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  2. I don't know anything about "tannath"! I simply disagreed with a premise in the post I replied to.
  3. I agree. I believe Clinton knew, or at least her direct staff knew, or they had been briefed at least, in what the DNC, Perkins Coie, and Fusion GPS, were spending money on and what they had found. To assume otherwise would be to logically conclude that they were just spending money to spend money and did not care about results.
  4. Could just be coincidence. Some ancient cultures all thought certain numbers were important, and with specific situations. However, I could also see that there is influences of one onto the other possibly. I'm a practicing Christian, but I recognize that some "truths" of Christianity have been borrowed from older cultures.
  5. Curious. A reply to me that " has not one thing to do with what anyone else on this thread has said" Humans have the ability to be vicarious. They do not have to pretend to be so so important that other aliens cluster here. It really doesn't matter whether or not racist speech covers aliens. This is all about followers of tannath being appealed to by their racist beliefs.
  6. Probably has a lot to do with me being a Brit that married an American gal almost 7 years ago, and moved from England to California. Hardly a big secret. I publicly blogged about it here, on UM, at the time. As 7 years is a lifetime in tech, all of my computer equipment is now American. I have American fricking keyboards, everywhere. Couldn't produce the currency symbol for British Pounds on my keyboard right now in less than 3 minutes if my life depended on it. Along with the American keyboards came American localized operating systems. I fought it for a while to begin with, and then at some point, just gave up and let the spellchecker throw red squiggles at me every time I dared to spell colour with a u. So -- over time, the American tech has slowly been training me to write using your high-falutin American spellingz, y'all. For some reason though, my spellcheck here, in Chrome, is pretty broken. For example -- it lets me type both color and colour, without any red squiggly underlines at all. So, in here -- this is pretty much the raw, un-spellchecked me. As such, you'll find me sloshing between the Queen's English and American English pretty much at will -- especially when I'm tired. Total nightmare, when you're trying to write a novel, I can tell you. Anyway -- it's a fair cop, guv. I plead guilty to mutilating both variants of English on a fairly regular basis, and with wild abandon. Whilst sentencing me for this abominable crime against God and Nature itself, you should take definitely take into account that I give precisely zero h*cks about doing so. It is what it is, and I am what I am.
  7. makes you wonder what could have been if Hillary was elected instead of Trump. would she have bent over for Putin? unlikely and more likely would have ripped erdogan a new one. Trump is weak when it comes to foreign policy and everyone is taking advantage. the only positive i see for America is the U.S. military which seems to be acting with ALOT of latitude in Syria. almost counter productive to Trumps wishes it would seem.
  8. No one is suggesting arming 12 year olds.
  9. Wasn't it Donna Brazil who was saying after she took over the DNC from Debbie what's her name that she learned the extent of the financial problems the DNC was in from the Obama days and Clinton was bank rolling the DNC. Didn't Brazil also say money was extremely tight and Hillary had say of ALL money spent (to who and for what). I seem to remember this coming from Donna after she became fed up with Hillary driving the Clinton campaign bus over her for Hillary's loss. If that's the case, Hillary had to have known about money paid out for the dossier. As others have said here, there's basically no way Hillary didn't know her money was paying for the dossier. It was her money bank rolling the whole thing and there's no way she wasn't controlling where it went and for what. I would love to jump over to an alternate reality where Trump had done everything the DNC and the Dem's have, and see the reaction from the left. I know the answers but, it would still be interesting to watch.
  10. I think the U.S. has painted itself in a corner. They can't do anything against Turkey because they are a NATO ally and the Kurdish support doesn't take precedence over that alliance. They can't support Assad either, who is clearly winning the war, or they would lose face. I think Putin has outplayed both Presidents and one must admit, the U.S. is becoming an irrelevant player in the Syrian conflict.
  11. even if he did I'm sure that a few fellow NATO allies would be quick to point out that a few years ago its wanted to invoke article 5 when Turkey shot down that Russian SU-25. now Putin and Erdogan are best buddies and scheming endlessly in Syria. so yeah, any calls in invoke article 5 would be looked at as Turkish adventurism and not a real threat to NATO.
