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  2. With apparent black eyes that were wide as saucers, a woman broke into a home that had just been moved into on this past 4th of July. These possession stories can often be pushed aside as circumstances that lead to hellish behavior, but what do you all think? https://www.wavy.com/news/her-eyes-were-completely-black-va-family-fends-off-naked-woman-who-claimed-to-be-the-devil/ Sorry if some may think this applies to the section of offbeat news, but I think it also fits here as well. A thanks to Dead Rabbit Radio for the story:
  3. No one chooses what they believe

    There are a lot of things that don't seem to occur to you, your error of course is not factoring that fact into your conclusions. It is not a lack of understanding and knowledge by other people, it is actually apparently others' superior understanding of how words are used, what the purpose of language is, how to clearly communicate, little things like that. Maybe you'll run into an English teacher at some point who can elaborate on this for you. Not atheists, you mean English speakers. One reason we don't use 'purpose' with nature or evolution is because '“Nature works in a perfectly ordered and purposeful way, everything is s it is and each part has purpose” is exactly something a creationist would say, and they are using the word correctly. Thus your word usage reduces understanding instead of increasing it, contrary to good communication.
  4. No one chooses what they believe

    You just became an atheist one day? There weren't factors the continually pushed you into the change? It was just abrupt?
  5. Just to put this in a bit more context, I'd add another personal story. I was 11 when Apollo 11 landed on the Moon, and couldn't get enough information - every newspaper, every magazine article, I sent off for books and souvenir brochures - I still have most of it. And I was lucky enough in my teens (and then several times in later life) to visit the Parkes radio antenna dish in Australia (aka "The Dish", in the wonderful movie of the same name - I was just like that little kid..). During one of those visits, I got to meet one the folks who was in the control room and was given a 'special' tour of the entire facility. He was a very typical 'old-school' bloke, and we chatted at length about that day - I could see he was absolutely brimming with pride at his part in the reception of the TV broadcasts. There are literally thousands of people like him around the globe, who were intimately involved in small but vital parts of the entire process. The 'proof' in this case is that the Dish had to be pointed absolutely accurately at the location on the Moon where Apollo was. Different locations for Buzz and Neil, versus the orbiting Mike in the command module... There is simply NO possible way to put something hovering above the Dish to get that effect. There is a parallax issue, a rotating earth issue, the revolving moon... and a simple, incredibly narrow radio transmission that could not possibly have come from anywhere but the Moon. And the astronauts were interacting live on that transmission - they were THERE. Like Merc, I find it deeply insulting that deniers denigrate the achievements of others, and I have to suspect that it is because they have nothing in their own lives to be proud of..
  6. 'Getting' boring? Its been a snooze fest from the point you hijacked it and dumped your ego into the middle of it.
  7. Ghosts Arc'ing

    Thread cleaned, Please remember to treat all members with respect Old and New
  8. Army in 60-70's. You must have stories Bk, I joined in the Reagan years so a much different military. Always liked to see the carriers recovering those missions but also fully endorse to new gen of commercial space exploration.
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  10. Peake Bay Australia

    I have to say I'm not real impressed with a jet ski because it to have been stationary. To my untrained eye it looks like it was stationary near a darker patch; ie, structure. My guess is recreational fishing
  11. Climate Change is a Hoax

    Since we were talking about the Sun and Solar effects on clouds and Climate in general here is the new Zharkova Paper. Oscillations of the baseline of solar magnetic field and solar irradiance on a millennial timescale And a presentation by Zharkova. Zharkova and colleagues were one of only 2 out 150 models that predicted Solar Cycle 24 to be less active than Solar Cycle 23. Her model predicts a new grand Solar minima beginning next year and lasting through to 2055.
  12. The Sajama Lines

    Thanks for being here. I have spent my working career as a tolerable engineer with an interest in a good many other things. Reading the posts here is quite satisfying. Not to swell your heads unnecessarily, but there are a plethora of people here that know their fields and are willing to take the time to explain. It keeps us pedestrians from going too far astray and winding up in the woo.
  13. I remember those days well, myself in my 20's. I saw every launch and splashdown watching footsteps on the Moon. The only mission I missed was A13, as I was in Army basic without TV or radio. Missed the whole thing and didn't know what happened to them until after they had returned with the help of a lot of dedicated men trying to accomplish a mission gone wrong.
  14. Mexico border wall: Trump defends emergency

    The Democrats are creating this crisis. Good argument.
  15. Hawken

    All countries need drivers to deliver goods. They don't need politicians like AOC. image.



