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  2. How superstitions spread

    Chain letters, well that's something that seems to have faded out. I never got one, but know people who got several, and it seemed to worry them. Straight to the bin, is what it deserves..
  3. I'm starting a thread and going back after this clown. He teaches this to scouts and schools.
  4. Watch....Robot dogs pull a truck

  5. Watch....Robot dogs pull a truck

    I can still turn it into scrap metal with the JD 644B I used for logs.
  6. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    No I honestly cant, years ago I would have fought to the death to argue GW , Buchanan et al were though. Youre right I definitely do way more than cringe at the thought of Pence taking over the country, thats down right terrifying for me. My point really was just about the evolution of the as you say message board debates. Todays Trumpism is largely antithetical to large parts of recent historical republicanism
  7. Watch....Robot dogs pull a truck

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Powered_exoskeleton Again the problem comes down to power supply.
  8. Hi Piney Looks credible to me. jmccr8
  9. Watch....Robot dogs pull a truck

    It's not a true AI. Just a algorithm with some freaky comments programmed into it.
  10. I wonder if Gottlander might be an alternative translations. By the timeframe we’re discussing (which I assume to be the Middle Ages, but some of this is like trying to date Lord of the Rings), Goths referred to (one of two) specific groups of “barbarian” tribes. —Jaylemurph
  11. Watch....Robot dogs pull a truck

    see the BIG DOG vid above
  12. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Elections based on talking points, I might agree. The few realists out there who know that those are terms for message board debates and who focus on realistic 2019 party issues, Trump has deregulated a lot of what Obama regulated, cut taxes and facilitated business growth that like it or not, has the economy doing very well, he's defending himself against a leftist media when most just took the beating, he's supporting our military, police and border protection and come out against late term and post-birth abortion. I guess my question is, if you truly are Switzerland in most elections, can you name a Republican who honors the four pillars you listed? I voted for Ted Cruz in the primary, most moderate Republicans hated that guy because he was too much of all those things. And they cringe at the idea of Pence taking over the country. Those items are sturdy Conservative tenets and most indies lean away from them.
  13. Watch....Robot dogs pull a truck

    Exoskeletons are already a thing. There was a paraplegic who designed a pair of assist legs so he could walk. This is one from Lockheed Martin. I am sure the military has a version. I remember reading about it some time ago. https://www.robrady.com/design-project/fortis-human-powered-exoskeleton
  14. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    1) It was already happening without the dossier from what was in the Mueller report's introduction into cause. We could always compare what was in the dossier to what was in the report to gauge the level of influence the dossier had. None of the allegations in the report listed the dossier as the source or even as supporting evidence that I recall seeing, however. 2) Not so much being witty but pointing out the serious flaw of judging because of a simple partisan label. There is literally nothing stopping everyone in America from switching parties today and bringing their beliefs and platforms with them. The labels are meaningless.
  15. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    American spelling isn’t that comprehension affecting, as your language is omnipresent (including in auto-correct). But if the odd letter difference is an issue, wait until you hit culturally specific words like gaol (jail).
  16. Watch....Robot dogs pull a truck

    give it time....one day these things will be part of everyday life
  17. Watch....Robot dogs pull a truck

    the voyager probes launched 40 odd years ago have batteries that still function......plus nowadays we have wireless recharging
  18. Hi Piney Years ago I was at the airport and for some reason, some people from S.America think that In Canada we are blonds and started speaking to me in Spanish because they thought I was a foreigner instead of a tanned Irish Canadian. jmccr8
  19. @Hanslune @Swede Take a look at this gem. https://lenape-epic.blogspot.com/
  20. Watch....Robot dogs pull a truck

    Considering not so very long ago the biggest hurdle for autonomous robots was walking 10 steps without falling over they have come a long way in a relatively short time. Battery tech has also come a long way and the future looks interesting with graphene if it lives up to the hype. https://www.graphene-info.com/graphene-batteries
  21. Watch....Robot dogs pull a truck

    We'll probably develop some type of "power armor" first. The major issue as was pointed out is power supply.
  22. I don't believe you

    I see a thin stream of water falling from a height to splash on the rocks below. A young woman stands before it dressed in somber colors her long black hair disturbed by the wind and a sad expression on her face. Urbanization corrupted our spirits, from ancient Sumer to Mayapan it was all the same.
  23. Well, when I actually do speak I am told I have a lovely International accent. .....and Unlike Micheal Beck in 'Son of a Man Called Horse' I actually had a Yorkshire accent.
  24. Watch....Robot dogs pull a truck

    I do not doubt that, just that we are still have some ways to go.
  25. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    True dat! Biggest error we've made as a country is becoming just divided enough to fail to comprehend we're all losing a little more each day. (BTW Sir, on your message boards, does American spelling of certain words (destabilize, color vs destabalize, colour) jump out at you like your spelling does for me? I've posted on message boards for nearly two decades and I still find myself unable to not pause when I see it. Obviously I am very limited! LOL)
  26. JVG

    Wow it raining buckets now. We are already 3 inches above normal for rain fall and this storm will push it up higher... We may need a Ark soon...

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    2. XenoFish


      Y'all must be getting what we had. 

    3. and then

      and then

      Down here on the coast it was so bad last night I thought I was going to have to schedule my Cockatoo with a Therapist :)   Daisy isn't a very bright pooch but she is sweet and entertaining.

    4. susieice


      Raining here but it doesn't sound real bad yet.

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