  12. Seeing as how the existing power lines are supposed to be bad for you, I'd imagine gigantic radiation emitting towers everywhere would be creating a cancer epidemic of Biblical proportions. My friend the other day was speculating that if Tesla had lived longer, if he would have contributed to the Electrical Universe theory. He very much believes that this theory is the truth, and I was hard pressed not to just start looking away in disinterest.
  13. No. What I just said has not one thing to do with what anyone else on this thread has said. That said I do agree that as Humans, we are absolutely the center of our own attention! How could we not be?
  14. You then accept the racist overtones of tanaath, in particular, the suggestion that humans are the center of attention. That's the sort of rubbish that appeals to the rabble.
  15. agreed! the U.S. policy in Syria has been shambolic and will continue to be so until America decides to openly state its intentions and back the relevant parties. wouldn't it have been so much easier if America just backed Turkey?so why didn't they? the Kurds are favoured cause the Turks have plans that run contrary to U.S. goals but Turkey is putting tremendous pressure on America and in particular Trump to not get directly involved. so i suspect that the Americans have chosen the lesser of the two evils. wouldn't you?
  16. You assumption though is that following reason is always going to be for the best. I think the failed Soviet nations show that isn't always so. Could be Judgement Day. Only time will tell. Unless you are a Prophet? I'm as childlike as I need to be, while remaining a logical, and faith embracing, adult I'll check it out.
  17. Space is 3 spatial dimensions, spacetime is 4 dimensional with space and the temporal dimension.
  18. Technically all potential "Aliens" from other planets would different "Species" and even then that is not the correct word, but I don't think there is a consensus yet as the correct definition of "Alien" life and there may not be until we discover such extraterrestrial life. At any rate Humans have always valued themselves above other Species of life here on Earth. Whether this FACT upsets your sensibilities or not is of no consequence.
  19. It's actually a cloud-based device. The HP Stream wasn't meant for people who need plenty of physical storage. It's Microsoft's response to the Chromebooks. It's designed to boot fast (hence the SSD) and browse the web. Every other tasks was intended to be done ''online''.
  20. Well a species that is more intelligent than your average ape can be more elusive than any other creature on land, and I would assume with better senses than humans (smell/hearing/sight) can definitely be harder to find. Especially, if people commonly mistake them for bears. There are a few elusive animals across the world. The stories and claims around the world makes it a bit harder not to believe that the possibility of existence is true rather than not at all. Aardvarks Snow Leopards Jaguars Mountain Lions Wolverines Black-footed Ferrets Giant Forest Hogs Red Pandas (a great example as it is mistaken for a raccoon or bear) A man can easily walk past the same area and ignore the animals, if they believe what they are walking by is something more commonly seen. Governments are actually doing these species a favour if they just let them be ignored. The last thing people with compassion want to see is a more intelligent animal locked up in a cage just for viewing pleasure. Perhaps its conclusive existence could cause issues within our own scientific understanding of humans, and pretending it doesn't exist keeps our textbooks as they are. Food for thought.
  21. I understand what you’re saying. Many airline pilots are former military pilots, and probably have more situational experience. However, in the school shootings there often are ‘hero’ teachers who are recognized for their heroism in protecting their students: Scott Beigel in Parkland, Angela McQueen in Mattoon, Illinois, Megan Silberberger in Marysville, Washington, for example.Those teachers had a personal dedication to their students that surpasses even that of trained police officers (as we saw in Parkland, where the armed deputy didn’t even enter the school to engage the gunman). Teachers that have the sheepdog mentality would be the perfect candidates for ‘marshall’ training.
  22. C.F. People who don’t understand what HAARP does.
  23. Einstein's theory of relativity says that space and time are two aspects of the same thing, namely spacetime. We can distinguish between them, but they are interrelated. So actually 4 known dimensions, including time.
  24. No Meat Ants bite and keep biting but don't burn. Fire Ants I've had the displeasure of meeting on at 13, bit my thigh.
  25. I too have a birthmarks behind my calves that looks like stretch marks, I always thought they were stretch marks but I soon found out from my mother that I was born with it.
  26. It doesn't take long for the scummy racist overtones to be revealed by those that people should reel away from. This Tanaath is just another rotten filthy racist fascist that should be avoided at all costs.
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