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  2. US apparently readying for Iran attack

    Have you got proof, not opinions, proof?
  3. Watch: Man Films Flying Humanoid?

    its not as strange as we are having a nice cilvil back and forth and the trollio in you just has to surface. and you just did what you accuse me of doing by passing your judgement on me and thats that, nothing about your meter is sophisticated, its just biased cheesy fun unlike some i dont like to waste time on bs, this crappy grainy pos video isnt special or unique, the nets full of such tripe, and when i see a trail of bread crumbs leads me to a likely explanation path i take it, this case a hoax, for now. had the camera man walked up on a tired showdow man catching a breath and offered him a drink and videoed a little interview i would go in a different direction but for now this case in on the dung heap as far as im concerned, not because im close minded but rather i want to move to the next case in hopes its better, like i hope your next reply isnt even more trollish.
  4. Psychic attack! Need help!

    That proves what I've been saying, when you focus your mind on it, it is stronger.So if you don't think about it at all it wont exist.If you really want this gone you will try this but I have a feeling your enjoying it.I guarantee when you meditate its your main focus.
  5. US apparently readying for Iran attack

    Oh, and the Iranians aren't belligerent? Please....
  6. I don't believe you

    $68 thousand is top end and it has to be a masters degree too, you could not support a family of 7 on that. But we are talking years ago so MW’s salary was maybe $60 grand to end on after 30 years. Then give millions away, while paying off all your foster kids debt and supporting their kids. Of course, this is an exaggeration it was on the heels of AK’s post who was saying the same thing his mother who is a teacher with a Masters and lives pay check to pay check. Walker swooped in as an opportunity to brag implying that he is the one teacher in the world who was the exception. He also threw in his siblings are all millionaires, this is his new tale. It is always to boost his ego after he loses an argument, or gets refuted.
  7. US apparently readying for Iran attack

    It's hardly the signature of a "false flag" More like a poorly trained Iranian proxy and sub-standard munition.
  8. I don't believe you

    This place is a close to 200 year old monstrosity but she does own it and family members have done all the repairs like me. She also always followed the Quaker rule of simple living and raising much of her own food and we both cook. Plus, like me she made money with her hobbies. ........well, I lost much money with that whole 3 decades of Bigfoot hunting but it was fun comparing notes with @psyche101 about the things we never found.
  9. US apparently readying for Iran attack

    That is a point. Seems like proxy attack.
  10. Orphalesion

    Sorry, but I don't like Captain Marvel's hair at the end of Endgame.I  think it makes her look like an extra in a 1980s step-aerobics video. 

  11. Watch: Man Films Flying Humanoid?

    Strange to me how you clearly just choose what you will believe or not believe and then that's that for you. The Papameter considers all possibilities as still possible. It seems to be a more sophisticated instrument, I would say.
  12. i am not a believer but like with with any of it i say prove me wrong, i place ghosts and hauntings at the bottom of my list of possible, i would suspect that all the bs claptrap tv shows about ghosts, bf, aliens, etc have made many scientists more leary about getting involved in such areas, it does suck, when we see some geek misusing light, emf etc gear saying yep...thats proves a spook is here. i would love to see more real research on what i think ghosts are, the recoded past, not a spirit or entity no consciences, nothing from the other side but a weird phenomenon of the planet and us, like john keel said, the earth doesnt exist like we think it does.
  13. "Ok to be gay" school lessons cause unrest

    Not picking on you aztek...that just struck me funny...what happens if all the men that like men have a sex change and become women?
  14. I don't believe you

    I know a teacher with a Masters in English, (in California we do have higher salaries) who is single and could not survive on her own without working summers and overtime. She does own a home but she lives on a budget. Now a Professor is different they do tend to make much more. I seriously considered being a teacher and passed as there is no money in it, it is a labor of love. I would have started at $12.00 dollars an hour. I tutored rich kids instead. Now, with the online virtual academies ( non union) it is even lower and it has no benefits.
  15. Watch: Man Films Flying Humanoid?

    no but someone mentioned that here and its just a nail in the coffin for me he was pulling a hoax, because im not going to subscribe that it phased out or vanished etc.
  16. Acronym it! (Part 2)

    Pretty Uranian Priestess Irradiates languorously A X L E S
  17. acute

    Donald Trump looks 10 years younger than Joe Biden thanks to eating babies!!!

    1. acute



    2. Piney


      16 minutes ago, acute said:


      Indian babies and only with Heinz Ketchup. :o

  18. "Ok to be gay" school lessons cause unrest

    There’s having a private life, and then there’s keeping your life private in order to avoid a lynch mob. It’s about a man being able to say in casual conversation ‘my boyfriend’ or ‘my husband’ and a woman being able to say ‘my girlfriend’ or ‘my wife’ without judgement or criticism or outright hatred. Alan Turing, genius, war hero, died because of his sexuality, accepted castration, and died believing he was criminally and socially disfigured. This tragedy alone should highlight just how heinous the lack of understanding is. He was only pardoned in 2013, and just him, all the other gay people who weren’t famous remain criminals. As for the school. Teachers aren’t going to be delivering sex education, they’re not going to be saying gay men like bum sex, lesbians don’t like penetration. All it will be is it’s okay for men to love men and women to love women. This is important because regardless of someone’s religion they are growing up in a society where actually, these things are okay. Religion does not trump law, and ultimately if these kids with their stupid parents grow up believing the devil has made them fundamentally evil they are going to get into all sorts of legal trouble.
  19. Man drop-kicks Arnold Schwarzenegger

    It didn't seem to phase him too much.. Bodyguard was smart enough to drag him off camera..I'm sure that idiot is hurtin' today.
  20. {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    oh, I told you so ghost a-go-go in the flesh "shhh", they might hear us
  21. sure, i believe the cash incident was a secret craft "we" were testing. to be honest i have seen more than one doctor claim to be cashs orginal dr, but i have seen doctors who without question examined her and say no way radiation was involved, on one documentary one of her drs compared her symptoms of radiation poisoning to someone in Hiroshima i suspect more for dramatic flare than actual scientic reasons, then radiation specialists say no, shecwasnt exposed to radiation, a problem here is its all hearsay because there is no published anything that proves she has any radiation exposure. so no, i do not believe radiation was involved at all, but if it was she wasnt exposed to it. of course i dont think ET had anything to do with it but it was by definition a UFO. the intelligent being i believe made this craft are lowly humans. since i didnt says "flames" you are misquoting me , i suggested heat, car exhaust will burn you and shouldn't be a flame at the tail pipe, ive always been into rc stuff and many years back when the mini helicopters came out i saw this, dont laugh, its small toy but serves where im going, the craft cash saw might have been very simple and prop driven, drone stuff, in the dark she wouldnt have seen blades and it would have had a hot down draft, more so if malfunctioning, and who knows what type engine,
  22. anton00

    Being authentic?

    Life is not always easy,

    And one may need masking.

    However... dare be yourself,

    Express your self.

    To be you, have the balls,

    We live only once, after all.



  23. XenoFish

    I wonder what my brother would've been like?

    1. lightly


      A preacher and eternal optimist ?;)

  24. I don't see the problem! After Brexit and the next Scottish Independence vote, Hadrian's Wall will be rebuilt (at its original height) by the Scottish National Party.
  25. Australian Federal Election 2019

    That is true and its a passive way to make a statement.
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