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  2. I have been thinking the same. No matter what they come up with next, I can almost guarantee that if and when we ever do get to building a wall along our southern boarder, you hear cries from the media that Trump will profit directly from the construction. That's basically a give me.
  4. What is chicken salt?
  5. Chicken Schnitzel, chips, gravy, salad and chicken salt. A good one will cost you max of AU $18 for dinner
  6. That looks fantastic. I already ate but this is making me hungry. Bad girl, you're making me drool all over my keyboarddddddddddd
  7. this is what you call a good pub meal
  8. Blue is fashionable at the moment.
  9. The place that made me sick was Chinese place. Best ones here are from a place called Chicken Chef, they use fresh cut potatoes and not frozen ones with chicken salt
  10. But not from that chicken place, right? This looks good.
  11. Ok... I'm behind the times... They split five yes ago... Nevermind.. lol
  12. I've heard this story many times. It's still baffling and weird.
  13. Exactly. There are so many changes the Earth goes through
  14. Just a thought that passed through my mind.... Both Dana Bash and John King, who are married and work for CNN.... Which one has the greater salary?
  15. It's not the first time this sort of thing happened. Disappearing buildings is often confused with timeslips. There was the case of four people going on holiday and stayed in a nice old fashioned hotel. They returned to this location but instead the hotel was gone and in its place was a ruin. More here. EDIT sorry I messed up the link
  16. I agree with XenoFish in that life has no inherent meaning, point or purpose. These are all human created concepts that only serve to help convince a person that such a thing actually exists. In short it is all a game of pretend, essentially. Granted some "games" are necessary such as caring for others and trying not to be a king-sized jerkwad but otherwise there is no grand plan for life. I found something on the net that seems to adequately sum it up: Human life has no meaning independent of itself. There is no cosmic force or deity to give it meaning or significance. There is no ultimate destiny for man. Such a belief is an illusion of humankind's infancy. The meaning of life is what we choose to give it. Meaning grows out of human purposes alone. Nature provides us with an infinite range of opportunities, but it is only our vision and our action that select and realize those that we desire.... Thus the good life is achieved, invented, fashioned in an active life of enterprise and endeavor. But whether or not an individual chooses to enter into the arena depends upon him alone. Those who do can find it energizing, exhilarating, full of triumph and satisfaction. In spite of failures, setbacks, suffering, and pain, life can be fun. --Paul Kurtz So there you have it. It is an illusion we create. We can only do what we can do so why worry about purpose and point when we have a very real life to contend with?
  17. So Turkey has started it's offensive. What do the guys here think. Will the US back our Kurdish allies or are we backing our Turkish allies? Or are we leaving both to fend for themselves and hope there are no hard feelings?
  18. CNN loves identity politics
  19. Nope. Have you ever heard of such a thing?
  20. .7 Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) is one of several cities now offering women only sections on public transportation It's on CNN... This must be true
  21. Just make sure not to include cheese in your shower. It'll get messy.
  22. Aw, but the party's just begun. Have a good night and see you tomorrow. Please bring some of that taco dip.
  23. Ah, it was ChaosRose. Hats off to her, then. All hail the reptilian queen! I laughed so hard at those videos, I think I tinkled a little.
  24. Hmm, that is the sixth time you have called me a Democrat. I might have to vote for the one running for president next time around. I'd hate for you to be wrong 100% of the time.
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