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  2. I think the photos of the banister stripped back to the wood are estate agent photos taken when the mansion was put up for sale.
  3. I was referring to Tom Cruise. I misspelled his surname.
  4. Fair enough, discuss away. As far as I can see it's the same guy making the same claims without any actual supporting evidence. When taken for independent DNA testing they were shown to be human. Now he is making the claim once more that they are aliens because they look different. Where do we go from here?
  5. It's all new to the OP guy as far as he knows! That was my point. It's still an open hot topic worthy of as much attention as interested people want to put into it. The whole world doesn't know about or care about our endless pages of fruitless bickering between just a few individuals It's a false bravado of certainty that I see from skeptics on so many subjects.
  6. You know, granted, I do feel there have been good things to some who have come to other cultures. I know of someone who went as one and helped educated and other good things for a village. It came off to me, as very selfless. But, I do agree, and I'll echo a sentiment to the OP, it's strikes me as a thought of who has the right to think they should 'educate' others on what they think themselves as right. Even more so, if it's not totally provable all around. I think there should be a line of what is good and what is not, in this.
  7. Don't ever think The Golden Rule over Might is Right is ever wrong.
  8. Makes me wonder, if by the time she finishes the course, she realizes her arrogance and thinks differently. I often wonder about that, when I reflect on proselytizers. When I think of myself and my belief, I like to think that not only I embrace all the other beliefs and those who don't have beliefs with passion, I feel that I can pretty much grounded in my own, that no one else can sway me from it. I feel that's a strength for me and my belief. Someone who feels this way, and uses this as an excuse to proselytize and convert, are probably not that secure in their own belief to begin with. So, I think that is a weakness. I think you're comparing apples and oranges here. From my perspective and observations, those who seem to think in terms of "proofs" are more than likely the ones who are approached by those who want to convert them. The ones who think in terms of possibilities and symbolism are more than likely the ones who already have the belief and have their own "proofs" already. Not saying, that all those trying to convert, but on anyone already grounded in a belief. I see myself grounded in my belief, to feel that way. If I'm approached to convert to someone else's, than it's understandable I'll need "proofs" to see it to believe it. It's all in how and who sees it.
  9. I'm suspicious that when he took the video he didn't get up closer, in fact at one point he actually backs away. He had an ideal opportunity to really show the creature off up close if he'd wanted to, the fact that he didn't is kind of telling.
  10. I find the new report that further testing is being done to be interesting and worthy of discussion. Even more interesting is the sudden outbursts of insistence that the subject has been 'decided' and their demands that UM folks never discuss it again. Huh? I mean, couldn't these people just choose to NOT participate in the thread? It's like they are afraid of something...
  11. And you don’t think we are capable of the same thing? It’s called deterrence or MAD 2.0.
  12. I'm not sure that the Skripal's would agree ? It isn't a drama, it's attempted murder ! (and it will probably succeed, as I doubt either of the Skripals will ever recover.)
  13. I wrote that in reply to Vince asking why the police did not release it to the public.
  14. I understand the concept that some fully believe they have all the answers when it comes to religious convictions. I even accept i could be wrong in my ideology. I just cant understand how some are so blinded by their own views. Of course, i may be the one missing out on the epiphany here as i have no religious beliefs that i feel should be accepted by everyone. Do Unto the only one i follow.
  15. It's not a ghost, but even if it was, there's nothing to suggest it'd be Mrs Nelson. The only reason they raised it in the first place is because the Mail's readership, and this is a long shot, may be aware that Mr Nelson used to work on it. There's nothing remotely reminiscent of the regency period in the figure's dress. This is a shot from some woo merchant who when he isn't photographing Lady Nelson in futuristic garb is communicating with the spirits of executed Cornishmen. Unfortunately the link to that can't be displayed here, but just Google 'Tony Ferguson ghost hunter'.
  16. There's a reason that the weakest in society become the prey: they don't have the ability to fight back. That's why schoolgirls are kidnapped, and widows in India are thrown on their husband's funeral pyres (the British ended the practice of Sati, but it's becoming popular again in rural areas). I have a real problem with the mistreatment of women. If you think I'm being judgmental, I agree with you.
  17. It may explain why Dina was so insistent that Max not be alone with Rebecca and one of her kin, if this was a believed relationship (as in if her daughter is there she won't be as attentive to my son). It may explain why Xena was sent out so fast by Rebecca. It may explain the credit card binge on Xena the day after Max's fall, I have my wonderings about those things. If Xena thinks of Rebecca as her Mom might she lie or not tell things that could cast some doubt on her? Now, are we limiting the discussion to things which ONLY directly affect the case itself? And is that strictly only Rebecca's death? Or is Max still around? And how do we decide what directly applies, exactly?
  18. Ummm... it is a sphere.
  19. third_eye

    The Giant yellow inflatable duck shall be arriving soon ... and the wrath of the Magnificent Yellow Mallard shall descend upon thee ...


  20. It seems some students didn't have a choice either way. If they didn't go with the crowd they could also be punished. An Ohio high school student has found himself at the center of political controversy after an online post about his suspension for staying in class during the national student school walkoutwent viral. But that story isn’t exactly true. cont... You can't win for losing sometimes.
  21. I can show you the report that said Saddam had a mobile nuclear van that he was driving around making uranium with. Didn’t make it so, but there was all kinds of reports.
  22. exactly does one *hide* something that size?
  23. It is but it doesn't actually have any results or new information on these mummies as far as I can see, maybe I missed it? Just saying let's not drag over the same coals once more. So, is there something new to discuss?
  24. I remember seeing where his doctor said it was always bad. He was answering about the results of the CT scan.
  25. Gowdy to Trump: ‘When you are innocent … act like it’
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