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  2. I thought it was proven that there was a Black Sea flood that was the underlying story of the Babylonian and other ME flood myths?
  3. I am really not so sure about this idea of Oneness, in terms of humanity. In terms of ultimate reality - yes. Furthermore i agree that people are more alienated from each others in their own cultures and societies, family is breaking apart slowly but steadily. Divorces are constantly on the rise, society is more and more divided inside of itself.
  4. I still have no idea of what you are talking about. What I am saying is that God is in everything and everything is in God. But because we have free will, the resoncibility to create a peaceful beautiful world is on us, not God. God already gave us life and free will, now it is up to us to use it to help create a better world. Its a very simple idea. But any rational reasoning comes with the consequences of such a belief, peace for example, compared with what we have today, for example. And the reasoning comes from the idea that the Big Bang, the energy for that must have come from somewhere, much like life must have come from somewhere and consciousness too must have come from somewhere, I happen to call that place THE ALL.
  5. You had to mention gravity my mortal enemy.It pulls me off the backs of horses and out of the tops of trees and I still can't figure out what I did to make it hate me so much....
  6. Just a side note to any readers/moderators... I'd be delighted to see this thread closed down in order to stop further falsehoods being pushed. Before removing any posts, I would also draw your attention to this post: Where I posted a SCREENSHOT and showed the video to which tmcom referred (and I quoted him), including the time stamp at 22:00. Tmcom, in his UNEDITED original post had stated that it was actual video footage. He maintained that LIE in a subsequent post, but at the same time he removed the (now embarrassing) video from that original post. 100% proof of deliberate deceit, and it was the second set of lies, the first being that Aldrin was referring to images that Tmcom posted and claimed were from Apollo 11, when they were not. I note he has still not been able to cite those images (from a UFO-pushing Youtube channel), and is STILL claiming they represent the shapes that Aldrin saw.. Aldrin himself has clarified his sightings many times, and at no point were those shapes or the 'black stripe' mentioned.
  7. The spring does indeed absorb energy... Until it releases the energy, which is what immediately tosses the ball back up. Each time the ball is goes up less far, because the energy is transferring to the entire device. The spring does not become "charged", it simple absorbs and releases.... there is no stored energy there. This is all First Year college physics......
  8. He is correct. Once your ball and bucket/spring contact each other, they are one system. There is no energy going in, or out, of the system at that point. Though the entire device will move based on any pivot point and conservation of inertia. You can't "gain" energy by using a spring. Any more then you could by using a metal ball dropped onto a magnet.
  9. Atarmarie Mo.. And thank you for explaining it like this, it really isn't the hardest concept to wrap our heads around yet some are having a difficult time of it. Its almost like they dont want to see a better day for one an all! Im sure thats not true but.... And compassion is a key component, but the simple idea of Oneness will engender a lot more compassion and kindness than this long held view that we are all separate, in fact, we can see this world of seperation today! Unity is the goal because it will quite naturally and quite peacefully change everything we experience today, to something quite amazing, only our imaginations will hold us back! "We are One" 3 little words that could, would, change evrything! Thanks
  10. It's not about the truth is about wishing death and carnage on innocent people.....
  11. Here is what I see.... 1. Ball in hand at 50 cm.... Potential energy. 2. Ball falling... Potential energy converts to Kinetic Energy 3. Ball lands in bucket... Ball transfers kinetic energy to device. Device reacts with a torque at the pivot point, moving at a speed Equal to what the new mass is accelerated to by the ball's kinetic energy transfer. This is affected by the acceleration due to gravity, such that it looses energy SO FAST that the device does not even swing back to the angle where it collected the ball. 4. Device (basically) stops and ball once again is pulled down by gravity. Where is the Over Unity in this? If more energy came out of the device then went in, where does that energy go? NO ENERGY is made here. NO ENERGY is collected. The only thing that happens is the ball changes location and heat is produced in the air (by friction) and at the pivot point (by friction). Granted, energy can be created by attaching a collection device at the pivot point to turn, say, a gear. But that then leads to the question of how is the ball going to get back to the starting point? It is more efficient for a human to turn a crank then to repeatedly drop balls into buckets. This is born out by thousands of years of practical engineering. This kind of device was invented maybe five thousand (or more) years ago. And it used water to turn a wheel. Please read some Physics, and Heat Transfer, books to see what is going on in your examples.
  12. Hey again .. What does Rational Reasoning mean to you ? Mo..xx
  13. Hey.. Howsit going .. Would you like an environment of Love and Peace ..? Everything else aside .. Just your thoughts .. Would you ..? Mo..xx
  14. It means your assigning of actions to God is arbitrary, there is no rational reasoning only what you feel like.
  15. As discerning reader's will note, Tmcom not only lied in the first instance, he also lied again when he falsely claimed that the ADDED video he put into the post was actually the one he was originally referring to (despite the reference being directly above the animated video). Tmcom will clearly do anything to avoid apologising and admitting his first lie, even add more lies.... I might have accepted an excuse of incompetence if he had fessed up straight away, but he didn't, instead choosing to try to cover his deceit with more of the same... Yeah, you do that reporting tmcom. The mods will be able to see the sequence. You lied. As for the new claims..... The panels were ejected BEFORE the SIVB was pushed back (by several heavy duty springs, not explosive bolts) when the LM was extracted. As I explained earlier, the SIVB could also be remotely slowed by its remotely controlled maneuvering thrusters, and I believe it was in order to ensure it would not follow the LM/CM, instead going into a heliocentric orbit, iirc... but I haven't wasted any further of my time to verify that, given its just one incompetent person who is arguing, and they are prepared to lie... The important fact is that the panels were moving at the same/similar rate as the LM/CM, NOT the SIVB (which was physically pushed back at the very least). So, as tmcom has not posted any facts to contradict that, it's just another lie that the SLAs were back near the SIVB. BTW, I note with some hilarity (tinged with sadness for the education system that caused this..) that tmcom apparently now just has to call an animation 'realistic', for him (and everyone else, supposedly) to be satisfied that it gives an accurate picture of what happened (to discarded items..). Such 'realistic' animations of course, completely overrule NASA system reports, orbital mechanics, knowledge of space sciences, geometry, and common sense and the ability to read....
  16. I have no idea what this means.
  17. Illyrius

