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  2. What do I do?

    Sure, No there are no photos cuz apparently it can effect cameras. Yes it's still showing up. After we looked at each other I threatened it with my blade but it didn't bat an eye. It was only until it approached me that it stopped and ran away at stupid fast speeds. I'm guessing it was because I had an iron bracelt as it was the only visible I had on but who knows what made it run. In total the from the moment it turned to look at me and it running away it was probably about 5 seconds. Does this answer your questions?
  3. If Jesus was a god his death wasn't a sacrifi

    I didn't get a hold of that one before it was recalled and the cut down version was put out. Elric and company were taken out due to copyright, I think. Still, some killer gods in that pantheon. Arioch....
  4. What do I do?

    I've asked her all the standard things. Did you play with ouija board at all? Ect but no. She hasn't done anything. Unless this thing is a forest guardian somehow and is targeting her cuz she hunts (rabbits) every now and then.
  5. What do I do?

    I can show you the area but I didn't take a picture of the setup. My friend lives in the red circle. Obviously not saying addresses.
  6. Pelosi Picks on newly elected women of color

    Oh, see, F3SS,, you got it all wrong! I know the *real* reason why Trump singled out those communists wonderful congresswomen... pssst… they have black skin!!
  7. Pelosi Picks on newly elected women of color

    Not good for Pelosi to say Trump is trying to make America white again, either - especially when she's trying to make congress white again
  8. it made sense to me, i dont consider myself a slam the door hard core skeptic but im not a blind true believer either, i just seldom believe a story with zero proof. who sets the benchmark? i set mine and likely you set yours and others set theirs, mines fairly easy, if you say bigfoot is real at this point i need a specimen, i perfer alive if dead not murdered, or enough of a body so it can be tested and isnt like when dolts tried to pass a bear paw off as a bigfoot hand. aliens, again i need one here, be it et, paul or klaatu, etc. ghosts, well again while a bit more tricky i need to see it, and have it testable. other stuff like phychics, conjurers, people boosting of magic and special powers etc etc after 40 plus years of saying prove it and only getting excuses and ad hominem attacks i let that speak for itself. for me proof could one day come, i will wait.
  9. What do I do?

    Gosh, Hunter of Strange Things didn't answer my question.. I'll try again - Please post a picture of the area with your camera setup.
  10. Gosh I hope I explain my thoughts on this properly....warning! It could sound crazy! The thing that always bothers me is, who says one person is a leading expert on what is truth and gospel so to speak, with regards to what people put forward as evidence, when the skeptical side sees themselves as leading experts in debunking whatever evidence was originally put forward. What makes either side of these so-called EXPERTS in UFO evidence the correct side? Plus this goes for paranormal too (eg. ghost pics etc). More importantly, how and who sets the original benchmark and decides what is actual authentic evidence? There will always be the crowd of believers vs the skeptics. I guess it's just comes down to personal belief. I know some people are absolute believers and others are downright skeptics and never the twain shall meet in the middle. I'm more on the fence, as I'd like to believe, but I try to work through it logically/scientifically first before deciding. Please tell me if that doesn't make sense. I feel like I ended up rambling incoherently there, my bad.
  11. im not calling anyone out but please do post a video of Patricia patterson greeting a crew in her home and providing the original film to be scanned, that i do want to see.
  12. Today
  13. One nut took up arms and attacked not “citizens” one mentally unbalanced person who is also a citizen. Do you work for the NY Times by chance?
  14. Except that in a clockwork universe (where prophecy of something 2,000 years in the future is exactly true) the gods are as programmed as the rest of us. It's like a film; the end is always predestined and every actor, no matter how tiny their part, simply acts to bring about the end of the film. In a universe where a far distant prophecy is true, the gods love is what they were programmed to love -- which is not consistent from culture to culture. So in your universe, your exhortation to be godlike is simply a script in a movie. It's far more shallow than The Cave. On the other hand, IF there is no such thing as accurate "prophecy at a distance" (to borrow a term) then anything goes. People can change, fates can change, and the distant future is unknowable, even to deities. There is no such thing as a "blend" ... the minute you have a free agent acting, they can change the fate of a programmed unit... and that will throw everything off.
  15. This thread is a waste of brain cell storage.
  16. I think it may have been MK Davis. I just searched for it and didn’t see anything on the first couple of pages. A year or so ago it was one of the very first that came up. As I recall it was around 27 minutes or so. Basically it was a documentary about the creation of the stabilized version. The cameras went with the guy as he went to the home of the lady that owned the original with his equipment and scanned each frame of film. So that first stabilized version is not going to be too degraded.
  17. the problem is (with Fermi) that there are about a trillion planets in the galaxy and we have yet to explore them. And then there are a trillion more galaxies. so.... where are these evidences supposed to come from??
  18. Seriously, where, when, and how was this claim made? Where is the evidence?
  19. My first New Earther!

    It isn't difficult to see why offence is taken, because it is a annoying reminder of their own doubts, whoever can carry the numbers in a democracy, wins, laws are not made by religious decree, in most places.
  20. Ha! You've been reading Euthyphro? The kat's claws are getting sharper and cutting deeper. It would be far, much further than far, more productive if we had more astute listeners. Oh well! One must do with what God has given us. And God has been a cheapskate with me. The gods love what is like themselves. Therefore all of us must strive to be godlike, as much as is humanly possible. And that means you too. God forgive me for boring you.
  21. It's amazing huh? The house and senate intel committees get reviews every day by many agencies. Usually, the public is never told who specifically is in meeting with committee members, but here... we are told WHO updated the committees (US Military) and what the update was about (UFO's) Let me think... ya think they might be *deliberately* feeding the information to the public? maybe...?
  22. As a nascent technological species we are in a precarious and vulnerable position at our present stage of development. There may be an altogether unpleasant explanation for the Fermi Paradox. Being small and inconspicuous may not be such a bad thing.
  23. So you are saying that if the video says "reenactment" it's all BS, right? Damm! It sure looked so real to me. Amazing software. I would highly suspect that if the slew of skeptic blogs out there have not uncovered this fakery then I'm betting it ain't fake. But that's just me. he never said it was alien. and thanks for the ride lol
  24. So you believe the whole thing was HOAXED! And was the report of the senators in the Senate Select Intelligence Committee being updated about UFO's by the military FAKE NEWS? <smiiles> LOL this post is hilarious! I see… go on I see. So anyone at ALL in government that acts in ways that contradict Blue Book is - what, an idiot? I see. Go on... Like wow, dude
  25. I do not seriously think you are Jesus. No one seriously thinks you are Jesus. You’re the [redacted] going around claiming that. It’s so obviously a lie it’s a waste of time for everyone involved. —Jaylemurph
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