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  2. We went to Junior's Cheesecakes in NYC. I had heard so much about it I was not going to pass it up. I ordered cherry cheesecake for dinner and chocolate mousse cheesecake for dessert. I can never eat dessert after dinner so ya gotta do it at least one night on vacation! All four of us ate some of the two huge pieces and I still had leftovers for breakfast the next morning.
  3. I'm picturing a mummy knocking little kids asunder! That's awesome.
  4. That makes me worry that 70 aliens will be taken over by cheese
  5. My thoughts are that you have your facts all confused. Eye for an eye retribution is not an Old Testament prophecy; it was an actual practice that originated with the Babylonians. The earliest record of it is found in the Code of Hammurabi. It was given as a law in the Torah, and thus practiced by the Jews, some 1200 years after its origination; if memory serves. As far as whatever Jesus spin you wish to use; that's your choice. Certainly, using Jesus words on forgiveness as an example; you are right and Christians should be the most forgiving of people. But, remember that the words of the Apostle Paul make up the vast majority of the New Testament and he had a bit of a different twist on it. He was more along the lines of Jesus' shake the dust off your feet mentality in places. So what I'm saying is that insofar as Evangelical Christians are concerned....the words of Jesus aren't necessarily the pre-eminent source of doctrine in many cases. Which is an interesting thing in and of itself.
  6. When I worked for Intel back in the good days before the market crash we would have these lunches at fancy restaurants. Places I would never go otherwise. At one point I was having company paid lunches 5 days a week. Then close to tape-out they would have places cater in dinner meals like Tony Romas and Outback so we could keep working. Once I was late going down all that was left was a veggie burger from Tony Romas. I though it would suck but that was a really good burger...err veggie thing. Those were good days.
  7. Some weeks ago we had a family day at our museum, and it included special displays for the kids and parents to explore. At one table a lady showcased some living examples from her insect collection, including some giant stick bugs. I got to hold one! That was fun. But it was hard work knocking all those little kids out of the way so I could get to the head of the line.
  8. Goodnight, TC.
  9. We have the Cheesecake Factory here in Chicago. Believe it or not, I've never been in one. Years ago I went with my sister to a very high-end restaurant in Chicago for Thanksgiving dinner. She and I were invited guests (because I know I could never have afforded this place on my own). I don't remember too much of the meal, with one exception: for dessert I had pumpkin cheesecake. I thought it didn't sound too good but I was curious, so I gave it a try. IT WAS ORGASMIC!
  10. Good night TC
  11. Goodnight see you tomorrow
  12. Goodnight. I need some food. All these deserts are making me hungry. I'll be back in a bit.
  13. Agreed. That would be considerably more interesting than pretty much anything this silly show has put on.
  14. Aquila King


  15. the power to forget is there too soon as we remember all we thought and did it is easier to forget what others did i know this by reading the st francis of assisi prayer...where there is hurt let there be healing.... at first i was all wah wah my hurt i want heals, they hurt me bad, heals please then it changed me and i became where i hurt them, let there be healing and let me be a part of that by intention and/or action many secular songs was my introduction to this type of narrative switching....from first to last's song secrets don't make friends is a good example first it was my wife then i saw it was me...all was always between me and me and hold hands....ok "cumbaya milord, cumbaya milady too" wait? would not apathy mean there is nothing to forgive? as the apathetic do not care one way or another? but i can also read your statement another way which would make perfect sense... and so it is my perspective is based on the following: &
  16. Time for this gal to get some rest, have a good one everybody!!
  17. What a good looking couple!
  18. Actually, I kind of like the "metal detecting with Gary" idea. I'd watch that stuff, particularly if they do NOT have any voiceovers or strange speculations about Knights Templar, Francis Bacon, Lost Tribes, chupacabras or the like. Just plain old detecting and identifying.
  19. absolutely thankyou I was partly referring to this still tho...accident is the wrong expression If this just grazed the planet at that time and did not is very likely or more of an absolute actually, that humans wouldn't even have existed. It would have been a reptilian world. Thats how close it came to our non existance. We owe our existance to that rock
  20. So it's "Heisenberg's vault"... everything is in there, including Jimmy Hoffa's body, the Lost City of Atlantis, and humanity's moral compass. Once it's opened, everything inside will vanish.
  21. Me and the fella on our wedding day, after this was taken we all went back to my mums and got horribly p***ed, then we had an early morning flight to Amsterdam, it was horrible (the flight, not Amsterdam)
  22. My sister Katie the child care place she works at (6months to 3 years old) have 2 Stick insects as the pets. She was in charge of them over Christmas weekend and had me touch them (after 2 glasses of wine) odd little critters
  23. It's great so long as you have the time to sit and look through their phone book of a menu.
  24. Go ahead and call it political bias. However it is almost a daily thing on the Liberal MSM side.
  25. I have heard its really good but never been myself.
  26. Atamarie Sir.. xx These words are very true.. Forgiveness Frees the Self, as well from the Emotional Inner Torment.. This leaves you Unburdened and in a Sense, Free... My in singing..!! This frees my soul and uplifts me.. Expression is Beautiful.. Peace to you and yours friend.. Mo..xx
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