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  2. I'm trashed, so disregard everything after this. Maybe before this. Who knows, really.
  3. The rare ones.
  4. Good night TC
  5. We'll miss you.
  6. Goodnight see you tomorrow
  7. One of the remakes I really actually like
  8. You're a bear now.
  9. It's that time once again, I need to get to bed to get up early in the a.m. Have a good one!!
  10. I'm an actual biologist, and it's not possible because of physiology. Spartan is right, look up the Square-Cube Law for a start.
  11. your restraint angers me. joke suppressor then again could be I'm just really tired. carry on
  12. Boriz is back. Hello Boriz.
  13. "The AATIP team, Elizondo says, took strange-sighting reports from pilots, as well as associated data like camera footage and radar returns, and tried to match them with known international aircraft signatures. “What we found many times was the fact that the aircraft did not belong to anybody,” so in this paragraph, what we have is the DoD admitting that these signals captured by U.S. pilots and installations don't MATCH any known aircraft. the reality is that this is the closest we have come to the U.S. government confirming the existence of extraterrestrial aircraft.
  14. Either banned or never returned. Your name rings a bell
  15. JN was banned? I am a bit surprised and also not at all. It is a public forum and you can hold strong views and do not need to enforce them all over and maybe that was the issue. JN was very black and white. I was Nile_Shaman.
  16. I joined in 2005, was here until about 2009. Left for the most part and returned here and there. Came back again for good in 2016.
  17. Atamarie Friend .. Welcome to the UM .. This is a fascinating experience.. I agree totally about the Race Wars ..Hence the Word... RACE... Competition, competing.. I like the word Nativity, for The People of the Nations .. We are all One .. You were abducted..? May I ask please, what was your experience like ..? And being African American, and Caucasian in One Lifetime.. That is Amazing .. Genetic Experimentation.... Wow .. More Alien than human.. Oooh I'm even more fascinated ..... You are an Intriguing Character .. I too know that there are Friendly Aliens and Entity's .. Thankyou for Sharing your Story .. Peace to you and yours.. Mo..xx
  18. Similar ages and vibes play a big part in it.
  19. He got banned I think. I lurked until 08 then joined. Who were you back then?
  20. Was one. Not sure if you would get along or not. Still coming to know your positons better in the topics :). JN left maybe in 09 or so iirc
  21. thank you ZZ. I took it that way but wanted to ask. Some features here now are new to me. It is nice to start making new friends here again, I miss my old ones and the community here.
  22. There's a JustNormal? It sounds like I want to know that person. Maybe not, but it seems so.,
  23. I started in 07 as well. Dad got bad and I left for him and came back in 14 or so and then he got bad again and passed last Sept. Now I am back and don't have the log in for it so starting over
  24. Rings a bell, but cant remember it. Lol back when it was demons all the time, now its ghosts with demons.
  25. topic yes, story no!
  26. Yeah I remember friends. I had a slew of those, but this follow thing is ... just new to me. I mean I like the two fine so far as a new poster. Back then... did you ever get embroiled in that demonic mess with JustNormal? That exploded just as I joined and I got into that crowd at first.
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