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  2. Mysticism Help Needed

    Tiresome is this give and take without the right mystic to explain it. Here we have many that are the wandbearers but few are the mystics. The philosopher desires death–which the wicked world will insinuate that he also deserves: and perhaps he does, but not in any sense which they are capable of understanding. Enough of them: the real question is, What is the nature of that death which he desires? Death is the separation of soul and body–and the philosopher desires such a separation. He would like to be freed from the dominion of bodily pleasures and of the senses, which are always perturbing his mental vision. He wants to get rid of eyes and ears, and with the light of the mind only to behold the light of truth. All the evils and impurities and necessities of men come from the body. And death separates him from these corruptions, which in life he cannot wholly lay aside. Why then should he repine when the hour of separation arrives? Why, if he is dead while he lives, should he fear that other death, through which alone he can behold wisdom in her purity? Besides, the philosopher has notions of good and evil unlike those of other men. For they are courageous because they are afraid of greater dangers, and temperate because they desire greater pleasures. But he disdains this balancing of pleasures and pains, which is the exchange of commerce and not of virtue. All the virtues, including wisdom, are regarded by him only as purifications of the soul. And this was the meaning of the founders of the mysteries when they said, ’Many are the wandbearers but few are the mystics. Socrates.
  3. Bee hives of Notre-Dame in miraculous survival

    Bee / fish Potato / tomato Elephant / shrimp You just aint believing hard enough.
  4. Mysticism Help Needed

    I get the feeling that all this is just mental gymnastics.
  5. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    He did hence the rules changes that led to this report.
  6. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    I do agree with that. He is a very smart guy.
  7. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Your unfortunate case would only make a useful example if the window explosion never happened, but you were accused of it anyway. Worse, if the cops were the ones who set you up to take a fall for a crime they themselves staged, their investigation would be highly illegal...and the cops would belong in prison. You are now enlightened.
  8. Oh, good grief. No one even knows what Jeasus looked like.
  9. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Interesting, true, but a little slanted. Didn't Starr report his findings with all of the ugly details while testifying before a Congress hostile to President Clinton? If Clinton had been as smart as the current President's team, the Starr report would have gone to Clinton's attorney general to summarize. Clinton could have then come on TV to say, "You see I told you, I didn't have "Sex" with that woman int the Oval office. Case closed." Don't get me wrong, I am not a fan of Slick Willie, but this special investigation report was not handled in quite the same way.
  10. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    You are a leftist, a far left, Trump hating, leftist that can't muster the courage to admit you were completely wrong about Trump colluding with Russia to change the election. That is the point here and you are definitely not alone, in fact I haven't seen many who admit their error, the character fault that forbids honest self analysis is endemic to the far left it seems. Personally I am glad of this fault because it keeps you leftists locked into your delusion, to the point that you all look laughably ridiculous, while it simulataneously impedes your ability to change behavior, hence the democrat slide to the radical left. Hopefully Pelosi loses control and the democrats impeacg Trump, it would ensure your lotal loss in 2020.
  11. Dang its been so long I would love to get probed
  12. The ghost of the grandmother

    Sorry, as you can see we gotta smear that poopoometer around and see what sticks. I know it stinks but what can you do?
  13. I don't believe you

    Well said!
  14. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    I'd say around 7/8 of those not nibbling grass and sporting cloven hooves.
  15. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Then enlighten me please. I have personally been the subject of an investigation. In high school someone taped a small explosive device to a neighbors window and blew in their window. They investigated and someone said they thought I knew who did it. So, without any proof at all, they interviewed me and threatened to give me a lie detector test if I did not tell the truth. Nothing ever became of it because I was not involved, but that IS how investigations work. Allegations are made, if they are credible enough the investigators follow up on them and use various methods to try and determine if those allegations are true or not. This is really pretty standard stuff.
  16. I don't believe you

    Indeed, no matter the context slavery is/was an awful practice. What else needs to be said about it. Thank you for ending this BS. Great post.
  17. Mysticism Help Needed

    What gives around here? To give one must have. To have one must receive. And around we go.... just who has and who gives? God only has to give, as he gave us our universe out of nothing he got from us. He who has nothing has nothing to give. And he who receives nothing has nothing to give. I have nothing, since I'm not God, therefore I have nothing to give. And if you receive from me you receive nothing, because there is nothing to say about this topic, except it's nothing that we should concern ourselves with, since we all came into this world created from nothing with nothing, and will leave this nothing as we came, with nothing. Nothing worth having, that is....a body out of nothing for nothing. Who gives a ,,,, about nothing? By the way, what is nothing, philosophically speaking? If God is supposed to have given us life out of nothing, then before determining this give and receive stuff, we need a better understanding of "Nothing." And if this universe was always here, then no one gave us anything. Being and non-being, where being is anything except nothing, and non-being is nothing, except anything. Nothing is not anything worth giving nor having. Heidegger: Being-There (or Nothing) German philosopher Martin Heidegger employed the methods of phenomenology in pursuit of more comprehensive metaphysical goals. In Heidegger's full-fledged existentialism, the primary task of philosophy is to understand Being itself, not merely our knowledge of it. http://www.philosophypages.com/hy/7b.htm
  18. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    What are you talking about 'product of an international conspiracy'? How ridiculous. There is absolutely nothing illegal about paying 3rd parties to conduct political opposition research. That was all that this was. They found disturbing information when doing this research and what would you have them do? Bury it? What would you do if you found disturbing credible information when conducting research like this? The responsible thing to do was to bring it to the attention of the FBI and the media so they could follow up, dig deeper, and figure out if those disturbing allegations were true, or not. That is all that happened here, there is no evidence of any kind of criminal conspiracy whatsoever, hiding the allegations unearthed in the dossier would have been far more questionable than being transparent about it like Steele was.
  19. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Does "most" now mean 1/3 to 1/2?
  20. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    This statement loudly proclaims your complete ignorance of US laws governing investigations. Most folks would write you off as unworthy of debate at this point. But I won't. Because I care.
  21. Washington State democrats....

    Yes, the truth of it is, we have bigger fish to fry.
  22. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    That dossier is, without question, the product of an international conspiracy. If anyone is obsessed over it, it's the Brits and traitors here who desperately wish it never happened. Claiming RNC involvement goes nowhere since we've always known criminals from both sides colluded on this. Unfortunately John McCain won't be able to explain his very prominent role.
  23. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    These guys seem to just be making stuff up about the report and obviously have not read it themselves.
  24. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Carter Page was being investigated long before all of this for his possible connections to Russian intelligence. You claiming that allegations only existed in the Steel Dossier is ignorant and you are making assumptions here. The report does not state anywhere (that I can find at least) that the dossier had anything to do with the investigation into Page. Furthermore, there is nothing wrong with following up on leads from the Dossier, that is why we investigate. If you need proof of a crime before you even investigate a crime nobody would be investigated. The investigation is to check on allegations of criminal conduct and see if they are true. Even if Mueller followed up on dossier accusations there is nothing wrong with doing so, that is called following leads. If there is nothing to the accusation then nothing will come of it, but it would be irresponsible for an investigator to ignore possible leads.
  25. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    You are just making assumptions and baseless accusations here. I know you WANT this to be true, but that does not make it true. Furthermore the RNC was the first organization that funded the Steele dossier, the DNC took it over after it was clear Trump was going to win the nomination and the Republicans decided they better fall in line and stopped digging for dirt on Trump. Your obsession with the dossier is unfounded and stinks of desperation to find something, anything, to discredit the investigation.
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