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  2. Is Handwashing As Important As They Say?

    Casual homophobia is the best kind of homophobia! —Jaylemurph
  3. Climate Change is a Hoax

    P.S.: You can make that investment and reduce your power bills immediately. Here's how: Take out a loan to build the windmills. Go into production ASAP. Price your electricity high enough to cover the mortgage, but otherwise keep it low. You have to have banks willing to back this. If they start getting nervous, or greedy, and raise the interest rates, your savings will go into the banker's pockets instead of the consumer's. We all have to work and play well with others to make this work. Doug
  4. Worldwide Walls

    All of them, except the ones that aren’t. an equation something like this: a = population of thieves in given area. b = percentage of thieves afraid of dogs. c = percentage of thieves not afraid of dogs. C = a - b
  5. Kid has Big Mac Attack cops deliver

    They basically did a wellness check call. They wanted to make sure he and the grandmother were both okay. The find many deceased people that way.
  6. New Show Portals to Hell

    And it’s not just them, I noticed that Kindred Spirits went to Waverly Hills. How many times has this place been investigated for TV?
  7. New Show Portals to Hell

    Sounds like it will be entertaining.
  8. The Screws are tightening on Iran

    I don't think they are backwards goat herders. The Shah actually bought Iran into the 20th century with modern western style culture and the Revolution stalled that. I see they are a people that want greater freedoms, it's just they cannot get it with a religious government. And Trump should actually place himself in others shoes before making decisions. It might make the world a better place.
  9. Climate change protesters Rebel in the UK

    Clumsy I know, but my point is this: insurance may not be profitable today, but it may be a wise investment in risk avoidance for tomorrow. So too may be policies that mitigate future risk. The government could invest money in research that might give any manufacturing entity a more efficient way to produce energy. That might be an opportunity for many smart people to find. Or the government could change the existing flow of trillions of dollars into a more free market channel. One doesn't have to give subsidies to new industries to change behavior. In fact some existing subsidies can be removed that might save the taxpayers billions. A government does not necessarily need to put money in a new billionaires pocket, they can stop putting it in old billionaires' pockets though. Eliminate the oil and gas depletion allowance. If a company doesn't get a tax deduction for depleting resources, then the resource becomes more valuable and market driven. Then the company cannot depend on a handout from the taxpayers so they handle their resource and price it with care. If the real free market price of gasoline without government subsidy becomes $6.00 per gallon, that is capitalism at work. Then alternatives may become more profitable. Eliminate government assistance for flood insurance. Get rid of the NFIP. Communities either take precautions against floods or they don't build in 100 year flood plains. Let people who want to take the risk have the freedom to do it do it, don't stick the taxpayers with the bill for loss. Let insurance companies set their rates appropriately. Change laws so that true cost of responsibility is assigned to those that have profited and caused damage. For example, force coal mining companies to pay the cost to clean up downstream community water supplies that their flooded settling ponds produce, Don't assume the government and hence the taxpayer stuck for the bill. We talk a lot about individual responsibility, does it apply to corporations? Coal companies going bankrupt? Free enterprise at work, incompetent and careless operators get forced out. Change directions, save billions in taxes.
  10. I don't know why some people think it's fake. Gorillas are known to stand and walk upright.
  11. New Show Portals to Hell

    Sorry on that, you're right Katrina Wiedman. Yes, they do go to the same places here. Would like for them to go some new ones. Hopefully, they may even go and do a few overseas shows, like the Hell Fire Caves, Luciedo Abbey which was on Scariest Places on Earth,etc.
  12. The dying art of conversation

    This conversation reminds me of a television show, I think from the 70's, where an experimental submarine explored the deepest part of the oceans and accidentally fell through a crack that put them in the future where there were only two people still alive on earth and they were teenagers who spent all there time connected to a computer running robot wars with each other. One was a girl and one was a boy and to save the future the submarine crew had to get them both out of their habitats disconnected with their computers to interact with each other.
  13. Worldwide Walls

    Sorry.. I was being mischievous. Yes, they keep immigrants out. OBVIOUSLY they do this. I mean... can YOU get through a 3m tall electrified fence ? Hmm... how long before that becomes an Olympic event ?
  14. New Show Portals to Hell

    Here you go Freetoroam. www.hauntedjourney.com with Terror in Rm315 at the Alaskan Hotel 2. www.mysteriousuniverse.org Ghosts in the Far North: Haunted Rooms of the Alaskan Hotel www.ghostvillage.com Ghosts and Legends of the Alaskan Hotel under legends. The place is actually in Juneau ,Alaska. Room 315 is the most haunted. One night a US Navy sailor requested this haunted room. So he was given the keys to Room 315. Well things were okay for a while.Later on during the night other patrons herard a man screaming. They traced it to Room 315. The staff called police, who showed up. The police banged on the do and did all the could to enter, but were unable to. Finally they heard the sound of glass, like a window breaking. Only then were they able to enter.. The man had dived out the window and managed to land on the ground. By some miracle, he survived. When the police finally entered the room, they found blood all over the room walls. On the ad for this episode, you see Kristina and Jack listening to the actual 911 phone called and you clearly hear a man screaming for his life. Now when this happend , I don't know. But they may mention it on the show. I know the St.James Hotel in I think New Mexico or Arizona is haunted and they keep this one room locked at all times.Don't rent it out to anyone.Ghost Adventures did an investigation of the hotel and even the room.
  15. New Show Portals to Hell

    Is the dead horse one of the ghosts? Sure they can fit one in - for entertainment purposes.
  16. Trump Wanted To Put Migrants In Sanctuary Cit

    Yes indeed, a Lord Harry presidency will truly make America great again! I will appoint James Edwards of Political Cesspool fame as my Vice President, Pat Buchanan as Secretary of State, and former Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo as chief of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
  17. Why Is There So Much Mass Violence?

  18. Kid has Big Mac Attack cops deliver

    Tell the police they want MacDonalds. Don't you just love paying their wages with our tax money.
  19. Game of Thrones

    Dany abandoning them to the Walkers doesn’t quite fit with her nature, she’s become a pragmatist. She’ll fight alongside Team Jon but THEN burn them once the Walkers are defeated. She knows she won’t win anything at all without Team Jon.
  20. "Terrorists" kill 200+ in Sri Lanka

    Yes... sort of.. but they're not allowed to SAY who did it, in case it makes people angry about the residents of the country that believe in the same thing. It appears that governments are happy for their citizens to be slaughtered, in order to prevent the murderers rioting !
  21. New Show Portals to Hell

    It’s Katrina Weidman (who used to be on Paranormal State and Paranormal Lockdown). I feel like these shows are beating a dead horse by continually going to the same places.
  22. acute


    Oh, it's alright, it's not plugged into anything.

  23. The Screws are tightening on Iran

    There are 100 Iranians that attend school here in the town I am in: http://www.iowastatedaily.com/news/iranian-students-make-a-stand-on-campus/article_bd4c6f66-e8c2-11e6-a4f4-8f3af4dfa6d6.html They aren't the backwards goat herders you might have been led to believe. (Found that out when Trump tried his Muslim ban 1.0, which would have booted them all out. Version 3.0 has them all staying)
  24. Kid has Big Mac Attack cops deliver

    I can't even get the cops to shut down my neighbors drunken party.
  25. The Screws are tightening on Iran

    The way I should have worded that was "Western style freedom", they did get a taste of it, but still lived harshly in many instances.
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