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  2. Some actual facts: https://fee.org/articles/mass-shootings-arent-becoming-more-common-and-evidence-contradicts-stereotypes-about-the-shooters/ https://fee.org/articles/the-myth-that-the-us-leads-the-world-in-mass-shootings/
  3. I like to drink. I even like Glenfiddich Whiskey. However even on epic benders where I have wound up in unincorporated trailer parks 2 days later I have never been so drunk that I have hallucinated. I find this disappointing. Where are my alotment of pink elephants?
  4. Captain Risky

    Captain Risky

    Jeremy Corbyn has cancelled a trip to Ghana in order to fight brexit. Ghana has responded with a diplomatic note informing the UK that it will now declare a public holiday to commemorate Corbyn not coming. 

  5. Dumbledore the Awesome

    Trump wants the US to buy Greenland

    This does though have a serious point; this kind of petulant outburst does make very clear what he'd do to any country that didn't go along with his demands in any more serious foreign policy issue; such as, for instance, over Iran or Israel. If any country refused to do what America ordered it to, then America wouldn't be its friend any more (and might wield the weapon of Sanctions at worst). That's the corner that Borish Johnson has backed himself into; by treating Europe with disdain he's more or less obliged himself to be the sycophantic yes-man to a man who believes that he was sent by God to be the saviour of the world.
  6. The committee that developed the system did the calculations using relativity methods, and then with Newtonian methods. They got exactly the same results, but decided it was not politically expedient to announce that at that time. https://www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2013/11/29/common-misconception-9-who-disproved-einstein/
  7. Saru

    I know I'm not alone.....

    This sounds to me like what is generally known as "old hag" - a type of hallucination that can occur during sleep paralysis. You can read more about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleep_paralysis While "old hag" references the tendency to see an old woman, it is also not uncommon to see/feel something else. This famous painting, for instance, depicts someone experiencing a 'demon' during a sleep paralysis episode: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleep_paralysis#/media/File:John_Henry_Fuseli_-_The_Nightmare.JPG It doesn't mean that an actual, literal 'demon' is responsible, it is simply the way your mind is manifesting the episode. It is certainly worth discussing this with your doctor if the problem persists, however.
  8. A reasonable statement, except for the fact that you can put an EEG on my head while I'm dreaming, whereas these people had the selfsame EEG on their head and they weren't producing signals.
  9. Do you remember your dreams? I'd think the same principle would apply.
  10. You have not answered the questions. If space is distorted, there is a restoring force. that force is not being investigated. And if time is distorted there is a speed of the effect, and that requires time to exist in at least two dimensions. The point of both questions is that no such effect has ever been observed. The first step in the scientific method is "Observe something," so they are not science; they are fiction.
  11. The fact is that around the world there are a great many religions, and many of them include a belief in vague, but allegedly powerful and beneficial supernatural entities that are often rendered in English by the term "god" or "goddess". Many people claim that these entities have a superficially human appearance in mant cases, but had more animal appearances in the past when humanity was closer to the natural world. Gods are supposed to exercise power over the natural world and humanity's various fortunes, and according to the High Priest Anebo of Ancient Egypt, we also call them "divinities" because their oracles are most accurate at predicting the future, i.e. divination. I would also point out that Anebo also talked about Daimons, which have powers similar to deities, but lacked their oracular ability, and some of whom were moral and some were dangerous to humans. Of course this has nothing to do with contemporary religions. Or does it? Now it has also been said that you cannot define God as it is impossible to speak of something infinite, and yet mathematicians have a very interesting and abstruse philosophy around infinity LINK and other philosopher have also grappled with the issue reasonably effectively LINK. So, however limited words may be, humanity remains resilient in their use on such topics, and we should persevere in that spirit, should the matter arise. So, beyond the preamble, I put the question to any interested party, when we talk about a god or many gods, what exactly are we talking about? I would ask atheists to refrain from merely restating their skepticism ad nauseum, as it will not be conducive to coming to any sort of understanding of what believers are experiencing. This is conducted in a spirit of inquiry, to gain an understanding of this phenomenon that is so central in so many people's lives, and how it is experienced by them.
  12. Yeah, thinking is apparently not a strong point for some people. And forget rational thinking, I mean who would dare to every challenge their own thoughts and beliefs. It's better to just move the goal post when the other team has covered more ground.
  13. RabidMongoose

    Trump wants the US to buy Greenland

    Last year the US economy grew by 3.1% which is a minor boom. This year has been going well so far but due to the US trade war with China growth is now expected to come in at 2.25 to 2.5%. Thats not a recession, its normal economic growth. There is no evidence at all for a coming recession just media articles claiming one is on the way with nothing to back up their stance. Its desperation, its clutching at straws, its the hope somehow a negative economic miracle will happen to stop him being re-elected. As someone outside the US it really is quite sad to watch. Its so bad I think the US media should be banned from reporting on politics. Whether we are talking about a pro-Democrat or a pro-Republican media outlet things over there are so unbelievably biased its making a mockery of Democracy.
  14. Gotta be honest here. It is the believers who do this. A skeptic questions and looks for the real answers or the most reasonable one at least.
  15. Remote viewing is a massive waste of time and money. We've got better surveillance equipment right in our pockets that someone can hack into.
  16. The flaw is in thinking rational thinking can apprehend this matter, it cannot.
  17. Dumbledore the Awesome

    Trump wants the US to buy Greenland

    and you think somehow that childish, gloating, egotistical rant absolves him of accusations of a messiah complex? "someone had to do it. And I am the One!" "They had the worst year they've had in 27 years. Or it might be 52, or 54. And that's because of me!" The man's utterly mad.
  18. Farmer77

    Trial runs for fascism are in full flow

    Judge Andrew Napolitano: Trump wants to give government permanent authority to spy on everyone in America
  19. I gave an example of how to think of eternity in another thread and if something else created god where did it come from. Nothing is eternal no-thing is not. All things have a finite lifespan, even a god would. Something eternal is frozen, no changes, no movement, nothing happen at all. The problem is if something or someone is eternal, having no beginning or end, then they are finite. Having to first exist in order to be eternal, which already invalidates their eternal existence. Even an eternal space contradicts itself, due to having to be created. Too many flaws writhing divine concepts.
  20. Manwon Lender

    Trump wants the US to buy Greenland

    Please prove they are lying about a recession!
  21. Food from their neighbouring countries are a political weapon? Do the people who are starving see it that way or is it those who have the money who do? I feel for those normal people who have been affected by the corruption by the top officials.
  22. Dumbledore the Awesome

    Deranged Democrat

    Actually he seems likely to be blockading the Skagerrak "She's talking to the United States of America. You don't talk to the United States that way, at least under me."
  23. RabidMongoose

    Trump wants the US to buy Greenland

    The media are lying about a recession and lying about his God complex.
  24. I am not talking about what happens after your heart stops beating as is explained in the article you provided. I am talking about occasions when there was no neural activity detected at all, and the heart had stopped for a prolonged period, the patients were still revived and claimed to have had OOB and other experiences.
  25. Farmer77


    I think doing a search for comet ping pong both at wikileaks and in general will get you to what youre looking for
  26. You'll need to do better than that in front of a Grand Jury...
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