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  2. Doing God's will.

    Nonsensical non-sequitur. A typical @Will Due posting: speaking, but saying nothing.
  3. Doing God's will.

    You don't know how to do it? I do. I think I’m done with this thread.
  4. Doing God's will.

    Looks like you just proved something.
  5. I don't believe you

    Well Walker does, and he can’t bear to pass judgement on the rapists of the past, because they didn’t know better, yet Hale knew enough to craft a law that gave men the freedom to rape as they saw fit.
  6. Doing God's will.

    I started "something" once. Now it belongs to someone else.
  7. Doing God's will.

    No confusion. Perhaps you're not trying? I could have thrown in the endocrine system too. If our psyche isn't derived physically, how do you think it is. Magic?
  8. Doing God's will.

    Well, have you become the proof of anything? Not for you to know. And, I pretty much think it’s none of your business either.
  9. UFO sightings

    Jim Dilettoso, decades back i saw him start talking about his spectroscopy analysis of video and had no clue what it was but sounded all techie and that he was in the know, then i hear him hail known hoaxes then talk about living in underground bunkers with aliens, one actual expert in the field said and i paraphase, , Dilettoso claims of spectroscopy on digital video is like claiming to extract abe Lincoln's DNA From a painting of him or to taste the fruit from a picture of an apple, quickly if one researches Dilettoso its clear what hes all about.
  10. Atheist vs. Agnostic Label

    Hasn't this been modelled in learning theory? The discussion seems to be comparing conscious competence and unconscious competence. You learn the steps and you learn the steps; and then, one day, you learn to dance
  11. Doing God's will.

    Then how do you explain how Donald Trump got elected?
  12. Doing God's will.

    It's your thread. Not mine. * looks at the top of the thread. Sees the thread title. Sees the thread was started by Will Due * It’s your thread, Will.
  13. Doing God's will.

    You have no idea how lightly I take your words.
  14. Hate Crime at Major US University

    The Woo is back in town., How ya doing, MWoo7
  15. "Terrorists" kill 200+ in Sri Lanka

    This is sad. Do these bombers even realize or care what they did to the Sri Lankan people and these poor Muslims who have to flee? Your article says these Muslims had been run out of Pakistan because their sect was declared non-Muslim. Is that what these wealthy people were trying to prove? Thank goodness the Sri Lankans have them in safe houses.
  16. Doing God's will.

    You don't know how to do it? I do.
  17. Doing God's will.

    I think now you’re pushing it.
  18. Look out your window. He's also sending smoke signal posts so as to reduce the hypocrisy. Harte
  19. Doing God's will.

    No Will, you cannot depend on everyone receiving the same inner instructions! Or, each and every person who has lived from the beginning to now, would have had the same instructions and would have behaved the same way. And since that hasn’t happened, there’s the proof, that I see you being wrong! And your vagueness and lack of showing how to do it doesn’t help your case either.
  20. Doing God's will.

    In your particular case, no, I don't think it exists. In other people, myself included, I'm pretty sure that consciousness exists. Even if the explanation for such is unknown.
  21. Make Your Case Here

    @Aquila King I'll start just by describing what I believe as my Advaita (Non-dualism) religion/philosophy. I won't get into the 'why' just yet: Advaita means not-two in Sanskrit meaning God and creation are actually not two things but one thing. In the western world the term Non-dualism is commonly used. There is only God that exists and is real and is permanent. God is completely non-physical and pure consciousness . Our thinking minds can not get behind exactly what consciousness and awareness are. Try thinking about it and you’ll be stumped. God is in a constant state of pure infinite being-awareness-bliss. What does God do? What does one in a constant state of pure infinite consciousness do? In his creative aspect (another mystery) he thinks a play/drama called the universe. In this play/drama in his thoughts a spark of his consciousness incarnates a myriad of finite beings inside a universe of things. He experiences finiteness through animating each thing with a spark of his infinite consciousness. These finite entities begin with no idea of their infinite source and experience then as individuals. This is Act I of the play/drama. In Act II, these finite entities begin through finding attraction/love a greater sense of self. Through the process of love they eventually advance to God-Realize that they and All are One Consciousness. It Is All God. Why does God do this? To experience the joy of advancement from finite ignorance to total being-awareness-bliss.
  22. Doing God's will.

    Well, have you become the proof of anything?
  23. Some of my "ghost" stories

    Yet you look for reasons to take offense when none was offered and you keep mentioning "believers" as if there is something wrong with belief of any kind. You are the one tossing jabs. Get over yourself. You can take anything personally even the rain if you want to, that doesn't mean it was aimed at you personally. I think you could use some cognitive therapy, it might make your world a little more stable.
  24. Doing God's will.

    I think, these are poor instructions on your part.
  25. Doing God's will.

    It's your thread. Not mine.
  26. Doing God's will.

    I don't think anyone would argue that consciousness exists. Neither with subconsciousness. But if subconsciousness exists, why wouldn't you also think that superconsciousness exists too?
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