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  2. Eldorado

    Tried to make an appointment with a psychic today but she told me that I won't turn up.

  3. Ogbin

    "Cherish your human connections-your relationships with friends and family"

    Barbara Bush

  4. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    It's a bit much. Engorged you might say.
  5. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    I usually do when I pull a boner. (Too on the nose?)
  6. Probably has to be in the same building. No matter how large the building. Harte
  7. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    Now you've gone and aroused my attention
  8. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    Different strokes and all that.
  9. Lost pendulum

    Thanks for posting a reading request and also following up with letting us know you got the help you needed! Since you seem to no longer be in need of a reading, I’ll go ahead and close this thread.
  10. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    That was a low blow but I still find it humerus
  11. 2020 Democratic presidential candidate

    Thank you for not insulting my intelligence.
  12. In that case, the probability of the extinction of critical thinking is accelerated, but the rate depends on whether said parents on occasion enter the room in question. And, of course, on the mental faculties of the parents themselves. Harte
  13. 2020 Democratic presidential candidate

    Its a dumbing down of the conversation, again to appeal to emotion. They do this with every single debate. I mean we can't have guns around, might as well be lax on murder if we do
  14. Ancient Message, Long Ago...

    The Ancient Archaeologist (of 4 millions of years ago). NOTES RECOVERED FROM LONG AGO…Dawns the new morrow, and I, Claronu - The Omegon Archaeological Surveyor, seek additional messages from adjacent potdomes to the last observed sites. A superficial observation suggests that I am now approaching the domains of their learning locales. Images tell me that in this once enclosed dome of translucence (now twisted beams writhingly pointing to the Leche) indicate that education was once taken here. Symbols of their language appear in positioned importance upon every wall and device to trumpet the mystery of mind. Surely, I will know their secrets of intellect after this penetration of their skeletal souls so readily displayed before me. Learning has always meant climbing the structured steps toward the All. Knowing has required a mind saturated in the light-of-seeking where the entity imbibes life’s esoteric meanings from the "cup of the hand that sees." I feel sure that as I climb these many steps before me, that the very essence of the Enmayi’s psyche will disrobe to my persistent probing of their spiritual passion. Indeed, these are the tombs and tomes (to my eye) of departed will. Keyed in the rubble of this citadel to scholarship, I scan deep meaning from each symbol that the beings created for their initiates. Their education was a strength-based methodology, inculcated through gestalt meaning, ever exponentially rippling through the sensual lens of mind. As they progressed in this school of life, they grew by the proficiency of their known abilities, rather than being taught a memorized body of thought unrelated to other knowns. Memorization was effortlessly reinforced by a natural sequence in relevance to juxtaposed data. Each faceted individual learned through their own component parts brought into this virtual life. Some were many talented, others were not so fortunate. Each being entered this world on a journey of their own choosing and on a mission from Timelessness. The curriculum worked around the entities’ strengths, building globally out to sequentially fill the voids of unknown principles. No other system have I seen so strong, only in exception to the higher Omegon, do I bow. It is joyous to stand here in a familiar place. I love mind. This grand facility once housed the teachers of the Enmayi civilization, which included at one time the secret of the Enigmni. I see it represented here, although in its later days, it was defamed and ignored. Ahau! Education without the end and beginning of a journey is none at all. Upon the walls of this old great temple are the very icons of their past accomplishments. Deciphering these symbolic messages will corroborate my theory of their knowledge of the Enigmni’s secret. Such former walls of repute, divulge more than just their prominence of cognitive affairs, they knew the secrets of the mental computer that is the inherited lens of every entity to the virtual state. These walls of aggrandizement tell the secret all Omegons know, that the lens is the means of interface with a world composed of pixels of atomic programming containing the laws governing this gambit which issues from the broadcast of the All. A teacher to Enmayi students here points out the methods of this tool. Their wisdom was indeed ready for the ascension to Omegon state. What went wrong with such a base of unmovable spiritual wealth? Continued exploration of these hallways of their academy sends the chill of former feeling to my monadic spirit. Sadness is not usually a point of dwelling upon in my state, but I feel pain for those who exerted supremely for the good and ended up unfulfilled and in retrogression. There was once greatness here expressed in creative tangible form, yet now I foresee that one little element of existence has caused this end that I retrace here. Their end was a case of learning the evils of leveraging and collusion over what they had for millions of orbits prior — that being gestalt love and a unique body form. I have often psycho-visualized a point of observation that lets me see all that makes virtual existence and "life" understandable to the Alphi/Omegi. Everything that has made entities what they are comes into a focused vision that details the total life-spectrum — here is the point-of-departure. Certainly this is an Omegon’s view, that allows me to determine where I need to apply emphasis and utility for others to see the relevance. Leveraging is everything in physical "be-ness." We are here to move in and through matter. Why is it so hard for lesser beings to know how moving the parts of this machine can create chaos unless total concentration of mind is applied? We must know the larger view of who made the lesser or reverse. This requires study in this physical realm. Then we learn that there is no such thing as creating, where there is no mind to move. Finally, through light, we understand the source of Timelessness. Everything is entwined within the light of the mind. Everything is Mind. This concentration within broadcast gets each and every minuscule elemental into leveraged motion that creates event-sequences locked in time and space. The goal is not to lose status, position, or self-control for "be-ness" in motion. To not create on the FLY is to suffer loss of leveragability. Those who do not move, die. Defeat is possible through acceptance of fear, loneliness, victimization, the void, or nonexistence. Defeat would also make us a casualty of our own lack of moral disposition. Here we open up the power to being defeated over and over. It