    “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
    Pierre Teilhard de Chardin 

  18. Who conveniently only wants what you agree with. All your babble about God wanting love and peace can be countered using the exact same arguments you've used against mass murder.
  19. .. Atamarie My Friend.. I understand the Message you are trying to convey here ..and it is Beautiful..... If we have Compassion towards our human family, and believe in a higher good, whether, its a god, or a tree, or a sunset, ..that feeling within ,that stirs us, towards, Peace, and healing, tolerance, understanding, respect ...etc etc ..An Intent towards a Better World of Unity... I Feel , that this is the Goal, or Purpose .... Unity ... And Not Division .. Because, We Are All One ......!!! Mo ..xx
  20. The Commonwealth should go the way of the Dodo....We don't send gunboats just supplies well paid jobs and meaningless honours to the cliques in the member countries.
  21. It certainly looks that way.
  22. Nope, God was just present when we evolved the ability to make choices. Your argument is basically special pleading.
  23. An all powerful Creator yes, that gave us free will. Sounds like you lack the understanding of this one simple idea.
  24. No. I am suggesting that God is the animating force within all atoms. Animal, mineral, and vegetable. THE ALL is in everything, and everything is in THE ALL. But that it is humanity which is more self aware and therefore has more free will than a tree or a rock.
  25. acute

    If I won enough on the lottery, I would leave the UK.  It's in a bit of a mess, and almost as polarized as Trump's D.S. of A.

  26. And god is alright with this? I often hear 'we are all gods children' - does that mean a child abuser is equal to an innocent vulnerable child in the eyes their god? If a child goes to the priest to tell them he / she is being abused, surely the priest must act on this in the real world...just the same as if an abuser went to the priest to confess their sins? I suppose these priests do not have to go through another priest to confess......they just go straight to god? and the above is just one of many. Of course they are not going to say amything when they do it themselves. Keep it among yourselves? Is that how this works?
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