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  2. Yes, but these mummies they keep digging up in China, especially in 'tomb complexes' seem to always be Caucasian with Caucasian DNA.
  3. and spoke Eastern Iranian. Then again Kurds and Iranians are Caucasian. "Iran" is just a form of "Aryan".
  4. Manwon Lender

    3 mass shootings allegedly thwarted

    Here is a good link that covers what isn't covered by freedom of speech. According to this link threats of violence or death against individuals, groups, or mass shootings are not covered by Freedom of Speech. https://www.heritage.org/the-constitution/report/true-threats-and-the-limits-first-amendment-protection
  5. Could be either.In Xinjiang there is even blond haired blue eyed people with Asian features. Google "Uigurs" .
  6. pixiii

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    Just on a different topic re Epstein and the possible MOSSAD connection..... I've just got to say this, I've literally never met a Jewish person in my entire life, do you guys have heaps and heaps of Jewish people there or something? The ones with the little caps on their heads might be different, sorry I'm not familiar with it. These 3 pics make up one photo - sorry I didn't know how to put it all as 1 photo https://imgur.com/TdV9BNm https://imgur.com/qsnZ1df https://imgur.com/eaWdjUo
  7. Bed of chaos

    A laser pointer-like red light

    Out of curiosity have you seen the laser alone? They do make cell phones with laser pointers (as other user mentioned) you stated on this page the other individuals had cell phones in their hands. I would not say anything and wait till situation arises again. Watch their hands closely! I'm not entirely assuming it's a hoax but perhaps this could help.
  8. I just did. Caucasians. Scythians were Caucasians.
  9. third_eye

    Trump wants the US to buy Greenland

    We interrupt your regular viewing program for a message from our sponsors... We'll be right back after this, don't go away... ~
  10. GLCsector3295


    My fear never ends. Thoughts that won't stop moving. My life must transcend. ( MTHER FKER, ya take 15 min to put together a Haiku to realize later in the night ya jacked up the first Fing line go figure. Well wtf if ya cant laugh at your own mistakes and correct it, then wtf, all apart of writing and critiquing ones own work what ever the medium )
  11. Earl.Of.Trumps

    Dyatlov Pass

    I see all the pics, @Alchopwn. I don't see anything out of the usual. It's hard to tell ice from snow in B&W pics but it looks like snow to me. Pretty damn hard to shovel ice, if you've ever tried. Remember, the pics of the den were taken in May when icing is possible, as I explained earlier. We see no fingers and joints broken either. But I think you've made up your mind. So be it.
  12. Regardless of the origin of the Caucasian mummies in China, again the reason why they won't open the tomb of Qin is they may find a Caucasian in there..
  13. But if it is 'faded' black hair that turned red after death...
  14. pixiii

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    Wow Clinton really traveled with quite the entourage of SS agents didn't he! Yes I see on page 310 onwards @Tiggs Rodgers only put the female agent's names as he figured it was easier to remember them, than the other 7 male agents he implied were on-board. That's perfectly understandable really. The Pilot has enough on his mind without having to memorise a bunch of random people getting on-board......except as @Michelle mentioned, if they were going international - you'd think it was the Law in case the plane crashed. Looks like another guy, the lead SS guy was named Mike. Anyway, it's kinda pointless to speculate whether or not Clinton was on the flights WITH SS detail or not because I'd imagine the courts would demand the SS to submit records for that if he was to be prosecuted in some way? I could be wrong, just surmising.
  15. Google Scythian hair colors.....
  16. The DNA evidence suggests red hair.
  17. Eastern Iranians have red hair?
  18. These people were "Cumans" a mix between Turkic and Iranian. The red hair is from pigment loss after death. It was black.
  19. She’s not a brick wall Hans. cormac
  20. Re "spacetime": If space is distorted by gravity, what is the force that returns it when gravity has moved away? If time is variable, what is the time by which the variation is measured? IOW if time is variable then time must exist in at least two dimensions.
  21. Tocharian DNA is in modern DNA banks?
  22. lost_shaman

    Climate Change is a Hoax

    CO2 acts logarithmically so most of it's contribution to retaining heat in the system is already baked in with the first 150 ppmv which the system has always had. This means adding more and more equates to less and less effect. This is why effects are always discussed in terms of doubling the concentration. So the Climate sensitivity (CS) to CO2 is what is expected if the concentration doubles. We don't know the exact Climate Sensitivity for CO2 but the IPCC currently estimates 1.15C although others find this to be smaller, some much smaller. Also there is no mechanism for CO2 to store heat as you state, it can redirect certain wavelengths of Longwave radiation or contribute to some thermal heating of the Atmosphere via collisions with other Atmospheric species. But is certainly does not store heat in the Atmosphere. Wind gets stronger when the difference in temperatures between hot air at the tropics and cold air at the poles become greater. CO2 by all accounts should decrease this temperature disparity and result in less windy conditions. As far as we can tell, that simply is not happening. Energy in the Atmosphere can move around, but all of it is "shed" to space via longwave radiation. Just as all of the energy in the Atmosphere and Oceans is delivered to the system via Solar radiation (mostly Shortwave radiation) Glaciers are always advancing or retreating. A lot of this is Human caused by people visiting Coral reefs wearing sunscreens which are highly toxic to corals. CO2 on the other hand does not bleach Corals.
  23. Tocharians. The Muslim expansion wiped them out.
  24. That was the whole purpose of destroying everything during the occupation. The Yayoi did come from Korea. As with sword smithing.
  25. "The dominant haplogroup," they write, "in the Xiaohe people was the East Eurasian lineage C" which corresponds with a likely origin in South Siberia. But there were also "two West Eurasian mtDNA haplogroups H and K." In looking more closely at the lineages and mutations, however, Li and colleagues noted that several of the samples had mutations that are either rare in modern people or are not found in modern gene banks. https://www.forbes.com/sites/kristinakillgrove/2015/07/18/these-red-haired-chinese-mummies-come-from-all-over-eurasia-dna-reveals/#7dbdbb2f3e2c
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