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  2. A team from the Université libre de Bruxelles's centre for archaeological research (CReA-Patrimoine) has completed a significant excavation in Pachacamac, Peru, where they have discovered an intact mummy in especially good condition. Pachacamac's status as a Pre-Colombian pilgrimage site under the Inca empire is confirmed by further evidence. Peter Eeckhout's latest campaign of archaeological excavations has concluded with an exciting surprise: After nine weeks spent exploring the Pre-Colombian site of Pachacamac in Peru, the researchers from CReA-Patrimoine (ULB Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences) have unearthed a mummy in especially good condition. "The deceased is still wrapped in the enormous funeral bundle that served as a coffin," says professor Peter Eeckhout. "Discoveries like this one are exceptionally scarce, and this mummy is incredibly well preserved. Samples were collected for carbon-14 dating, but the area in which it was discovered and the type of tomb suggest this individual was buried between 1000 and 1200 AD." https://phys.org/news/2018-05-archaeologists-year-old-mummy-peru.html
  3. The Urantia Papers

    Yea, just like the flying Spaghetti Monster boys
  4. My Newfound Agnosticism

    Thank you, I appreciate that.
  5. Civically is this a good idea?

    I personally oppose executive political officials having the power to pardon anyone at all. Should have never become law. Either the law applies to everyone equally or it doesn't. It's as simple as that.
  6. Epic rant about the metric system

    Why? Because Base 10 is easier!
  7. Summer Of Love

    I can easily list out all of the reasons why I resist Trump (though it might take me a day or two there's so many), so my opposition to Trump isn't merely me going along with the 'trendy' thing to do. If I was just doing what's popular, I'd probably be pro-Trump on here given that the majority of people who post in the political section seem to be so. My opposition is directly rooted in his policy positions. No more, no less.
  8. Epic rant about the metric system

    I had a discussion with a co-worker about this not too long ago. She's from up north and thought the world of the metric system and I asked her, "So then, you don't mind paying for gasoline in liters?" That ended the discussion...
  9. I think this "phenomenon" has real earth-based explanations. I categorically dismiss any claims of abductions. I'm sure to some (most?) of those who claim to have been abducted the event may seem real. However, I think there are some psychological reasons that explain most if not all accounts. Just my two cents.
  10. Vlad the Mighty

    Please enter your credit card details in the space provided below.







  11. Summer Of Love

    Not everyone from the baby boomer generation was a hippie, hippies were a subculture of baby boomers that shared similar ideologies and practices. It's ridiculous to compare a subculture of one generation to the entirety of another generation. You're (no surprise) painting with an extremely broad brush.
  12. Epic rant about the metric system

    Full of measurements that haven't been used for hundreds of years.
  13. Epic rant about the metric system

    Isn't the imperial system wonderful?
  14. Home invasion repelled with guns

    2 civilians rushed to their cars to get their guns before fatally shooting Oklahoma City restaurant gunman. https://www.yahoo.com/gma/civilian-shoots-kills-suspect-opened-fire-oklahoma-city-100100575--abc-news-topstories.html if they had guns with them, in the restaurant, the shooter would be killed sooner,
  15. Hi Sherapy Thanks, did read the first few chapters and will spend some more time this evening to read through. I haven't ever felt that I did not know if I was dreaming or not. Live doesn't have a rewind to it where in my lucid dreams I can stop rewind edit and forward if I don't like where I let the lucid dream go unrestricted. jmccr8
  16. Maybe she's just a poor person born into a middle-class body?
  17. Summer Of Love

    I think the main difference between the kids during the hippy days and the kids today has to do with the mindset of the parents. Back then, parents generally had no idea what was driving what the kids were trying to say. They pretty much didn't care what kids had to say which only drove them to become more determined. Kids remember "where to be seen and not heard." Today, it's the parents who are to be seen and not heard.
  18. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    That depends. When you sit by your window with a pair of binoculars and a blanket draped over your lap, then you know you're old. How's the turtle doing?
  19. MH17 downed by Russian military missile

    Well, if it's good enough for the Dutch, it's good enough for me ! (saving your presence, Phaeton80)
  20. Yellowstone grizzly bears to be hunted

    For the first time in nearly two human generations, the iconic grizzly bears that have long been associated with the wild environs around Yellowstone National Park will be legally hunted as trophy animals. The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission on May 23 gave its unanimous approval to commence a controversial hunt of bruins this coming autumn. They will allow for 22 grizzlies to be hunted, 12 of which can be females. The apex predators can be shot for sport on public and private lands just beyond Yellowstone and its crown jewel neighbor park, Grand Teton. https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2018/05/yellowstone-grizzly-bear-hunts-wyoming-controversy-animals/
  21. People rarely say thank you when others help

    That is absolutely fine, and I'm not necessarily arguing against that. I'm just saying that if someone else doesn't say please and thank-you to you or to me then there's no reason to get worked up about it. They aren't necessarily going out of their way to be rude, and if you you or I think they're being rude, or if you or I think they should say please or thank you, then it seems to impose upon them this master-slave dynamic I used as analogy. Behave how you believe best however don't necessarily expect others to replicate that behaviour. The same thing goes with generous behaviour. If you give gifts and feel bummed when someone doesn't return a gift to you then you are, or I am, missing the spirit of what gift giving is all about. I think this is what is meant by "unconditionalism" in sayings such as "love unconditionally" and so forth. So, for the point of this topic, I think it misses the spirit in which please and thank you originates. This "eye for an eye" thing is stupid. "I behave this way so you should too". At least to my way of thinking about it. I say please and thank you all the time, and you're welcome. I legitimately don't bat and eye if someone doesn't say it to me, and if they do say it I can tell if it's not meant sincerely, makes me feel awkward. Just "saying it because they should" type thing.
  22. All Roads Lead Back to Barack Obama

  23. I should go there and take a rock, then I would at least have a scapegoat to blame when something ****ty happens to me. Right now I just blame bad luck.
  24. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    Getting hot here in FL. Love the weather but the damn mosquitoes are vicious. I can handle wasps, yellow jackets and all the other flying stinging bugs as well as the giant spiders. I'm even used to the gnats. But the mosquitoes are the worst. Some benefits of FL are that we have lots of cool birds and yesterday there was a random turtle in my backyard which is very rare for the suburbs. I think he's been munching on the swiss chard. That's another benefit of jogging (or walking) around the neighborhood as apposed to driving; you get to see a surprising amount of wildlife. Believe it or not the vultures can be intimidating because they are just huge, they're like pterodactyls. I never cared about this stuff up until about 5 years ago. Maybe one of the signs of getting older? If so I'm gonna consider mummification and I want you guys to do my wraps, @kmt_sesh will be in charge but I'm keeping my boxers on you pervs.
  25. Well, she's hardly the only one. Linda Sarsour publicly self-identified as a black Palestinian. It seems that reality and biology are just ideological positions these days.
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