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  2. Watch....Robot dogs pull a truck

    We'll probably develop some type of "power armor" first. The major issue as was pointed out is power supply.
  3. I don't believe you

    I see a thin stream of water falling from a height to splash on the rocks below. A young woman stands before it dressed in somber colors her long black hair disturbed by the wind and a sad expression on her face. Urbanization corrupted our spirits, from ancient Sumer to Mayapan it was all the same.
  4. Well, when I actually do speak I am told I have a lovely International accent. .....and Unlike Micheal Beck in 'Son of a Man Called Horse' I actually had a Yorkshire accent.
  5. Watch....Robot dogs pull a truck

    I do not doubt that, just that we are still have some ways to go.
  6. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    True dat! Biggest error we've made as a country is becoming just divided enough to fail to comprehend we're all losing a little more each day. (BTW Sir, on your message boards, does American spelling of certain words (destabilize, color vs destabalize, colour) jump out at you like your spelling does for me? I've posted on message boards for nearly two decades and I still find myself unable to not pause when I see it. Obviously I am very limited! LOL)
  7. JVG

    Wow it raining buckets now. We are already 3 inches above normal for rain fall and this storm will push it up higher... We may need a Ark soon...

    1. Piney


      Here too. 

    2. XenoFish


      Y'all must be getting what we had. 

  8. Watch....Robot dogs pull a truck

    I will bet that this robot is not autonomous and powered by batteries.
  9. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Theres a little revisionist history in that statement he has wholly thrown out what were not too long ago Republican tenets. Balanced budget? Smaller government? Honest Government? Moral leadership? Those are all undeniably tossed out the window. I would argue constitutionality is as well but understand the right will never own that so just set it aside.
  10. Watch....Robot dogs pull a truck

    I'm pretty sure that one day robots will make up armies.
  11. Hi Piney You must be a citizen of the world then. jmccr8
  12. Doppelganger

    i was often on the receving end of MWoo7 tale, it happened too much in the 80s early 90s, people were just sure i was the cat they knew who was most times in another state, one older guy said i talked, moved, etc like his buddy, and i talk/sound odd, i have a weird unexplaned accent, like Elvis but not exactly, and i dont flow when i move. around 87 88 a lady from norway out at disney on a vacation with her family was so taken by how much i looked like her friend they took pics, the huband agreed and the little kids just thought i was the fellow. what makes it odder, i am 6' 2" hair to my waist, and in the 80s did all the punk eyeliner hair color fun stuff etc....but even now i dont blend. i do just write it off to how much can people really vary....
  13. Wellllll.....This chucklehead does say I'm a Norse Catholic.
  14. Hi Piney I was sure you were going to affirm my suspicions, Thanks jmccr8
  15. Watch....Robot dogs pull a truck

    Unless there's some sort of amazing power supply that's super duper top secret i cannot imagine that these things can run very long without recharging. Not a useful amount of time I would wager. Also I really don't believe the capability to use them in any way that requires true AI is possible yet. Robotics has certainly come a long way but, for the moment at least, I still think we are ways off from truly functional/over all useful robots. If they had such capabilities now they'd already be saturating the market.
  16. Geezus Jay!!! This is one of the frauds @Iilaa'mpuul'xem and I ran down.
  17. Theosophy

    When I returned there were not 25 or so replies, so I thank you for evaporating their bickering.
  18. Hi BorizBadinov Yeah, that's why I said it could take me some time to find source material links, and I think most are either misinterpreted or misrepresented but that's show biz. (likely Nordic aliens) jmrccr8
  19. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Gotta be honest...the reasons most folks usually vote for Republicans, Trump is dominating. The reason most folks usually vote for Democrats, he's falling flat. Thus, you probably are a Democrat. And I truly mean nothing negative or derogatory by that. The only alternative is that you just dislike Trump personally and can't get past that no matter what good he does (relative to what most R voters want their guy/gal to accomplish). Nothing insulting meant there either, my better half has only recently agreed that is a fair description of her. On a side note, off topic, I wish the mods could enforce a rule that every poster has to allow themselves to be vulnerable in one post per, I don't know, every 50. 49 out of 50 still allows folks to keep the opposition at a distance, but a 2% rule gives provides an opening to find potential friends in unexpected places.
  20. Watch....Robot dogs pull a truck

    search and rescue....going into battle....guide dogs.....what purpose does a humanoid robot have?
  21. That's quite a list of sites claimed. It seems they were all over, at least according to some. I wonder if the stone foundations near me are Norse? What else could they be?
  22. Creme Egg 'addict' has tattoo on her back

    The only candy that I like are Reese's pieces/cup. I'm just not big on sweets. I might try another cadbury egg just to see if my taste buds have changed.
  23. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Hand to God I am not trying to be a dick, but I've wanted to comment on a couple posts and don't want to take a whole page doing so one at a time. 1. I agree with you that the dossier was not the original or sole impetus for the investigation. Will you stipulate that this Mueller thing likely never happens without the dossier though? 2. Where I may ruffle feathers...I know you were mostly being clever and witty, but isn't this post a small bit toward the specious side? Clinton was 21 when she was Republican, a college girl following the primary influence in her life up to that point, her father (with the mountain climber she was named after finishing a distant second). And Trump was then as he is now, being sensational based on what gave him the most exposure. Not many Republicans throwing swanky parties in NYC in those days, certainly none on the talk show circuit. I like what the guy is doing for the country as a whole, but we can't use his penchant for whoring for attention as a basis to conclude he was ever a Democrat then or Republican now. Wow, maybe I dislike the guy as much as some of you?!!
  24. AG Barr confirms spying on Trump campaign

    No, no it wasnt
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