  16. As Habitat rightly points out, very few deniers are burdened with technical abilities! For that particular one, they simplistically claim that either those who are doing the laser sending and receiving are cheating and are paid shills, or that the reflectors were sent up separately and carefully positioned and levelled by a clever little spacecraft.. A technical rebuttal of that can get complicated, so the denier will immediately change to something else... There are quite a lot of undeniable proofs - I may pop back later and list them for the purposes of 'completing' this thread. Some of the more interesting ones are those where subsequent (and unpredictable) advances in technology have actually allowed us to examine the evidence in detail that was impossible in the 60's and 70's. We already have imagery (admittedly from NASA) from the LRO (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter) showing all the LM Descent stages exactly where they should be. That imagery clearly shows the astronauts tracks, experimental devices and even the Lunar Rovers, all exactly as fully documented in the Journals (which were published long long ago) and image archives. There are other surveying spacecraft up there from other countries (more to come) and some of those have also shown some of the landers, if not at the same resolution as LRO. It's worth noting that the LRO's data transmission back to earth is not encrypted and can be intercepted and examined by anyone with a decent enough antenna, in real time... There's a whole pile of stuff like that - and only a true lunatic (pun intended) could still think that it was faked. Unless, of course, they were new to all this and had just heard about the denial claims. Those folks are my target...
  17. UK inmates could get own cell keys as reward

    Over the years I've heard that UK prisons are so accommodating that the inmates get three healthy meals each day, access to TV, radio, a library, newspapers, gym, sports, education, healthcare, video games, board games, paid work, other various indoor and outdoor activities, lifelong friendships, and of course no women to nag at them. Sounds like the ideal place to live. What's the catch?
  18. UK divers encounter gigantic, rare jellyfish

    Now I have doubts about this Jellyfish. I know most jellyfish can live up to 15-18 months with luck and others in case there are no depredators can live up to 20 years. I wonder how long these specie live. I am pretty sure it has been feeding for a while without being disturbed.
  19. That's what I was thinking. The Northwest Passage bit.
  20. I think that it might have affected later versions, yes... the "northwest passage" bit. But not the first incarnation.
  21. I wonder if the Franklin Expedition added to the story? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franklin's_lost_expedition
  22. Trying to convince people by technical arguments, no good, scoffers are technically illiterate. Trying to convince by common sense arguments, as for example, if it was successfully faked, no need to keep repeating it, after #11, but hey, that is common sense, something that would surely be a scarce commodity in the hoax brigade. Leave them to their follies !
  23. It's puzzling that they're prepared to make statements to the MSM but don't host a press release on their own official sites. It limist access to the statement to all media organisations. The reported statements just seem like they've been thrown a bone.
  24. Can't they use this as proof we have been to the moon? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lunar_Laser_Ranging_experiment
  25. Very much so!! Such an incredible event in human history and though I was a preteen I still remember that day. The last movie I saw with my brother, before he passed, was Apollo 11 which I was so happy he could see as he enjoyed it immensely, as ill as he was. I do take it personally, I guess, when people degrade that event with their ridiculous claims. On the 21st we can read the latest excuse for the lack of proof and hopefully, one day, people will outright dismiss these frauds out of hand. Or maybe we won't, as Derek has been obviously absent.
  26. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread III

    We have a heat advisory from Thurs. afternoon until Sat. evening. Since I cannot go swimming I will stay in the AC.
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