is said, "No entity is a true victim, for his being is set by the consequence of his own acts or non-acts." One must be guarded in moral consolidation. Some unknowing spirits in the projected universe use or leverage the tools of power to propel themselves from one or more events toward ever more complex events. This creates conscious movement through the media of time and space. It is the ultimate programmer’s technique that makes them feel this non-reality. Leveraging matter is accomplished through the utilization of the lens-of-sensual understanding, better known as the brain — a receiver of virtual-existence’s sensory data. This tool of Timelessness provides the input / output ability served by our seven sensory connections to the physical universe. In the virtual universe, beings are what they know and what they communicate to and from the other aspects that complete the feedback loops made up of the "Me" and the "Other"(everything outside of themselves). This is done through the mental manipulation of illusions and truths, plus their relationships to power-positioning, or —leveraging! Alphians and the Alphi/Omegi usually accomplish this through strategy built upon self-gratification (false love of self), self-empowerment, self-survival or even our Omegon’s true, unconditional Love for the Other. In the early stages of being development, power-vehicles (tools in this world) are used to leverage reality, or mater in this illusion of time and space. This should be known to me, I lived them. They were injustice, knowledge, love, friendship, beauty, wealth, social position, morality, and immortality (religion). I learned their application of truth or illusion and selfishness versus lovingness as power ingredients: how they can be built or included with any of the energy-concepts to be leveraged by the entity to produce manipulated results within the arena of event sequences — life. Sadly, the Enmayi learned this in their last 70 orbits of Goge. In my Alphian conditions, education was taught through a permissive-liberal curriculum centered around reward and punishment methods, which reinforced the theories of behavioral adjustment, positive enforcement and deference to authority, rather than earned respect. The punishment means were emotionally charged versions of character assassination. I was made to feel guilt rather than shown the true reason for correct behavior. The Alphian educational methods produced satisfactory beings because of the initial creative start in existence. In time, however, creativity wore away and collusion (self-oriented demeanor) began to creep into my being. Others and I sought increasing favors from Alphi/Omegis and each other to satisfy our needs for increased sympathy and popularity. This seeking for prominence followed us into our social and vocational adult lives, where cliques formed a mutual adoration fellowship. The recognition syndrome was nothing more than a power surge. As the participants began to expend as little effort as possible to get the most reward possible, leveraging through misinformation (lying) signaled the expansion of a selfish/ulterior motivation. In the plebeian stage of Alphia, I found all things went to my ego’s desires as permissive behavior expanded into my own means of conducting life with others. Learning for all suffered at the whims of individualized gratification. Collusion became our means to cohabitate with other beings where common desires joined to our mutual detriment. We destroyed ourselves together. Increased pandering among certain segments of my Alphian world/s produced waves of support programs designed to reinforce a civilization of insecure personalities. Souls of Truth and Love were present then, but few and far between. Blind conspiracies created polarizations that elitists utilized to usurp power from the naive. In essence, we were their slaves. Alphians fell prey to networked collusion, which began to approach a kind of sick pollution that diffused creativity and the true self-image of a moral being. Subconsciously we Alphis knew we were living a self-manufactured illusion called misinformation. Propaganda became the fashion in those early existences full of double speak and narcissism. When Truth is eroded, a complex society cannot recognize leveraged-illusion that totally supplants moral character. That society is positioned for a chaotic fall, as happened here. Where the Alphians came from in these last days is still my course to follow. It is bizarre that I digress here with all these symbols staring back at my past. It is, unequivocally, the sign of my own initiation peering back at me. Whatever the course of these thoughts, it is part of my reason for being here. Perhaps it is the final catharsis of my monadic soul. Some slight element of sickness may still reside in me. The malady of self-pity, where the Alphian, or Alphi/Omegi constantly "mirror" one another for psychological reinforcement by showy positioning, outrageous speech, and immoral activity, reeks of the smells reserved for beetles. Alphians are worse, for they seem only good for breeding purposes in the beginning. They constantly seek visual adulation to the point of obsession for posturing themselves nakedly in settings that provoke rebellion and war-making from opposite genders. This is fun to them. Adulation and fawning prevails as their mode of operation, while they exchange flattering remarks so as to inflate each other's shared lies. At localization in dreams, while they have only their thoughts to review, lowly Alphians blossom in guilt and beg for mercy for their fallacious lives. As I know, guilt was hard to shed when only the darkness was our partner in sleep — sleep that is not illuminated by personally perceived charisma. Our very bane was ourselves. While illusions grow in the Alphian and Alphi/Omegi states, consciousness of the real world decreases into a fabrication of their own imaginations. (Is this because self-oriented illusive life produces more social and personal consequences via living lies?) Beings sense a feeling of, "Is this all to being?" Individuals caught in this web become easy prey for being leveraged or manipulated through emotional trickery that is really guilt-ridden serendipity. With a persona modified by regret, realization of being taken advantage of, seeps in on the morrow for the complacent entity. After Alphians are driven to lower self-realization, many seek revenge through violence, which only perpetuates their naive condition in an amplified forum. Then it is learned by the collective populace. Beings who experience the "leveraged-illusion" have produced most of our social problems, including the lack of interest in our early learning systems. Their particular lives were built upon reinforced infrastructures of collusive behavior. Hate-gangs and other undesirables can proliferate in a world full of self-perpetuating lies. Hatred needs creative change and perspective to lesson its bonds on an entities early mind. Such a change requires the ability to rise in higher-ordered cognitive skills that reflect the Logos (Reason). The introduction of such a non-collusive paradigm ushers in a field of creative panorama where life is seen as Truth and Love.
  15. A Lonely Shaman: intro, shamanism 101

