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  2. it really is not irrelevant who because it was more the thought process which triggered my mind at the TIME which is relevant. All i did was remember what the spiritual person said.They probably all say that.
  3. Well Fukushima's already defecating into the Pacific, how much more harm could there really be anyway.
  4. "Ok to be gay" school lessons cause unrest

    You did misread that. What I did say was plain English and not rocket science.
  5. What do you think i "believe"? I do not think you have understood what i put. Ofcourse time is important, but my point is, during mans time on Earth, there has been no proof of an after life. Beliefs are not proof. Neither are people who have lost a loved one saying they have had a sign. If the "born, living and dying " cycle also consisted of an after life, then every single person would be able to witness it, nit just the believers. You do not need a medium, to confirm the birth of a baby or the life and death of a person, so why do some people go to them to see if they can make contact with the dead? If there really was an after life, there would not be 3 stages of the cycle of mans exsistance, there would be 4 and mediums would never have set up shop in the first place. You are born. You live. You die THOSE ARE FACTS. You go to an afterlife = BELIEF
  6. acute

    If you watch Real Life Crime shows, the vast majority of crimes are committed in Dade County, Cook County, Las Vegas, and Australia! :o

  7. Mossad foreknowledge 911 attacks

    Comey has just given a new interview to NPR that drives this home. In it, Comey admits that his decision to sharply criticize Clinton at a July 2016 news conference — at which he closed the email probe — was not only a break with department protocol but also that it would have been “reasonable” under the circumstances to have said nothing. link Your point is nullified and been sent to the CT section where it will stagnate until another gullible right winger comes along and uses it again as a poor excuse.
  8. Been looking into that TTSA stuff lately...Still trying to figure out what it's all about...
  9. A quick read tells two things - 1. They have NO proof or even any sketchy evidence that it is actually leaking anything and 2. "Of course, there are questions of compensation and mechanisms to allow these impacts to be minimized." Dare we inquire as to the real purpose of their concerns?
  10. We've over this so many times. These are misinterpretations by the staff at the for profit TTSA and their buddy Luis Elizondo who was described by the Senator from Nevada as doing nothing but creating a pile of paperwork
  11. So they know for sure? Hmmm, I keep reading stuff that says they never knew what they were. Maybe I am reading old stuff I guess. Stereo are there any recent research on this? Maybe a link I could look at?
  12. "Ok to be gay" school lessons cause unrest

    Do you know what a question is? I asked how many of them liked their lives in the shadows? Not on the front page. You think I'm projecting? Hell, lady. My best friend back in the early 2000's was gay. Coolest dude I ever met. I was his freaking wingman. You think I care if someone's gay? Hell to the no. I judge a person by the quality of their character and nothing else. You think I have issues with people. My middle child is trans. S/he is still my kid and I still care about my kid. Don't you dare judge me. Once thing I've learned about people is that a lot of them like their privacy. Their lives quiet and in the background.
  13. US apparently readying for Iran attack

    Yes, I'm sure that you consider him a paragon of virtue and civility. Bottom line is he KNOWS better than to attack U.S. troops and that's all to the good.
  14. Time will tell because that is the catalyst of existence.I understand for someone like you with you beliefs time may not matter in your eyes but i tell you one day you will realize time is the most important key element of the universe.
  15. "Ok to be gay" school lessons cause unrest

    Don't like competition? What else would you do with your time dear aztek?
  16. "Ok to be gay" school lessons cause unrest

    You just wrote how many gays liked being in the closet? If anyone is projecting it's you. No they didnt.
  17. "Ok to be gay" school lessons cause unrest

    try to follow the thread, and stop trolling, and i know trolling when i see one
  18. Where did you meet this spiritual person and how did you know they were a 'spiritual' person?
  19. Animal Lifespans

    He works at a zoo.
  20. "Ok to be gay" school lessons cause unrest

    It wasn't a rant. Your quote was saying just because they are attempting to teach tolerance doesn't mean they'll be accepted. It was an example but maybe you didn't comprehend it. Islam doesn't accept a few things same as Christianity but last time I checked we aren't under a theocracy and our laws aren't subject to change to suit religions.
  21. Fallacy: "rather rely on testimony from many actual eye witnesses" What about the witnesses that reported a boomerang shape, or a semi circle, other shapes? Fallacy: "Believe it or not, people in Arizona know what military aircraft look like." The people of Arizona are no better and the flares of event 2 show that they are not any better. It was not possible to see the aircraft with binoculars or a telescope. Two witnesses had these instruments and saw they were planes. Fallacy: "Juist trying to establish the *existence* of unidentified flying objects, that's all." The event #1 was positively identified as planes. Event #2 was positively identified as flares.
  22. "Ok to be gay" school lessons cause unrest

    Someone get me a mop and a washcloth, someone emotionally projected all over me. Thanks for assuming I have hate or whatever for people different that I am, really appreciate that. Sounds like you're the one with the issues not I.
  23. Tourists have made a section of Hadrian's Wall collapse by climbing on top of it Visitors are standing on the historic World Heritage site so they can take selfies A whole 10ft section of the wall has collapsed at Steel Rigg in Northumberland A local claimed that he had even seen families standing on the historic landmark https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7050375/Selfie-loving-tourists-make-Hadrians-Wall-collapse-clamber-historic-landmark.html So friggin ridiculous! Narcissistic a-holes
  24. If she has truly moved on to the afterlife, how can she communicate with you? Unless she's an earthbound spirit or a deceitful spirit feeding off your emotions. Because according to some lore, once they move on, that's it. Typically any earthbound soul is just a shadow of the dead. Not even a fully conscious entity. At most "she" is a thought-form you created out of grief.
  25. There has been enough time past for a telling, it has not happen. If there were an afterlife, enough people have passed away over the centuries for any proof to have been shown, as it has not happened before, there is no reason for it to happen now or in the future. Lets forget technology, an after life has nothing to do with any of that, man today is no different to man of the past in terms of being born, living and then dying, we all have, do and will do in the future go through the same process. I can never understand why people 'today' say "time will tell" . Our exsistance today will be part of the past in the future, and in the future some people will be saying the same "time will tell" story just like others have done before them, because they BELIEVE it will. Time was on the side of any after life to be proven, its about time some people realise, that time was up many years ago. But that does not mean believing in it is wrong, if it gives comfort then that can not be a bad thing. But although it will initially give comfort, does it help.people to move on? I do nor think it does if they do not let go after time. The thought of the ones i loved who have passed away, being somewhere without their bodies, without their senses, without their home and without the ones they loved, is to me not something i see as comforting.
  26. "Ok to be gay" school lessons cause unrest

    They didn't because they were already facing arrests, harrassment, discrimination and inability to walk the streets without being beaten and killed. And here is a memo gays, disabled, people of color are not going to hide away or pretend so you or anyone else can be comfortable in your bigotry and fear. Get over yourselves. Get over your hatred because we are not going away.
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