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  2. I'm positive Schiff is a never Trumper swamp creature that will do and say whatever he can to throw a turd in the punch bowl. Like I said, if this memo is half as relevant as the republicans would have us believe then its gonna hit the fan hard. There is a reason the FBI did everything it could to deny giving the house this information. There is a reason the Dems wanted to hide this information from their republican colleges. And there is a reason Rosenstein tried to have Paul Ryan block the release of this information at the last minute. If it is like you and politico say, just a twisting of the information they were eventually forced to provide after several months of doing all they could to hide it, then why all the secrecy to begin with? If this investigation started out with integrity, and fairness, you'd think the FBI would be more then willing to show how all this got started. They should have been jumping at the chance to remove any doubt expressed by anyone right of Stalin. I mean seriously, you don't think its at all suspicious that everyone on the left worked so hard to hide this information? Even from closed door sessions? I think the republicans now see exactly why the FBI worked ever so hard to keep this, not only out of the view of the public, but out of the view of the people they are held responsible to. And judging by how hard they worked to keep this in the dark, I'm betting the republicans are probably telling the truth right now. You notice the republicans are not trying to draw conclusions for us, but are saying we need to see it. That we will have to decide what it all mean after we see it.
  3. All good and well ... its that self same Tramecksan and Slamecksan back and forth ... ~ ... the big and small ends ... ~ Sparky probably knows not everybody knows ... Politics as a Vocation Link ~ Make hay while the sun shines eh ?
  4. Here's your chance to say some good about Trump__________________ You're right, I AM pleased.
  5. This is actually very dispassionate compare to what I read and hear from Canadians, Europeans and even Japanese. But I tried to convey the general impression without going down to too much insults.
  6. What was their space program? The video's claim that ancient civilizations had nano-technology doesn't match their philosophical concepts. Had they access to nano-technology I imagine their concept of atoms would be much more complete that it was.
  7. My wife and i first noticed them in the beginning of december of 2017,while we were in our backyard we noticed these small neon blue lights flying around and at the time we thought they were somehow reflections of someones christmas lights because we had never seen them and they were strange to say the least. Each night after while letting the dogs out we would always look up to see them and they were always there, we couldn't figure out where they were reflecting from but they are definatly strange and we had never seen them before december. Well Christmas is over and people have taken down there lights but the blue ligths remained and are all over the tree tops and can be seen because all the leaves are gone. They dart around my yard and even my neighbors yards and they leave blue trails at time because they move quickly and there are lots of them, i know this sounds strange but i have never seen this anywhere before,ever. They dont seem agressive and might even be considered friendly,so far so i figured i would see if anyone else has seen this by them. I have not talked about them to my neighbors cause i feel funny saying this but here we dont know anyone so we were just curious if anybody else is seeing these. We tryed to film them with the iphone but it doesnt come out i guess its to dark becuse nothing is filmed.
  8. Of course I can ... its just not the kind of credit you welcomes ... it is for what it is ... Sparky fiddled with the definitions ... and his acolytes are pleased ... that is all that matters ... ~
  9. You just can't give "Sparky" any credit. Can you? Ever....
  10. So I would just need someone to plant evidence to implicate myself and I would be Scott-free? Got it.
  11. Except in this case, you are not a drug lord. In this case you would be somebody that threatens the drug lord's legacy and they want to get rid of you and you are just too high profile to use tried and true methods.
  12. This topic has already been posted here: thread closed
  13. Looking past the smoke and mirrors ...
  14. My take on it was that the Russians that lived there were running a high-stakes gambling ring. Trump just took the fact that they were under surveillance to claim that he was as well. I haven't seen anything to see that his personal conversations were listened into. Maybe this memo will clear this point up. I agree with you on this part. Now given Trump's history with leaks, do you think this unmasking and leaking will stop? You just have to watch how our representatives in the investigative committees act to get the answer to that.
