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  2. Um ... Take it however you want Psyche .. You do anyway .. I know about Spirit, and your Beloved Science.. You only know Science .. That is only half or maybe quarter to what spirit knows .. You dont ever want to ponder this side, or even be Respectful about it .. I read your links, and thankyou for the Info.. You read any links not going with your thang, you dismiss, and not quietly either.. You start the insults and yeah ... Not cool .. Evidence your claims, till your hearts content.. I'll say sweet as Psyche.. Mo.
  3. Okay, do you recommend any specific prayer or just talk from my heart?
  4. Chicken McNuggets of course! Haven't you seen the advert?
  5. Ego first, humility second. Gotta love the holy rollers.
  6. Im no expert but, perhaps asking for a specific sign to begin with is a little too much? I have spent the last 15 yrs looking at cause and effect, and the latest insight was this, that every time I eat chilli, my anger levels rise. So I looked this up on the net and apparently I am what is known as a sanguine person, who should eat "cooler" foods! The point is, just try different things and see what works for you. The stuff that you are naturally attracted to, will probably work best. With prayer, I ask for guidance and I recieve it. And so my faith and beliefs are growing exponentially in a natural way.. Who knows where this may lead.....? Without more detail, its kinda difficult to say much more.
  7. acute

    Over 600 days since the referendum, the EU's Brexit negotiators are still awaiting "written, concrete proposals" from the British government.


  8. This is chicken licking bad news. Where can I fulfill my craving for chicken beaks and claws now.
  9. The contributions need to be stopped. That is straight out bribery. I would also like to see them end the insane practice of attaching unrelated items to bills. This can also be considered a bribe.
  10. Your wife, even though she’s a light sleep may have thought it was just the normal tugging of blankets that happen during the night and completely ignored it. It’s not like you changed the sheets and made the entire bed. It probably took just a few seconds. If you are concerned that it was paranormal then invest in a camera and see if you can record the events.
  12. theres alotta chinchillas out there...and they wouldnt have to even change there name ? .... just sayin
  13. I asked for a specific sign today and I'm not sure if what happened was a sign or not so I'm kinda overthinking it
  14. Its now 2018. 7 years after 2011. Everything I read from this forum has come true... And everything I have read is what's happening to me to. I'm not alone in this world. I'm struggling with the same thing. Something that's above us is trying to get us together for something bigger. And we aren't listening... I was reading this forum as for the fact that I do hear many intuitive voices. For years I would hear and feel about death coming , visions of future situations based from the intuitive voices happening within myself. I saw my mother's cancer before she knew she had it and much more and now I'm being told that my moms sick again and that I should spend as much time as I can with her and that I'll be okay. That we will all be okay soon enough. Those that are killing and hurting others... Those are the ones that are in for a realllll treat soon enough and that's what I think some of you all are talking about. I've seen. Do good things now everyone. We are all being judged for something that's coming soon... Very very soon. I feel it. You all see it. I feel it. And hear it. -Amandala
  15. Can you say someone has been schooled if they don't even realize it? In my mind schooling implies learning, after all.
  16. The end is nigh...
  17. Assuming this was happening, a logical explanation could be that travelling here takes an incredible amount of effort/energy and to warp time is not as easy as just flicking a switch. So they create a worm hole or whatever in order to get here, but then the same technology is impractical just to take someone back half an hour. Far better to just steal their womb and stop their wrist watch and put them back where they found them.
  18. Here's what bothers me about this, I was watching CNN after this all went down and the reporters there were saying that Mr Rosenstein clearly indicated that Trump campaign members were going to be indicted very soon. I immediately looked for confirmation of this from other sources...there was none. Sure, it could be true that at some point in the future Mr Mueller could indict more people from the Trump campaign, but what Mr Rosenstein said in his remarks was not what the CNN reporters were saying. Basically, the CNN reporters I saw were simply not telling the truth about Mr Rosenstein's remarks. Now, being an advocate for a political party (a pundit) isn't the same thing as being someone who is supposed to be reporting the news. CNN appears to not have made the distinction very well. There needs to be a push for this kind of thing (pundits pretending to be objective reporters) to stop immediately.
  19. Einstien disagrees
  20. Vampire bats are probably not the cuddliest of critters, considering nearly their entire food source consists of blood. But how these furry little mammals ended up guzzling blood has puzzled researchers, and a new analysis shows their very distinct gut bacteria might be a big part of the story. There are three types of bats who solely drink blood, the common vampire bat(Desmodus rotundus), the hairy-legged vampire bat (Diphylla ecaudata), and the white-winged vampire bat (Diaemus youngi).
  21. That's bit extreme Don't you think. It's fairly normal where I'm from for 18 year olds to get blind drunk - in fact, in homage to the OP, every Friday and Saturday night is like Groundhog Day up the town centre
  22. KFC has temporarily closed two-thirds of its UK restaurants after a 'logistics problem' caused a nationwide chicken shortage. Some of their franchises remain open, but with a restricted menu.
  23. You're damn right I'm not godly. Because in most peoples unwitting minds, the only god that's worshipped is the devil.
  24. Just seen this from an American friend. I think it says everything that needs to be said.
  25. Today
  26. Why? I like having the image in the post. As long as the size is right.
  27. Yet while computer generated imagery is now good enough to create realistic looking animals on screen, some movies still employ actual non-human primates. Regardless of how these animals are treated on set, the reality is that they’re being placed in unnatural environments and made to act for other people’s amusement against their will. What’s more, there’s evidence that using real primates on screen actually encourages the illegal pet trade. It’s estimated that more than 3,000 great apes and hundreds of thousands of other primates are traded as pets and bush meat each year.
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