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  2. Which ignores the fact that the Bible claims Joseph's bones were taken out of Egypt by Moses and buried at Shechem. Obviously he can't be buried at two places at once. cormac
  3. Seawèed, but not kelp, is a local speciality here, it's my favourite food. Plus we have plenty of brown kelp, we dob't eat it though. Perhaps we should.
  4. We get advertisement forced on us 24/7 in today's society. Do you really think you remember (or react to) every single image from every ad you've ever been exposed to?
  5. I don't expect that the changes will be that lopsided. My hope is that corporations and small businesses will benefit from a business-friendly economy that produces more jobs and more financial security for the labor force. I don't view corporations as evil entities. On the contrary, efficiently-run corporations are a positive benefit to the labor force. I say that from the point of view of having worked for a bankrupt company at one time. The constant lack of job security was a bit unnerving. What's disconcerting to me is that in the last two Presidential elections, less than 60% of the eligible voters actually voted. I expect that voter participation will increase in the 2020 election.
  6. It's hardly the leap of logic you seem to think. I presented my thought process and think my conclusion was quite reasonable: man in charge of Special Counsel to make big announcement, while his boss who has recused himself from the investigation is nowhere to be seen. It seems fairly simple to follow. And this Russia debacle is hardly a conspiracy theory. Russia did help Trump win an election. Trump's team did seek out help from the Russian government to help win an election. These are facts, not theories. There are countless connections between Trump and his team, and Russia. At this point all we have in the public domain is attempted collusion.
  7. I agree it may look like that, but I'm almost sure would would see that massive face plastered there (We were sitting by the doors so as soon as we walked in he walked forward and sat/slept), I also know this guy and if he saw this massive face next to him he would not be able to sleep lol we would have taken pics of it etc.
  8. I never claimed that the double-S did or didn't indicate Assyria. That is something you imputed. Doug
  9. Absolutely.
  10. In summary, I believe a religious text can be used as a reference, especially when the subject is the text, itself. It does not, however, "prove" anything. At least in the biological and natural sciences, there really is no such thing as "proof" of anything. We try to so constrain our experiments so that no other conclusions are rationally possible, but should somebody discover a way in which our constraints fail, the results of the experiment are weakened. The same applies to citations of religious topics. One can achieve probable "proof," but absolute proof eludes us. Example: my discussions with Cormac. Doug
  11. The whole of it from the eyes to the lips is on window frame - or at least that's what it looks like to me.
  12. Not make up claims that are not supported by the facts for a start. It ruins your credibility. cormac
  13. It's probably part of something bigger we can't see. I see these types of ads all the time, they can take up a good chunk of space inside the train.
  14. Car salesman arent that good at math either at times but no disrepect intended..
  15. No, I don’t get it. I don’t mean to offend, but not in my understanding of the English language. ‘Most likely’ and ‘definately not’ are mutually contradictory in that sentence.
  16. I'm not quite sure how to say this without coming across as rude etc. but I'm 100% that this picture was not in the chat, otherwise I would have seen it months ago and posted it everywhere. I think the picture may be flipped (He put his hand on the inside of 2 chairs and leaned forward - then with his front facing camera took a picture. Me and the guy who took this picture were sitting behind the guy sleeping. - No drink was involved either. It's even more weird as I was sitting next to this guy, I literally don't remember seeing him lean forward and take this picture.
  17. Sorry my post was kinda cut in half... But without kidding do someone have some better theories running beside the big impact or adding up to it? The killing was quite specific in taxonomy letting huge ground dwelling groups able to come back like birds, reptile and mammals.
  18. You did say that. The conspiracy theory you are currently pushing - i.e. the vast overarching Trump-Russia collusion narrative. Given that you saw this announcement, and immediately saw a connection with it, it's apparent there isn't a lot of mental filter on it. A little like Trump tweeting, in fact. Huh. We all become what we hate, in the end.
  19. Can you show where you think the it’s reflected over the frame? I think you’re seeing it wrong. It’s a pretty bad photo... Well 7+ months adds memory to the equation too. Were you drinking etc. on the night it was taken? Just one thing for now (will be back later); that is a right hand holding the edge of the chair. So it’s not the guy sitting in the chair holding it, if that’s what you were saying? Edit: Oh and can you please edit the original image so that you are just covering his face, the black oval obscuring his face is also covering up other potentially important details. Bye for now.
  20. Steven Greer? Seriously? This falls into the same category as Jamie Maussan with his alien mummy theory that turned out to be false....I am not putting a conclusion on it at this point but when a spade is a spade you call it like you see it.
  21. After flipping the picture this looks a bit disturbing, , for me it looks like this thing is outside the train looking in?
  22. Why would an Ad just show a face looking like that?
  23. Ostensibly, it is a great article. Imaging a lower-mantle plume! A herculean task by any stretch of the seismological imagination. And in such an exciting area, too. A clear candidate for publication in Nature. However, "Lower-mantle plume beneath the Yellowstone hotspot revealed by core waves", although an interesting paper, has some issues. Namely, their choice of methodology (SKS waves, i.e. shear waves hit the core, travel through as compressional waves, come back as shear waves) is prone to vertical smearing. Intuitive? Not to most people. And they even address it in their paper, at least so they claim. However, looking at Figure 4 (see attached image), their tests wouldn't actually resolve vertical smearing!! Their input into the test is insensitive to it! Just goes to show. Stay woke, people. Trust no one.
  24. Dunno, i believe in supreme being but dont have a clue what is it about. If i have to give it 2 keywords those would be power and life.
  25. It's not a reflection, why would it be reflected in the window frame? If anything it's a vinyl ad, cut to fit the train.
  26. Because ‘most definitely’ and ‘definitely’ are not the same thing, most definitely leaves it open as I don’t know if it is definitely a reflection. Get it? It could of course also be a photoshop job too. The thing that it most likely is definitely not is something fantastical or paranormal.
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