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  2. Update! The space faring half snake, half chicken freak was killed, and eaten by a giant space weasel. The foxes of Earth are greatly displeased. Failed prophecy.
  3. Kittens Are Jerks

    Dead bodies move while decomposing

    The movement is caused by the mummification of the body and the drying out of ligaments.
  4. danydandan

    Free energy solutions

    The function of debunking unscientific ideology, I would but I'm honestly too busy. We had our third Babo five weeks ago. I come here now for some alone time. Also you are cool, and I love you.
  5. Kittens Are Jerks

    YOU ARE BANNED (Part 7)

    Banned for...
  6. RabidMongoose

    "Sooty Faces" replace Blackfaces in Holland

    To be honest I`m surprised they haven't banned Black Pete yet. Can you imagine the outrage in the UK if we all dressed up and had a national gollywog day? Thats basically what they are doing in the Netherlands. Its cultural racism mocking slavery lol.
  7. Also this thread hijacked and polluted with stupid nonsense by an idiot.
  8. "After years of debate and at times violent protest, this year’s Christmas-season Saint Nicholas parade in the Netherlands will not feature white people in blackface makeup, the public broadcaster that organises the event has said. "The Zwarte Pieten, or Black Petes, who accompany Sinterklaas in the annual televised parade, which this year takes place in Apeldoorn on 16 November, will instead have sooty faces, the broadcaster said, in what it called “a logical next step”." Full report at the UK Guardian of the fabulous: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/sep/18/netherlands-ban-blackface-makeup-zwarte-piet-black-pete-christmas-parade ‘I think this has been a very difficult decision for the NTR to take,’ he said. ‘It takes guts to make the breakthrough.’ Full monty at DutchNews: https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2019/09/blackface-banned-sooty-faced-piets-only-at-official-sinterklaas-arrival/
  9. Farmer77

    Pro Football 2019

    IDK if any of you guys are into wagering cash on games but if you are there are currently a couple of Vegas sports books who have the Browns as the favorites to beat the Rams. https://www.oddsshark.com/nfl/los-angeles-cleveland-odds-september-22-2019-1109413 I feel like the Browns could beat the Rams if everything worked perfectly for them. After watching both these teams this year I just dont see it happening this Sunday though, maybe if they were playing in November after the Browns have had some time to jell as a team.
  10. The Crossroads of America Bigfoot Museum in Nebraska is perhaps the most quaint of all Bigfoot attractions. https://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/news/330568/bigfoot-museum-celebrates-1-year-anniversary
  11. Tatetopa

    Is Trump trying to destroy the US economy ?

    Logical and true RoofGardener. Do we not target those activities already? I think we do. We have laws and massive citizen organizations like Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the American Cancer Society to name two. Many states now have laws governing texting while driving because that is a new and increasing cause of fatalities among the young.. People still break the law, but if the police spot you, you are in for a hefty fine at the very least. We do attack disease and preventable causes like driving under the influence. People tend to take the death of loved ones personally and sink their energies into preventing that sort of death. If your child was killed by a drunk driver or succumbed to leukemia, you would put your heart into that cause whether a hundred or a hundred thousand others died from the same cause. Likewise if you were the parent of a child killed at Sandy Hook purposeful murdering of many children is an issue that consumes you. It is far easier to focus wrath on an individual acting on purpose than a virus or genetic defect. And maybe because it is an individual in control of his actions, it seems more preventable. There are thousands of doctors and scientists and billions of dollars spent every year focused on cures for a host of common diseases and conditions. There are tens of thousands of law enforcement personnel focused on preventing traffic fatalities from all causes including things we all do from time to time like speeding or missing a stop sign. Part of that struggle is awareness, and there are numerious public service announcements about public safety. We can discuss all of those things, sometimes rationally, sometimes emotionally. Prevention of firearm deaths should be the same. For example in North Texas over the weekend, five children were shot in their homes. A two year old was shot by his 5 year old brother, a young girl sat on a semiautomatic pistol and it discharged, and so on. All these were cases of children injured by unsecured firearms in their own homes. Only five? Not so many I guess. But we have already taken pains to design child proof packaging for drugs and dangerous household products. You can still take your meds at home or buy a gallon of bleach, but a child proof cap is not an option, it is there. So maybe it is reasonable to require guns to be stored in child proof containers while not in the possession of an adult. Does that threaten Second Amendment rights?
  12. It is time to simply start fixing the problem, one item at a time. We can argue about global warming until we turn blue without getting a resolution, but if we propose a coffer dam to protect Staten Island from storms like Sandy, most people would agree - at least, those who own homes on Staten Island. We can argue about climate change, but if we propose replacing coal plants with wind turbines simply because wind turbines don't poison you, most people would agree that's a good thing. And if we recommend using passive solar heat because it's cheaper than coal, gas or electricty, most people would agree. We can't agree on whether global warming is happening, but we can agree on mitigating it. Lets get to work. Doug
  13. @jaylemurph had to say the magic words. and Greenland wasn't on skates. It was on many tiny feet.
  14. I don't know if this is same footage I saw last night (navy confirms UFO footage in rock bands video) Basically, navy saying, it unidentified, thats all she wrote. See you again in 10 years for next comment.
  15. sci-nerd

    Free energy solutions

    In what function do you think I could be of assistance?
  16. crookedspiral

    Aramco facilities on fire in Saudi Arabia

    And Saddam Hussein had massive stockpiles of WMDs.
  17. "Fighting the blaze which ripped through the Ocado warehouse cost the fire service £132,000. "The fire on 5 February, which burned for four days, completely destroyed the building in Andover, Hampshire. "A Freedom of Information (FOI) request to Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service revealed response costs were £57,000, with lost or damaged equipment costing £75,000." "A review costing £164,000 to look at the causes and development of the fire was also commissioned and funded by the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Authority." Full report at the BBC: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-49738355 Want to read the £164k report? PDF: http://democracy.hants.gov.uk/documents/s36357/Report.pdf
  18. danydandan

    Free energy solutions

    This thread is crazy where is @sci-nerd at?
  19. The Wistman

    {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    disoriented clown cannot find the clown car keys band must play louder
  20. Oh my the Greenland on skates idea again. I know i asked before but how many times do you think you need to put forth the same failed idea?
  21. Angler catches strange, ‘dinosaur-like’ fish with bulbous eyes https://nypost.com/2019/09/18/teen-catches-strange-dinosaur-like-fish-with-bulbous-eyes/
  22. Farmer77

    Aramco facilities on fire in Saudi Arabia

    So basically Iran did it, even if they didnt, Iran did it
  23. Now he's gonna **** up Nocturne in A Minor worrying about ghost! If can prove photos taken in rapid succession worth doing. Last pic looks cool..floating away. Anyway could be publicity stunt for show. I'd def check out him out (if lived in area).
  24. Yes but they could have with the real guns they had along with the replica. ....generally helps if you read the material you are attempting to discuss
  25. Helen of Annoy

    {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    problems in blue pool rusty parts of train wreck and disoriented clown
  26. it should not be in the news at all, cuz reporting it only creates copycats, and gives idiots ideas, like those with replica gun, they knew they could not harm anyone with toys, they wanted attention, and very possibly street rep, among same idiots like them, cuz all that matters to teens these days is what other teens think of them, real world consequences are secondary concern, if at all
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