    I was just explaining this to someone in a PM.
  16. Google: The New Thought Police

    Those ministers certainly don't preach much truth. They sound more like false prophets who graduated from the Seminary of Nonsense.
  17. The BFRO and Gigantopithecus

    Well, other than that, what did you think of the article?
  18. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    Dino erotica? Talk about having a bone to pick.
  19. The Gun Grab Begins

    The late-night talk show hosts all use the same never-Trumper routines. There's absolutely no intelligence involved in their idiotic screeds. Jimmy Fallon was okay until he was bullied and mobbed into joining the herd of late night political propagandists in the guise of hip comedians. I miss Jay Leno.
  20. Google: The New Thought Police

    Do not question the Ministry of Truth!
  21. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    Looking for new audio books /audio plays to listen to. Got some Big Finish Doctor Who. Also stumbled onto a collection of Dinosaur erotica. Because of course that exists.
  22. Today
  23. Van Strikes Pedestrians In Toronto Canada

    This is nonsense. You "snipped" my other post that indeed was linked to the case as it spoke to the beliefs and motives of the killer. I get why you just had to "snip" my reply to Aztek. There's just no freaking excuse for the other, though, and dont bother to reply.
  24. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    I'm ducking right now, behind Chaos and tcgram. What's going on? Just thought I'd say hi. Hi.
  25. I have taught a little of everything. Presumption is best served with a question.
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