of miles from Australia. Australia is partaking in global trade - which, outside the EU, is the norm. And I've already pointed out that UK trade with the EU is declining each year. The EU is becoming less and less important to Britain.
  14. Them responses aren't proof. You don't take into account air drag factors, heat losses in multiple areas and how springs loose the ability to store potential over time. What you've described is not going to work. However I would love to see a video of a completed device working as you think it will.
  15. The pawn ticket is proof that a Croton watch was pawned, but the description is proof, or it's proof enough for me, that it wasn't Laci's.
  16. At what point did I say there were no psychopaths? You're just making things up now. I'm more broadly talking about the treatment of people who don't fit into the 'normal' bracket and using the misunderstanding of psychopathy as an example. Calling them mentally ill if they are not is wrong. None of this means dangerous or violent psychopaths don't exist, they certainly do, but not all psychopaths are violent or dangerous. This is the hypocrisy in a thread about how to solve the us and them problem, people just want to neatly label everyone and then finger point to them as the problem.
  17. I thought platinum was silvery, not black or white. thanks for the update.
  18. Why don't you stop letting your detest of our current government blind you to any sense of reality? Partly, you're already preaching to the choir... you already know from political discussion elsewhere on UM that most of us posting here range from current Labour voters, to former Labour voters, through to floating voters. There's no outright love for the Tories here. Secondly, the entirety of Parliament, even a reluctant Corbyn, is backing the government position on this. May is doing everything she can to go through the correct channels, including involvement of other bodies such as NATO, the UN, the OPCW, etc. Thirdly, why all the little Englander crap? This is nothing to do with blustering patriotism. Can you not understand the magnitude of this type of weapon being used? It's not about what it did do. It is about what it can do. They're unanimously prohibited for a reason, as they are potentially utterly devasting to life. We're not talking about a dose of rat poison here. Lastly, for those who's answer to any criticism of Putin is to attack Western policy, let's turn this argument on its head and do some analysis of Putin's rule. If you don't like Western views, look to Russian views, such of those of "opposition" leader Alexei Navalny or former oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Putin isn't a patriotic leader, bringing his country back to greatness. He's basically the head of an organized crime syndicate. Or possibly not even the head any longer, according to Khodorkovsky:
  19. Why not read the study and see for yourself. Turns out we are overdiagnosing because the definitions are too blurry and ill-defined. In fact if you look at the history of the DSM you'll see just how often they have had to change definitions.
  20. His way of testing is wrong then, that doesn't mean there are no psychopaths. It is your strawman.
  21. I know someone just like that, he makes babies with as many women as he can and their marital status means nothing to him. He just sees the children as **** trophies, he is a malignant, sexual and reproductive narcissist/psychopath. The type of person who just keeps repeating the same evils over and over again.
  22. Eldorado

    Candid, and generous, and just, boys care but little whom they trust. An error soon corrected; For who but learns in riper years, that man, when smoothest he appears, is most to be suspected.

    1. Taun


      I am just a poor boy, Though my story's seldom told. I have squandered my resistance, For a pocketful of mumbles .Such are promises
      All lies and jest, Still, a man hears what he wants to hear And disregards the rest

  23. I didn't say he was, I said he wrote the tests that we still use today. This is just another strawman.
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