  15. I wonder if you can specify which of the sources mention biased in your view and which info seems unconvincing?
  16. I think the current administration understands the likelihood of a regional or greater war if Iran is allowed to have an uninterrupted logistics train from their border to the Mediterranean. They've long made their intentions clear where Israel is concerned and if they are left unchallenged, Israel WILL attack them in Syria. We should use what force we need to attempt to stop that from happening. A shooting war between Russia, Iran, and Israel would probably escalate into something that none of us want to see. The fact that Gen Mattis has advised Trump to stand up a force of 30K Syrian troops in the area tells me that he understands the consequences/lesson of Obama's withdrawal from Iraq.
  17. No, Just more organic skills and a different working knowledge.
  18. Given that the entire Trump Tower was was most likely being surveilled it wouldn't surprise me. If you missed that hypothesis I'll be glad to repeat it. Let's be clear, everything is being recorded, especially overseas telephone calls. Intelligence agencies can listen to any foreigner talk to anyone but if an American is on the other end of the connection then he or she must be masked and their identity protected. If the analyst suspects that something illegal is going on they can request that the American be unmasked but the analyst MUST prove to the judge at the FISA court that the unmasking is necessary for American security. What is alleged here is that the last administration was unmasking people at an unprecedented level, both before and after the election, without a legitimate reason to do so and worse than that they were leaking those names to the press. Also, they were supplying raw FISA information to unauthorized contractors (presumably Fusion GPS, This is the activity the FISA judge sanctioned last fall). I'm sure there is far more than this going on but we will have to wait and see that. The DoJ and FBI could/should investigate this but I agree that a Special Prosecutor would be a better choice given the players likely involved.
  19. Evidencing that conspiracy is pretty much the key. Yet to see if the memo even attempts to do that. Declassification to the public is at the President's discretion. There's absolutely nothing the minority party can do to stop the majority party from releasing any evidence they like to the rest of Congress.
  20. Construction companies around here hired their employees as subcontractors before and cause a pretty bad negative impression with the larger powerplants/refineries. Some refuse to use companies that operate with subcontractors in an atypical fashion. (Illegal immigrants were hired as "subcontractors" to skirt employee verification and non-skilled/untrained personnel were hired to skirt customer mandated safety and training requirements. They got caught and the hiring company feigned ignorance and pawned responsibility off on the individual "sub contractors".)
  21. Btw, if anyone wants some proof of crimes against humanity, like the American government kept trying to implicate Assad with.. and the people demanding his demize because of that.. just go look at all the DU deformed babies being born in Iraq. Not hard to prove where that came from. Or simply the hundreds of thousands - even millions - of Middle Easterners who died, were mamed, lost their wives and / or children during these illegal wars, based the blatant lies fomented by good ol' USA, with which she herded the Western world into her illegal activities. The ICC will never touch upon that though, too busy sentencing African nationals. Bush is still living like royalty, unabated. And certain people on this board, that seem to suffer from selective memory, should really read up on the actions of their own government, including Trump (given he has continued the foreign policy of his predecessors, against his election promises [surprise surprise]). Everything negative from 'our side' is rationalised and or downplayed, if any one else does it though.. Hurah! The sheer level of hypocrisy is just unsurpassed, comical.
  22. I think we can start blaming this as well. If the magnetic fields are shifting, so does the weather. Now I want to see the AGW scientists blame this on mankind like they do everything else related to "Global Warming"
  23. If this memo is as damning as advertised, there should be another special investigator assigned to probe the facts to the bottom. Hard, irrefutable evidence needs to be gathered and the people need to see it. The swamp creatures have been loathe to attack each other in any meaningful way, lest an escalating tit for tat leads to serious consequences. It seems to me that we may be at the start of a nuclear exchange between them. This could really get ugly. I don't care who the guilty are, HANG THEM!
  24. And covering large areas of the surface with solar panels would be less damaging than these nuclear reactors how exactly? The NASA link in the second post I made says this: And this: So no, they can't use solar.
  25. So if I was a drug lord under investigation all I would have to do is get a dirty cop to plant evidence of guilt against myself and I would be Scott-free? Seems legit.
  26. True but they aren't likely to seek forgiveness so for me I just hit the human delete button and close the door on them. jmccr8
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