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  2. @Pettytalk Ancient Greek historian Pausanias talks about a race of people with red skin and hair like that of a horse living to the west where Atlantis was supposed to be. https://chs.harvard.edu/CHS/article/display/5896.description-of-greece-a-pausanias-reader Pausanias called this island "Satyrides," referring to the Atlantes and those who profess to know the measurements of the earth. He states that far west of the Ocean there lies a groupof islands whose inhabitants are red-skinned and whose hair is like that of the horse. (Christopher Columbus described them the same way.
  3. the13bats

    Tales with cars

    of course, they are always true....
  4. Desertrat56

    Who will the Democratic nominee be?

    It depends on what city you live in whether you can drink water from the tap. Franklin, Va and Midland, Tx were two cities I lived in where the tap water was undrinkable, and in the case of Franklin, dangerous to drink. I would not drink tap water in Flint, Michigan either.
  5. Dark_Grey

    Trump’s Loose Lips with Ukraine

    I know you posted this ironically but yeah, that's pretty much it. Obama using the DOJ like his own personal private investigators really takes the wind out of the sails here. And as pointed out above in that cute little cartoon, Trump isn't the first one to make backroom deals with Russia. So stop with the hypocrisy, por favor. It's justice for everybody or justice for nobody.
  6. the13bats

    The psychology of Ouija

    you either misunderstood me or are revamping what i said to suit your agenda painting me your way, i believe you missed my point "brother" lol, its just my "opinion". i dont think i can diagnose any illness nor do i feel my "opinions" suggest i can, or that my opinions on this forum should mean ono obses rodents rectum to anyone, nope im not a PhD my wife is, yes, pounding ones chest about why they think their credentials makes their opinion more valid is very irrelevant. i take infomation and evidence or lack there of and reach my conclusion which like everyone on here we all have our opinions, and if mine are different to yours its not personal and shouldnt be taken as such, so using this threads Ouija subject we know that you already believe it moves on its own and that you have allegedly encountered this, and also going by that post of yours you are very sensitive about this subject and you gave a few pokes at doubters dropped the mic and said you wouldnt reply, but you have replied several times, because this is a sensitive, personal subject for you, i respect that but doesnt mean i share your opinions on it. ouija movements, some people believe this is a supernatural force moving it giving them answers to questions they claim not to have known the answers to, blah blah blah. yes, as a person who due to zero proof doesnt believe in ghosts or things moving from special powers i call bluntly call hogwash, no i dont believe a Ouija moves by paranormal forces and there is zero reaserch or proof to suggest it does, and if ghosts were real and could tell people stuff one wouldnt need a silly spooky game to do it, oooh, a ghost spoke to me thru the monopoly top hat token, woo hoo. if a person has zero proof and claims their Ouija moves on its own tells them stuff, claims they or the board have special superstitions powers, i have to go with that information given i know that thinking imaginary, make believe is real is a symptom of mental illness, who doesnt know this? so its no insult for me to consider such people have a mental health issue, seems this would only offend someone who doubts their own beliefs. its akin to if a had a buddy who smoked 30 years and has a hacking bloody cough, i might think he has a smoking related illness. if you believe the ouija moves on its own thats super i respect you believe that, you then respect that without any proof i find it ridiculous and yes, not meaning it personally i think some people who believe outlandish things, make extrodarnary claims with zero proof might just be meshugas, not a dianosis just my opinion, which should be taken as such and not mean a thing.
  7. Panathenaic Games The competitions for which this festival came to be known were only part of a much larger religious occasion; the Great Panathenaia itself. These ritual observances consisted of numerous sacrifices to Athena (the name-sake of the event and patron deity to the hosts of the event - Athens) as well as Poseidon and others. The Panathenaic festival was formed in order to honor the goddess Athena who had become the patron of Athens after having a competition with the god Poseidon where they were to win the favor of the Athenian people by offering the people gifts. The festival would also bring unity among the people of Athens.[3] A sister-event to the Great Panathenaia was held every year - the Lesser Panathenaia, which was 3–4 days shorter in celebration. The competitions were the most prestigious games for the citizens of Athens, but not as important as the Olympic Games or the other Panhellenic Games.
  8. I see UM didn't like all that data. That's OK, though. It was a rather large dataset. Thought about removing it myself. Anyway, the chart shown in tmcom's video showed a 30-year running average of the extreme high temps for someplace in Iowa, probably Iowa City. That is, by definition, climate. It does not, however, say anything about rising global temps. Why? Because global warming is measured using AVERAGE temps. I have made similar charts for Oklahoma City and Stillwater, Oklahoma. They show the same bump in 1936 that tmcom's chart shows. However, they then decline to a low point and then climb back to the high. But the low-points are in different years. Every city you make one of those for is going a have a unique shape. Average them altogether and you get the global chart. BTW: if you make a global chart of high temps, that 1936 bump disappears. It's on.y in the high-temperature data. Doug
  9. RabidMongoose

    How would gods omnipotence work

    What is nothingness? It is the absence of everything. If you think about it then a thing can only exist if its made out of something. Nothingness cannot be made out of something or it isn't nothingness. Therefore nothingness has never and can never exist. That means at the very minimum one thing must always exist and that is the starting place for my version of Monism. If we think further about it we know three more things: 1. Something can only exist if its made from something. 2. Something can only exist if it exists somewhere. 3. Something can only exist if it exists at a point in time. So we have one thing. Then we know space, time, and matter exist. From that we know three more things: 1. If something is made from matter, that is relative to matter it isn't made from. 2. If something exists at a point in space, that is relative to all the other locations it isn't at. 3. If something exists at a point in time, that is relative to the past and future (before the point and after it). And continued existence of the one thing creates instances along a timeline one after the other creating time flow. So now we have a minimum of one thing existing. From that we know that space, time, and matter exist. From that we know that space, time, and matter are relative. Basically these things exist to prop up the existence of the one thing. None can exist without the other. But we can go further, we can ask well what needs to exist to prop up the existence of space time and matter. 1. Retro-creation: The space, time, and matter, populate out backwards in time creating the universe and its contents needed to support their own existence all the way back to the Big Bang. 2. Forward-creation: They populate out the universe going forwards into presumably all the way to the Big Crunch. 3. Sideways-creation: They populate out the present too creating everything needed to prop up their existence. So the one thing gets positioned as the centre piece around which the rest of the universe is constructed. While we cannot define that as consciousness yet, the rest of the universe building up around it automatically places it as consciousness. The matter the one thing is made up of becomes its body, matter propagates backwards in time giving the entity parents, it propagates out across the present time creating `other consciousnesses`, etc. I could carry on but I can build up the entire universe that exists from one thing which must by default automatically exist as the bare minimum. There is a weird potential above it all, above the one thing, above space, time and matter, and its called non-duality. It is the potential from which all things come into being from. Dualities come from it, and the dualities are the foundations upon which the universe is built. I recommend getting into Gnosticism and reading the Gospel of Thomas. In it Jesus goes through a list of dualities (good and evil, male and female) etc, and instructs his followers to integrate them back together. You wont get back to non-duality or get rid of space, time, and matter. But your consciousness has also introduce 100s if not 1000s of dualities which you can glue back together.
  10. XenoFish

    'The Thing' discovered beneath the Antarctic

    Well. That's weird looking.
  11. and then

    Trump’s Loose Lips with Ukraine

    This from the banjo boy from Deliverance? That tool was a member of the House, briefly, from just east of where I live. He's a useless waste of carbon. As to bulldog Brennan the communist, the time for him to glorify himself may soon be over.
  12. When I was a kid in the 60's I noticed people didn't actually read the bible. Someone told them it said such and such and pointed to an incomplete sentence in a book and verse and they repeated it believing they knew what they were talking about. I was called a blasphemer simply because I could read and had been taught to read for meaning.
  13. Scientists have discovered a very strange gelatinous creature 3,500 meters beneath the ocean's surface. https://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/news/330623/the-thing-discovered-beneath-the-antarctic
  14. I feel bad for them. For hundreds of years, the church produced some of the greatest minds in the world — trained them in logic and speaking, encouraged their studies in natural history and the sciences — but now so many christians are semi-literates who have never read the Bible but still use it to defend their bigotry and prejudice. —Jaylemurph
  15. Tatetopa

    Trump’s Loose Lips with Ukraine

    Proves it right there doesn't it? Ahead of the curve, Obama was trying to create friendlier relations with Russia long before Trump even thought of it.
  16. Davros of Skaro

    Tales with cars

    @the13bats Just so you know the Honda story is true. I saw it first hand because it was to the side in the garage of an auto glass shop. I'm not into bikes, but if I had the money then I would have bought it. I would drive that beautiful blue Goldwing.
  17. Desertrat56

    Tales with cars

    The VW bug story cannot be true because they don't sink, they float. My mother had a VW bug and had the experience of hitting water from a flash flood and floating down a few streets before she hit land and could drive again.
  18. Tatetopa

    Prosecutors subpoena 8 years of Trump's taxes

    In that you are totally correct.
  19. freetoroam


    Was wondering about these new age waxed faced 'celebs' (cough), if they were ever to have a wax model made of them in Madam Tussauds, would the wax model look more real than them? 

    Or, would they look exactly alike? Eg: Rylan.

    1. Piney


      I thought Micheal Jackson's wax dummy looked more realistic than the dummy himself. :yes:

    2. and then

      and then

      Aes Sedai?

  20. Captain Risky

    Aramco facilities on fire in Saudi Arabia

    So you're suggesting that America has to protect Saudi Arabia because of our oil and gas dependency? Okay, i have no problem with that but do you really think that your republican hero has the fortitude to do anything more than an angry tweet? Iran will get away with this,too. Trump is joke. For all his tough talk on "sanctions" Trump has embolden Iran with not responding to its drone being shot down and his foreign policy weaknesses are being exploited by America's competitors and enemies from Iran, Russia, North Korea, Turkey etc. It really wouldn't kill you to be a little reflective at this point and just admit that Trump is a foreign policy failure. You need to stop defending him just because he's a republican, advocate of gun rights and has a Jewish son in law.
  21. All I remember from the 80s is hovercrafts, French speakers and smog. Mostly French speakers and smog though........Where were we talking about again??.........
  22. itsnotoutthere

    Government to ask Queen to suspend Parliament

    The last time I drove to London, got lost looking for the road I needed, and decided to ask for directions and it took 4 attempts before I found someone who could actually speak english.
  23. Tatetopa

    Who will the Democratic nominee be?

    There was a time when the American municipal water systems were the envy of the world. Some of those systems are over a hundred years old. Nearly every urban American citizen had access to safe clean water. That was infrastructure and planning for the future at its finest. Now everybody has to have a plastic bottle What a scam really. Nestle and the other water giants have done an extraordinary job of marketing to young people. I wonder how many people under 30 know you can drink water from a tap. I wonder how much they have to do with defeating tax measures to improve water systems, or whose re-election campaigns they contribute to in order to keep people sucking on plastic bottles.
  24. OverSword

    Take the climate strike quiz.

    8 of 12
  25. Nah. Jesus sent it to me in a coded gematria message. —Jaylemurph
  26. Recently I saw a glimmer of intelligence in one of your posts, apparently it was a one-off occurrence. cormac
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